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The Halfway Hotel, Llanelli


The Halfway Hotel in Llanelli will signal the first instalment of a new venture, W.A.S.P.S Wales!  Due to the increased interest and new team members located in the area we have decided to start a dedicated attachment across the border with regular investigations in Wales and the South West coming very soon!


The Halfway Hotel boast over 200 years of history and drama, a halfway toll house between Swansea and Neath in its day, it has seen its fair share of drama and trauma with the building being used as a prison, a hotel, an abattoir, a hospital, a nunnery and a pub! It was also used during the Second World War however this part of its history is vague as no records have been kept sparking rumours of a facility for espionage intelligence and special operations including experiments on prisoners of war!

Why visit? Why investigate a seemingly innocent pub/hotel with a warm inviting exterior?


Staff  have reported classic poltergeist activity with glasses falling off shelves and small items such as keys going missing and turning up in the shower! Residents and staff refuse to venture down into the cellar and similarly the attic with feelings of being followed and watched. Groups investigating have reported awful smells and oppressive voices with guests becoming overcome as if possessed by an invisible evil force!


W.A.S.P.S Wales had no option but to arrange an investigation to give you a chance to see for yourself!











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