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Steelhouse Lane Lock Up, Birmingham, Coming soon

£40.00 (Coming soon)

The grade II listed Steelhouse Lane lock up, also known as Sparkhill is one of the oldest lock ups in the country, it was opened in 1892 and has held some of the most notorious criminals in the country.  Victorian Birmingham witnessed harsh living conditions and a surge in crime and many people would find themselves incarcerated in lock ups such as Steelhouse Lane. Some of the prison’s most noticeable inhabitants are said to have been the famed ‘Peaky Blinders’ gangsters from Birmingham’s criminal underworld. The lock up has always had a reputation in history for vicious and violent inmates, harsh living conditions and formidable guards, a hotbed for emotion, upheaval and distress often attributed to paranormal occurrences.  
Closed in 2016 the lock up is now open for guided tours and events, many visitors have reported feeling terrified and sick to the stomach upon entering, footsteps on iron walkways have been reported, cell doors opening and closing of their own accord, certain areas of the lock up leave visitors feeling cold and shaken and wishing to leave, Steelhouse Lane Lock up is simply a must for an investigation by W.A.S.P.S!
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A  £10 deposit option is available, remaining balance due 4 weeks before the event.

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Join W.A.S.P.S at this fabulous location on Saturday 2nd February 2019 8pm-1am

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