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Daytime Darkness at Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster- 24.06.17


The Drakelow Tunnels are a former underground military complex beneath the Kingsford Country Park north of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, with a total length of around 3.5 miles (5.6 km). They were originally built as a Second World War factory, and were developed during the Cold War to be a fall-back government centre thus shrouding the site in mystery and secrecy.


During the 1950s and the growing Cold War, the site was initially used by the Ministry of Supply for storage. Then around 1958 part of the site was developed by the Home Office as a Regional Seat of Government.


But what of its ghosts? Why is it supposedly haunted?


It is said to be haunted by rather mischievous Spirit who goes by the name of Oswald. He is said to roam thetunnels  making his presence known by pulling hair and messing with people's belongings. He is said to be one of many who lost their life here as a result of a terrible accident whilst construction continued in the dark maze of tunnels.  Are the other lost souls the cause of light anomalies, strange noises, the feeling of being followed and watched and the many sightings of shadowy figures? Why not join us and find out!











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