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Drakelow Tunnels - Darkness in the Daytime 24th June 2017


We arrived early and got into the wasps nest anyone that has been to Drakelow tunnels will know there is no electricity and once inside the darkness can be overwhelming, so we needed to light the way, not only to the WASPS nest but also to the little boys and little girl’s rooms.  We found the candles and began the task of lighting the nest up and the route to the bathroom. We didn't have much setting up to do which was lucky as it wasn't too long before our guests started to arrive, however, right from the start when we first got there Julie went into the bathroom and could hear what sounded like something being dragged and footsteps. Straight after that Kirsty called Julie from the nest area 'Julie…. did you call me?" No was Julie’s response and with that both Kirsty and Julie could clearly hear a whistling such a shame the equipment wasn’t on record –   Although we had a small guest list this was perfect because as regular investigators know, when you get the right energy in a group it makes the investigation perfect, so the usual the H&S talk and team introductions were completed and we were then able to start to investigate.


Group One – Team was Julie, Kazz and Bex with Andy, Lisa, Tash and Sarah


Julie took her group off to one side of the tunnels, coming out of the WASPS nest and taking a left travelling through the tunnels for roughly 5 mins before deciding to stop at a large main tunnel. We spread ourselves out and switched off torches.  It was here Julie felt the need to stand in the middle of the tunnel. It was blacker than black. But they felt they were not alone.  Bex also had the feeling to stand in the middle but opposite Julie.  Julie connected with a man who had come close to her which made her feel real anger towards Bex and wanted to fight her. Bex began to grow. She took on a man who was very tall with stocky build. We noticed Julie and Bex  had gotten closer to each other, so we turned the torch on and moved back however it wasn't long before Julie was back in front of Bex with the feeling of wanting to fight her. Julie felt this particular area would have been a communal area and a place where differences could be sorted without being caught. We heard many noises which sounded like footsteps in the tunnels just off the main one where we were standing. Also, both Julie and Bex felt they had a group of men 'in their corner' this feeling went on for a while. One single torch was turned on and Bex looked very large indeed.  Julie kept control so that the spirit didn't come through too much. After a while they decided to move on from here.  Then The group moved down into another tunnel that had big metal equipment lined along the side of the tunnel. We stopped there.  Kazz felt sharp pain in her back/chest area, Kazz decided to write down what she was feeling/picking up on at this time and one of the guests tried the dowsing rods but didn't get very much happening so Julie demonstrated how they worked and they started moving for her well and in a very controlled way so it wasn't long before she had established a yes and no and a male spirit starting communicating with her. He was telling her that he had been homosexual when he was alive. Which he had to keep secret as it wasn't accepted in his day. It was found out and he had been beaten by two men away from the tunnels. These men thought they had killed him so brought him to the tunnels and threw his lifeless body into a pile of rubble. As more bricks fell he was crushed to death. He was sad and lonely and the emotion was picked up on by one of the guest who was made to cry. It was very sad. This was the information that Kazz had written down earlier on, so to have that validated during the investigation was a great result.  All to soon it was time for us to break, were the group made their way outside into the warmth of the day.


Group Two Team - Greg, Kirsty, Carl and Tabs with guests Stacey and Jude.


We started walking toward the kitchen area, Both Greg and Kirsty are familiar with the tunnels and didn’t want to provide any information and were eager for their group to connect and gather the information for themselves,  so in the tunnel outside the kitchen Carl connected with a female, and he described her as having long scraggly hair, we heard knocks and whistles coming from inside the kitchen so we decided to go in, where we also picked up on a man who did not want anyone in there and the whole group felt uneasy - we came across a table and although Greg isn't one for table tipping he suggested a session. And wow what an amazing session it was however the group had to get quite pushy and demanding to get this to happen whereby a few of the group suddenly felt quite angry, with mean thoughts popping into their heads, taunts. When voiced, it was then the table started to move, being dragged across the floor and tipping onto two legs and on a few occasions it ended up fully tipped over.  We moved on from here however we were constantly drawn back to the area by knocks very loud footsteps and whistles, while goading spirit during table tipping, did we waken the spirits who wanted to continue with their display with the table.  All of a sudden it was time to join group one outside for some warmth and a comfort break.


