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Chillingham Castle Weekend, Northumberland

                                 May 2017


This 12th Century Gem hidden amongst the Northumberland countryside has witnessed many years of conflict and change. Nestled a stones throw away from the Scottish border and subsequently used as a stronghold and a staging post by Edward I (The Longshanks) in his pursuit of William Wallace this castle has witnessed much conflict and loss of life as well as many events that have changed the very history of this country.


What still walks amongst the battlements and winding staircases ?

What still lingers in its great halls and gardens ?


Please note our visits to Chillingham castle are a private visit, this is not an exclusive event! The castle's appartments are available for hire by anyone, our guests are regular team members and friends. This is a holiday let of the Castle's rooms and facilities with organised activities throughout the weekend including the ghost walks with Chillingham Castle staff and investigations of surrounding attractions.  Follow this link for information on the amazing ghost tours Chillingham Castle provides and details on private vigils available through Chillingham Castle Uncovered!

private weekend!

Coming in 2016........

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