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Spend your late May Bank Holiday weekend with W.A.S.P.S Paranormal as we venture beneath the streets of Edinburgh into the infamous South Bridge vaults!!


Edinburgh is arguably one of the most haunted cities in Great Britain with its vaults said to be the epicentre of paranormal activity!

Located in the old town below South Bridge, in the centre of Edinburgh, are the infamous underground vaults. Built in the 18th Century underneath the South Bridge arches, the vaults housed taverns, cobblers and similar businesses, they are also said to have been the hiding place of the murderers Burke and Hare who stalked a\and murdered their victims within, the bodies later used for medical experimentation!

After 30 years of use, business owners moved out due to the conditions, the poor people of Edinburgh moved in, each vault has an individual story of death, destruction, disease and crime.

Paranormal reports are rife, an entity known as ‘The Watcher’ is often sighted and has also been mistaken as a tour guide!

A spectre said to be an old cobbler is reported to target females as they tour the vaults!

A small girl has approached people on tours telling them her name whilst a small boy is seen following tour guides!

Sensations off ill feeling are often felt with people hurriedly leaving, lights and smells are regularly reported and the famous ‘South Bridge Poltergeist’ terrifies guests by grabbing, pushing and throwing stones from the shadows!

Be Warned!! The vaults are dark, damp and unnerving, join us if you dare for what promises to be a fascinating evening!


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