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Galleries of Justice, Nottingham


The Galleries of Justice Museum is situated in the Shire Hall in Nottingham in the Lace Market area of the Town.  The Courtroom dates back to the 14th Century and the Gaol to at least 1449, the building was used as a police station from 1905 to 1985 and the courts only closed recently in 1986!


An epicentre of incarceration, justice and injustice, crime, punishment and executions the Galleries boasts to be one of the top paranormal hot spots in the UK!! Now used as a museum of crime and punishment the cells and courtroom can still be accessed today which will in no doubt leave its guests with ill feelings and terror!

Many people:  Men, women and children were hung here some undoubtedly for crimes they didn’t commit and some for crimes as miniscule as stealing a loaf of bread! We are left in no doubt that some souls will have been left behind.


Reports of sightings and activity are vast, too much to list here, and the frequency of events is unparalleled!

In the entrance hall alone three ghosts are regularly sighted!

The courtroom houses plenty of unexplained events more noticeably audible phenomena!

The Chapel and Caves are said to house one of Britain’s most active and violent Poltergeists things are often thrown and people are shoved and pushed!

We simply cannot refuse a visit to the Galleries Of Justice!!








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