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Investigation -

30 East drive, Pontefract

– 7th April 2018


Gut Feelings and how not to listen to them –After deliberating over which car to do the journey in with myself I went against my gut instinct and took my husband’s pride and joy.  The Sat Nav (which has since been renamed Sylvia the Psycho satnav) gave the instruction to leave the motorway.  I did as I was told and made the exit to find myself on a dirt track single lane road, the kind that has grass growing down the middle, a mist was hovering and every fibre of my body was telling me this is wrong.  This went on for about 2 miles until I reached a small hamlet and the satnav then instructed me to turn left, again did as I was told only to find there were two left turns and I made the wrong one.  Quickly did a U Turn to take the correct left and my husband’s car started making the most horrendous noise ever, it sounded like the engine was about to fall from under the bonnet onto the road.  It wasn’t driving right either but I plodded along until I found somewhere to park up and make the dreaded call home to explain why the car was broken. The dreaded phone call home to explain why the car was broken done and dusted, the decision was made to make my way to the location and deal with the issue the following day.  After about an hour we went back to the car, put the key in the ignition and WOW, no squeaks, grunts or grating to be heard.


We make it the location to find the other team member have also been experiencing lots of activity at the house, they were scratched, bruised, punches to the face felt and being pushed on the stairs, loud footsteps overhead knocks and taps all of the above events made us really want the night to start and let me tell you we were not disappointed.


So our guests arrived and as we were a small group we decided not to structure the night but to see where spirits wanted us, the group did split some going upstairs and others staying down, and surprisingly some couples split going into different groups being drawn where they needed to be.


First vigil


We started downstairs with everyone together and the energy soon built, lots of shadows moving around and several people saw a tall figure in the hallway through the glass door, one guest had dowsing rods and she asked them to show her where the spirits were and the rods went rapidly towards the glass door and although movement was rapid it stopped immediately pointing at the door.  Footsteps heard from upstairs and the room getting darker in patches as though spirit was moving around.  Some found the room unbearably hot which we could assume it was the sheer body heat in the room however others felt bone chilling coldness to the point they physically shivered.  


Second Vigil– Downstairs, Julie and Jo 


We started off with table tipping in the living room and the table had some movement but nothing like we experienced previously at this location.  After a while we tried some calling out and Julie felt spirit coming closer, her face changed to that of a man, those sat in front could also make out a flat cap and waist coat and burns to his face and arms, we established that this man was a blacksmith but wouldn’t confirm if the burns were due to his occupation. The date given was 1858.


Second Vigil – Upstairs with Kirsty Emily and Karen


Kirsty connected with a little girl aged 8 whose name was Emily, she was felt to be drawing on the wall and was waiting for her mum and dad looking through the window, she was afraid of the man who came through the wall.  The group established that he was actually using the attic to come through the house next door and as this was being said the group heard footsteps in the attic space just above the door, looking up the attic door was right outside the small bedroom.  The group also heard lots of scratches as well as loud audible noises coming from the attic.


Third Vigil - Upstairs with Julie and Jo with the same group


Using the spirit box K2’s and our senses we started calling out the spirit box had headphones and any words that were heard were shouted out.  We were given the names Betty or Betsy, Baby girl and baby boy and Teddy,  Again lots of shadows and feeling uncomfortable mainly around the bed where most people were sitting the feeling was very sexual and very unpleasant. Spirit decided to split the group further using the spirit box it told Jo to go into the small bedroom so she did, with Lorna taking a spirit box and dowsing rods.  We soon had a barrage of names Pete, David, Aiden Michael and Derek who were all little boys aged between 5 and 12 they were also abused maybe by the hooded figure seen in the main bedroom and the date 1858 was also significant with both groups getting this date whilst in the house both upstairs and downstairs.  The group all had the urge to sing not a lullaby or child’s song but Oh Happy days – this is a gospel song and we all felt like getting up and singing with clapping hands it was quite joyful.  Spirit was coming close to Julie but a sense of DO NOT let him in or too close he has a hidden agenda and if you let him in there is no going back.  Julie then started to change her whole body flattened and she looked very stiff almost doll like it really was eerie.


Third Vigil  -Downstairs with Kirsty Emily and Karen


Trying table tipping the group had more success than the other group, the table movement was not very intelligent and was very non-committal in the responses it felt as though it was playing games until the table tilted onto one leg and the group were unable to get this back onto the four legs.  It also responded in in time while the group were singing twinkle twinkle little star the table keeping the rhythm to the tune.


We ended the night with everyone back in the living room and we were not disappointed within moments one guest Kate complained her back was burning after lifting her top we could see a single scratch match down the centre of her back and nice thick red welt (Which disappeared completely by the following day) again lots of shadows seen and noises heard in other parts of the house but the energy was starting to lower and it was soon time to say goodnight to our lovely guests before the team settled for the night.  With 2 team member originally taking the main bedroom after the experiences of the evening we all bunked down together in the living room. ANOTHER amazing investigation here and we can’t wait to return


Keep an eye out for our next blog from Margam Castle in the heart of Wales, Hope we see you there.......


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