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Monmouth Shire Hall Ghost Hunt. Saturday . 9pm- 2am

£40.00 (Coming soon)

The Shire Hall in Agincourt Square, Monmouth, Wales, is a prominent Grade I listed building situated in the town centre.
It was built in 1724 and was formerly the centre for the Assize Courts and Quarter Sessions for Monmouthshire. An epicentre of incarceration, justice and injustice, crime, punishment and executions.
The building boasts several resident ghosts including a judge who cannot move on, a family hanged for stealing food, and a mystery lady who wonders the halls, and the ghost of three girls charged with witchcraft.
Caretakers have reported doors opening and closing on their own, and the smell of a lady’s perfume with no explanation or reason as to why.
Reports of Guardsmen and figures in black robes have been reported over the years also.

We simply need to go and see for ourselves

Join W.A.S.P.S at this fabulous location

Saturday . 9pm-2am

Tickets £40 per person with a deposit option of £10 to secure your place, tickets are expected to sell quickly!!

Refreshments will be on sale throughout the night.

please view our full terms and conditions before booking.

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