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Dolaucothi Gold Mines, Carmarthenshire


Between 70AD and 80 AD, the Romans began the first extensive mining of Dolaucothi, digging several tunnels to exploit the gold. Most of this was achieved using nothing more than picks and hammers in what must have been very hard labour.  After the Romans left Britain the mines also known as Ogofau lay abandoned for centuries. The mines were re-opened during the 1930’s and a shaft was sunk 430ft into the ground to expose further gold seams, it was however declared unsafe due to flooding and left to fall into disrepair. During the 70’s students from Cardiff University began to refurbish and make the mines safe for tourists and the mines became a training facility for Geology students and mine engineering students the mines are now a busy tourist attraction.

A deep dark place with its very own ghost story!

In the 1930’s a miner by the name of Ned Lyonns ventured down a shaft into darkness, working alone his candle lamp died leaving him in the pitch black. For hours Ned’s calls for help must have not been heard and tired, hungry and cold he decided to climb the dangerous sheer face in a hope of reaching safety. Unfortunately the loose material of the face gave way and Ned fell, his body was never recovered and a single boot was the only trace ever to see the light of day again.

His chilling cries for help are still heard from the depth of the mine today and his apparition has been sighted a number of times!

Stories of Roma miners appearing in the tunnels have been spoken of for years and the strange picking noises against the rock when no one is there!

Strange lights are witnessed as if carried by spectral workers making their way to a tunnel.

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