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Cross Hands Hall and Cinema, Carmarthen


Join W.A.S.P.S Wales as we venture into Carmarthenshire, built in 1906 as a Public Hall its aim was to improve life for the local community. The upkeep of the Hall was possible thanks to the local miners, contributing 1p from their weekly wage. The hall was extended in 1932 adding many separate rooms and facilities and it was soon regarded as one of the finest of its kind in South Wales. Sadly as the coal mining industry declined, so did the hall closing in 1984 it sat as an eyesore to the villagers who had once paid for its upkeep. The hall re-opened in 1996 thanks to the hard work of the local mayor who refused to see the hall die.

So why visit such an innocent and vibrant building ????


These types of venues always hold special energy and so many reports of frequent activity cannot be ignored!


Shadows, disembodied voices, poltergeist activity are all reported in the hall!


Could the man who put blood sweat and tears into the construction of the


Cross Hands be haunting his finest creation?

Does the spirit of a former actor or actress still tread the boards when all the lights go out?


Has the hall witnessed more than the records tell us?

Join W.A.S.P.S Wales at the Cross Hands Hall Theatre and find out!











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