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Drakelow Tunnels - Darkness in the Day Time - 8th June 2019

11am to 5pm





Some team members have never been to Drakelow, and were excited to see what they were in for..... arriving early in the morning did throw everyone’s senses out of kilter - surely an investigation should take place at night not during the day.


The entrance is a large bunker blast type door leading to a series of tunnels and rooms hacked into the natural rock of the hill. We set up a base room in the kitchen area having to use candles for light as there is no electricity in any part of the tunnels. Greg and Jon had a wander, and got to know a few areas close to the base room. They did a quick session with a singing bowl down from the main rooms which showed how noise echoes and bounces all around the grid system of the tunnels; In the pitch dark it fills your head and  almost feels like the sound is in your head, and not coming from outside, rather a unique sensation.



Session one

Group One


Group One made their way to the morgue area, which is close to the base room. These rooms are quite small with few bits of equipment in them. The rooms are not well kept which really added to the atmosphere. They started quickly calling out and inviting spirits to join them, asking for anyone to come forward and form a link with them. Not long into the vigil they had an oppressive feeling and the room seemed to darken somewhat. Julie sat on one of the beds and had chest pains, Laura sat on the bed next to her  and also had sensations. They gave it a few minutes to see if the sensations would change but they remained. Jon asked Julie to move off the bed to the opposite side of the room. The pains subsided. Could there be a link to the bed rather than the room? Others sat on the bed but didn't have the same intensity of effect that Julie did. They tried several different methods to contact spirit. Using an old laundry hamper trolley on wheels they decided to have a bash at using it for a kind of table tipping exercise. Evoking spirit to come in and move the trolley if they could. The darkness came and went in this room, but little activity on the trolley. Greg in the other group did call us on a 2 way radio at one point, and the male spirit that some picked up on in the room was noted to follow me out of the area as I attempted to contact Greg when out in the main corridor. It is worth noting that we could not use the 2 way radio in the end at  Drakelow, very little chance of them penetrating the rock. Towards the end of the session Jon, Lorna and Amy went into the back rooms, which have been made into small corridor and two toilet cubicles. We tried an EVP Session but with little success, lots of noise pollution from the other room. Lorna had visions of bodies being piled up the corridor on top of each other, also of some kind of gas leak causing an explosion and killing some people. A child watching on a bed as nearby staff treated wounded. Older period dress style. Julie has also previously reported a hooded or robbed figure in the first room; could this be links to the explosion?


Julie connected with a tall man with a big beard who was aggressive. What was interesting is that in Group Two we had someone drawing, the life like drawing during this session in another group was a man with a big beard also exactly as Julie had described.


Jon is yet to download the EVPs and examine them on the computer. Results to follow



Group Two


Group Two had the pleasure of the tunnels and experienced lots of shadows moving around all team members were aware of a man leaning in between people, and both female and male voices were heard. Although music was also heard this could be debunked due to Jo’s group playing George Formby in the kitchen area; And while each group was quite some distance away this needs to be dismissed as it could be noise pollution (unlikely but could be). The group managed to get responses to knocks and established this was a male who worked there. One guest picked up on the name Oswald and Harry, again these names keep cropping up and the team are very careful in not giving repeated names out at any point of the investigation. There were also a lot of growls to be heard in the area and lots of dancing white lights.  One of our guests Chris, was drawing during the vigil and sketched a picture of a bearded man, which mirrored what Julie saw, also pearl earrings and a double edged bayonet type knife.  The knife was also picked up by someone else (What is the relevance?)


Group Three


Group Three started in the old kitchen area, historically this area always proves active with regular visitors, the group made a circle and started with a Oujia board, this was slow to begin with but they eventually got the board going. This group has a lot of sensitive guests who were awesome at picking up on the spirits that were milling around them on the outskirts of the kitchen. They connected with a small child called Jack, who visited the tunnels with his parents who were working, but Jack just wanted to play. Jo felt pain in her left leg near the ankle and it felt as though her ankle had been crushed, and as a result, amputated just above the ankle. When asking spirit if this is how they felt, the response was yes although we were unable to determine who this spirit was as it came and soon went. This soon changed when there was a strong male presence around them who responded when spoken to in French. He worked at the tunnels and didn’t want to tell us what he did there – apparently it was a secret. Team members Karen and Jude took the table to the other end to see if they could reconnect with a previous spirit with very little result. The guests with Mandy and Jo sat separately as everyone could feel the temperature differences, and the different spirits although connecting was proving difficult.  When the group tried a quick DVR session, an audible huff was heard by Jude and on playing back it was clear.


Session Two


Group One


They moved deeper into the tunnels. Exact location unknown, but they found an area at a crossroads in the main tunnels and stopped there. Forming a circle facing inwards, with Jon on the outside running a night vision camera. They called out and invited spirit into the circle. They had a couple of arms being raised in the dark. And it was pitch dark, with a little light pollution from the screen on Jon’s Video cam. The session had arms raises and lowered as requested by Jon. They turned the circle so everyone was now facing out, their backs to the centre and tried more of the same but with little positive results. No sounds or reports of touching, some temperature change and feelings of cold round knees etc. Wondering if it was child spirits and ran with that theory trying to make it like a game for them again with little response. Arms continued to raise and in the end they concluded something wanted us to follow the tunnels away from this intersection so they moved location only about 100m to a T junction. Here it felt less active and they sat and chatted for a bit, but had very little conclusive evidence to report here. They attempted to make their way back to the base room, getting lost and finally bumping into Greg s group in the kitchen area who saved their bacon and helped them back out.


Group Two


The group made their way to the kitchen area for this session, and once there immediately picked up on how busy it was. One spirit in particular was not happy with the conversations going on at the time ,and gave his name as Northern Jack (relevance in one of the other groups here) Jack played around with the table moving the table for yes and keeping still for no. The majority of the group witnessed something move from the roof above one guest straight on top of her, and then disappeared. She felt as though something went straight through her and was immediately overcome with emotion leaving her with sadness.  Other names picked up were Jim and again lots of flashes of white lights. One guest was fluent in German and this seemed to promote a connection when on the table giving the impression of disco balls to the group.


Group Three


Medical section / morgue in this area Jo decided to separate everyone so they were alone in different areas; this gave good results as Jo asked that if spirit could, would they show themselves.  Those near the main room witnessed a bouncing white light; Jude felt painfully cold and could be heard shivering, while Karen felt anxious as though she was waiting for something to happen.  Amelia couldn’t settle in the area at all and felt really uneasy in every section of the area we were.  We tried calling out with little result, so Amelia, Jo and Jude took a table to another area to see if they could connect. This was near the front door, however, the area felt quite flat so they returned to medical rooms.  Unknown to Jo, Amelia and Jude the group that remained had been asking spirit to affect someone, and when Jo returned she sat on one of the beds and immediately started coughing the retching as if to be sick and had to leave the area. Anyone that knows Jo will know she will vomit in sympathy even if that sympathy is for herself, she will be sick because she is sick.  The group then tried human pendulum and Karen was chosen to be spokesperson, once in the middle a connection was made and we established that we were talking to a male, who apparently had ideas of grandeur although he was a cleaner sweeping corridors, he was a bit of a ladies man.  Karen was facing Mandy and Mandy commented on how Karen's face was changing with beady eyes and looking quite rat like, this is where it got really interesting as we had a session in the same area 2 years ago and back then Karen's persona, and face, changed to someone quite rat like. Mandy was unaware of this (Only Jo and Karen were there last time, and it wasn’t anything that had been previously discussed)





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