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Peterborough Museum and Vaults


Join W.A.S.P.S Paranormal as we visit Peterborough’s most haunted building….Its museum! The building dates back to 1816 built upon the cellars of a 16th century dwelling where it began life as a Georgian town house until 1856. The mansion then became the city’s first hospital, The Peterborough Infirmary, from 1857 until 1928 housing many patients and almost certainly witnessing many deaths! Situated in Priest gate where recently the Vaults underneath the building have been opened to the public, the building has sat as the Peterborough Museum since 1931 until now!

It is said that the museum houses as many as eight permanent ghostly residents and frequently produces paranormal activity. One of these spirits is said to be the ghost of a young soldier of the First World War often sighted as a dark grey figure roaming the museum, badly injured in battle and treated at the infirmary that is now the museum where sadly he died. He is believed to be the figure responsible for the frequent cold spots experienced around the museum and is also thought to be the owner of cold unseen hands that are felt touching visitors to the museums faces!

Or how about a vigil in the cellars where doors are slammed frequently and items are thrown at guests and visitors!

Will we find the little girl who is said to haunt the Geology area of the museum or the Roman soldier who is often seen in the Archaeology area. Or perhaps we might see the Georgian lady said to appear on the main staircase!

Dare you come along and see for yourself?!












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