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Falstaffs Experience-Tudor World, Stratford-Upon-Avon


Situated in the historic town of Stratford Upon Avon, Tudor World is a step back in time, taking you to the days of Elizabethan England and the Plague.  The museum sits in Shrieve’s House Barn. Shrieve was one of Henry VIII’s most loyal archers and possibly the local sheriff.

During the 16th century it was used as a tavern and it is said the tavern-keeper, William Rogers, was the inspiration behind Falstaff - Shakespeare's character who appeared in three of his plays.  Shakespeare himself may have supped a pint in this very building as he was rumoured to be a close friend of the family!


In the 17th century, it housed soldiers wounded at the Battle of Edgehill, a fierce bloodshed from the English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell himself is said to have bedded down in the Shrieve House next door!

Tudor World is rumoured to be home to over 40 ghosts! Visitors to the attraction often report strange activity during the day and at night the museum is said to be quite foreboding! William Shrieve is said to haunt the building along with a strong male presence thought to be fond of rape and murder! A little girl is often reported by staff and they believe it is her who rearranges exhibits in the museum overnight possibly a pickpocket from the buildings time as a tavern.

Parliamentary soldiers are often seen and a strange hooded figure is said to glare at you with red burning eyes!


Tudor World is simply a must for any ghost hunter and has been described by many as the most haunted and terrifying building they have visited!












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