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W.A.S.P.S Paranormal are also available for private visits providing a confidential and professional service. We do understand that calling upon a team or individual to investigate strange goings on in your home/premises can be quite daunting which is why we treat every visit with the greatest of respect.


The first step of the process is a conversation via telephone or email just to break the ice and explain what we do. This in turn will put your mind at ease and give you a chance to ask any questions. Sometimes some activity/problems can be solved using simple techniques or carrying out simple exercises without the need for us to visit, so a phone call to start with is ideal.


Should we need to visit however we shall arrange a time that suits and visit with a small team usually about two or three members. We will bring along a medium and experienced investigators and discuss in more detail your concerns and needs plus any experiences you may have had. Again it is important to remember everything discussed is in the strictest confidence and with the utmost respect.


We will then spend the evening investigating the property where we will invite you the owner to join us, should you not wish to we will understand however in our experience it does help you to better understand and come to terms with what is going on. We will use voice recording equipment possibly Video capturing equipment in an attempt to capture evidence and validation, all recording, pictures and videos etc will be given to you should you request it and it will not be used or released elsewhere without the permission of the homeowner.



We do use mediums that are capable of clearing energies and entities and in the majority of cases this is quite possible. This will be discussed with you prior to our investigation and throughout, should you wish us to attempt to clear your property then we will be happy to do so.


W.A.S.P.S do not charge for this service but please understand that should we need to travel a distance, we may ask for a contribution towards our expenses. We are based in Cambridgeshire but are prepared to travel and are more than happy to come and help. This will all be discussed via the first contact we make with you and there are no hidden costs.


Please follow the link to our contact page  for further advice or to discuss any problems you may be encountering or alternatively fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Remember we have visited a good number of cases of this nature, you aren't the only ones so please don't feel embarrassed. Please don't feel silly either, it may just be something easily explainable so why not let us come and take a look and put your mind at rest!


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