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Llanthony Secunda Manor, Caldicott, Wales


Llanthony Secunda Manor is a beautifully restored manor house located in Caldicott, South Wales. The manor is over 800 years old and was believed to have been built between 1136 and 1205, this is the time that Augustinian monks fleeing Llanthony Prima Priory in the Black mountains were granted land in Gloucestershire, this included the site where Llanthony Secunda sits today, just 100 yards from the Norman Castle that is still there!


Moving on in history in 1536 it was later owned by Henry VIII himself! However it is believed he never visited but simply took control of the land after the dissolution of the monasteries.

The Manor was passed on through various families throughout its history and was eventually scheduled for demolition in the 1970’s! Luckily the property was sold and lovingly restored to the relaxing medieval retreat it is known as today.


But just how relaxing is the manor when the lights go out????


Many visits from different groups report a foreboding feeling emanating from the manor’s walls!

A sense of pure evil has been felt and reported by many groups!

The manor is a hotbed for poltergeist activity, belongings have gone missing, furniture is moved frequently, and objects are moved and have even been thrown!

Shadows are frequently seen and fleeting images of people walking the gardens have been reported.

Our team has experienced all of this for ourselves and can vouch for this being one of the most active venues we have ever visited! Do you dare join us?






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