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Landguard Fort, Felixstowe


The site on which Landguard Fort is built has housed defensive positions since the times of Henry VIII. The fort which stands now was built in the 18th century and heavily modified in the 19th century and has witnessed more noteably the last opposed seabourne invasion of England and the first land battle of the Royal Marines. In the 19oo's the fort was largely used for accommodation and in 1951 the gun casemates were converted into cold war control rooms.


Years of intense fighting, death and hideous injury, broken lives and emotions have made the fort the paranormal hotspot it is today and W.A.S.P.S will be onhand to uncover its dark history and phantom inhabitants.


A solitary Musketeer was a regular sighting by many WW2 servicemen whilst stationed there. A Victorian Artillery man is also said to roam the gift shop and courtyards. The shrill cries and moans of a Portuguese lady are believed to send chills through their unsuspecting recipients.


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