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Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, Lincolnshire




Once a Victorian police station and courthouse this now converted theatre still bears the scars of its former use. The upper levels contain all the rooms and areas you would expect to find within a theatre but as you venture downstairs into the cellars its then you discover the cells and rooms that once housed some of Lincolnshire's most wanted.

Who still lurks within once all the lights go out and the last of the theatre goers have left the building? Are the shadows regularly seen fleeting from room to room perhaps a former resident from its days as a place of incarceration? Are the footsteps and shuffling noises often heard a playback of one of the buildings heavy handed law men? Or are they those of a once proud performer staking their claim for centre stage and the attention of those visiting the theatre?

The venue for W.A.S.P.S first ever public investigation in 2012 has certainly called for our return, footsteps heard, shadows witnessed, a door mysteriously opening and slamming shut of its own accord caught on camera, strange light anomalies captured and much information correctly produced by our mediums meant we couldn’t refuse! Join W.A.S.P.S for an evening to remember in a fabulous location steeped in history and intrigue!


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