Group One


After the break Julie’s group went down the tunnels to the kitchen. Here we discovered the spirit of a man. He wasn't a pleasant man; the calling out from Julie’s group was slightly pushy hoping to get a reaction. A figure was seen standing in the corner. We tried table tipping. It vibrated a little but we didn't really get much on it. So we moved to the other end of the kitchen. Julie became a little abusive towards the spirit. Not her usual behaviour. We tried the table tipping again but to no avail. However, there were footsteps and knocking heard many times around the kitchen. The group were also made aware of being watched from the tunnels just off the kitchen, drawn to the darkness, but when we ventured into the blackness, whatever had beckoned, became silent. This made the group feel apprehensive.. Time was ticking and before we knew it, it was break time again.


Group Two


This session saw us in the WASPS nest an area that is often left out by investigators and activity soon kicked in, there was a message from a male spirit who told us that he had killed himself there and we were given random letters and numbers one of which was A5. We left this room  to explore the tunnels and called out to spirit to lead us to them.  We ended up taking a turn that led us to a part of the tunnels we had not explored previously.  Along the way were lettered and numbered markers, and one of these was A5, so while we didn’t encounter any spirit there we all had the distinct feeling we were being watched so we headed back towards the nest and the morgue.  Here Tabs connected with a female spirit who we established was a nurse who experienced a crush, she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t fix herself because she was a nurse this baffled her.  We felt this lady didn’t, and possibly still doesn’t realise she has passed.  From the morgue we walked the tunnels until we found the nuclear bunker and we attempted a vigil there but the area was quiet.  It was soon time to join the other group for a break and a warm up in the sun.


Group One


Our final part of the Daytime Darkness at Drakelow Tunnels was in the mortuary. We all gathered in the small room just off the main room. We had chairs so sat round in a circle. Bex and one of the guests then went out, round to the toilet block just the other side of the wall. With the Ovilus the rest of us stayed where we were. We decided to call out but in a whisper, a technique we like to try to see if the answers would come through the ovilus and true to form we had some good results. Some questions were intelligently answered we asked for a name and Thomas was given. We asked what this job was and we got 'soldier 7 command’ we also connected with a woman when asked how she had passed, the reply on the Ovilus was 'waste deep' and 'woods' we had the sadness in there again. One of our guests we made to cry quite uncontrollably at one point and Lisa also ended up in tears. This was the impact this area had on our group. We were given a rancid smell at one point that 3 people could smell.  Time was ticking past way too fast. We decided to go to one more area. The wasps nest.  The canteen, we tried doing a picture Ouija board but whilst we were sat there. We heard footsteps the distinct sound of heavy boots in the kitchen.  A shadow was witnessed near the entrance to the room. The noise in the kitchen was that of a spirit man we believe to have been hiding from the shadow at the door. We never got to find out why as the time had run past and it was time for us to pack up and leave. Was a shame to have to end it there but it leaves us wanting more and we can't wait to return to see if we can unveil what the spirit in the kitchen was trying to hide for.


Group Two


After the second break and by popular demand, we once again ventured the tunnels and found ourselves drawn to the kitchen area and again had a great success with the table. Back at the kitchen we contacted the 'angry man' who again obliged us in some extremely impressive table tipping. With everyone's fingers touching the table ever so lightly, the table sliding underneath their tips. We decided to use two finger tips each and the table continued to move in the same manner. We asked spirit to answer questions, if the answer was yes move the table, if the answer was no the table to remain still. We continued like this for 30 minutes, obtaining information about a man that had hung himself due to his ill treatment of others. He had been gay at a time it was illegal. The mood changed and the uneasy feeling lifted.  The table tipping session for this group was phenomenal and enjoyed by everyone in the group.  It seemed that time just slipped away and as group one, it was time to leave.


Back to the base room where equipment was collected, guests bid farewell and a farewell to the spirits, until next time Drakelow tunnels and our guests it was a total pleasure so until the next time.