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MARGAM CASTLE, PORT TALBOT, GHOST HUNT, urday 10th September 2022,  £45.00


Margam Castle is a large Victorian era country house, built in Margam, Port Talbot, Wales, between 1830 and 1840. The site has been occupied for some 4,000 years and from the 11th century until the dissolution of the monasteries was an abbey.
Although called a "castle", the building is really a large comfortable country house, one of many "mock" castles built in the 19th century during the Gothic Revival.
Until 1942, the Castle and estate remained in the ownership of the Talbot family when it was acquired by a local landowner, Sir David Evans Bevan, and in 1974 by the County Council, the present owners, when it was of ruinous state. A disastrous fire in 1977 gutted the interior however an ambitious restoration programme was embarked upon, much has been achieved and the programme continues.
But what of its ghosts?
One of Margam’s frequently reported spirits is that of the gamekeeper who was believed to have been murdered in cold blood by poachers, often seen ascending the main staircase, he is said to make his presence known by throwing stones at those who try to contact him.
The sound of giggling children is heard frequently through the long corridors and dramatic rooms of the family areas. There have been reports of children in Victorian dress seen drifting in and out of doorways and mischievously moving objects.
The large figure of the blacksmith is also a familiar vision to many of the gamekeepers and gardening staff today who maintain the vast castle grounds. At night the castle's security guards have reported the noise of running footsteps and chattering voices with no sign of anyone else in the building.
Cold spots are often experienced in the Castle, rocks have been thrown at investigators, doors are slammed shut and a foreboding presence is often experienced making Margam Castle a real gem in the Welsh paranormal world!

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