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Annison Funeral Parlour, Hull


Built In 1876 by the Annison family the building was used to house their cart building business including stables for the horses. The family changed to the funeral business and the building became a funeral parlour. It has also housed the Headquarters of the mounted police over the years and different parts of the complex have housed numerous business premises including a photographer’s workshop.


A young Victorian lady once visited to have her portrait taken and it is rumoured that the Annison buildings is the last place she was seen alive before being found in a ditch with her throat slashed, it is also rumoured a suspect of this horrific crime was possibly one of the suspected men who committed the Whitechapel murders aka Jack the Ripper!!


The imposing building sits facing visitors coming over North Bridge, entering East Hull on one of the main routes into that part of the city and the present use sees a late night pharmacy sat underneath. Staff of the pharmacy refuse to venture upstairs out of sheer terror!!

Numerous reports of poltergeist activity, apparitions of a male energy in the hay loft have been reported, smells of flowers and perfume permeate the building for no apparent reason, whistling noises are heard as if to mock visitors, strange dragging noises are heard as well as footsteps on unoccupied floors above and a female apparition is often seen throughout the building! Why is she there? Who is the male apparition regularly sighted?


Join us and find out!

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