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Skirrid Inn - Abergavenny June 2019



Group – Greg, Karen, Teresa, Mandy


First Vigil, Part 1 – The Graveyard


Teresa connected with a young girl playing amongst the headstones in a white dress, approximately age 7, with really high playful energy and had the feeling she was playing rather than looking for a grave.  One guest (Joyce) brought a flower to place on Mrs Price’s grave and asked her for some kind of acknowledgement.  The group sat and chatted and took in the atmosphere, which they found very calming and serene.  An angry man was also picked up (Common theme for the area and past WASPS events), however, he didn’t pose any threat to this group; Also a male teen approaching a milestone birthday before he had passed away, and the feeling of a biking accident.


First Vigil, Part 2 - Bedrooms & Workshops


Returning back to the Inn, the group made their way upstairs to Room 1 to commence the workshops starting with the tech equipment WASPS use. However, the guests were comfortable to sit and chat about their experiences, spirit soon made themselves known. The room began to feel heavy and people soon started to feel dizzy or sick, the name Howard was picked up (new name for the Skirrid). We headed into the Room 2 to try the more old school/Victorian techniques. We attempted table tipping, but we didn’t get much luck. The name Bethan/Beth who was a young girl; Her Father also joined us, he met his death due to stealing a chicken to feed his family.... it was soon time for our break.


Second vigil - Main Bar


This vigil saw us heading towards the main bar area. We sat in a circle holding hands calling out to spirit, and they didn’t disappoint...... We had responses of whistles, footsteps, movement behind the bar, and even heard faint singing - However, we can’t validate due to some noise pollution. Many times during the vigil we heard people coming down the stairs.... whoever or whatever that was, they never reached the bar. We even witnessed faint light whether torch light or candle light, but again there was no one there and it certainly wasn’t the other group. Mrs Price decided she would acknowledge the gift she was given back at the graveyard, and gently touched Joyce’s arm which made her feel uneasy at first but soon felt calmed by it. She gently asked Mrs Price to touch someone else, and shortly after Rory jumped as he experienced an electric shock going through his arm. This in turn made Lorna jump and scream which got everyone’s adrenalin running. The group then broke into smaller groups with a board in the snug and spirit were happy to respond to the teams only welsh speaker. He gave us the name of Dug, he was 15 and was hanged for stealing food. The other part of the group stayed in the bar and placed the REMPOD in the restaurant, they were rewarded with whistles, movement, and the REMPOD activated in response.


Third Vigil - Upstairs


Our turn to go upstairs for the final vigil. We all split up with some guests doing lone vigils in the cell and bathroom of room one, and scrying in room two with really good results. Teresa took photos, and both team and guests could be seen in one picture, yet, there seemed to be two in bed - everyone was accounted for! These people were not in the next shot which was taken immediately after. The photos will be passed to Jon, who will try and validate or de-bunk the results. We will share our findings for everyone to see over the next few wekks.  Also a small child was seen in a picture while mirror scrying, again Jon will work his magic with the photos.


Group - Julie, Jo, Jon, Jude


First Vigil, Part 1 - Bedrooms & Workshops


Starting off with workshops, but having a group made up of very experienced investigators, so, rather than do our workshops, we discussed the equipment and what preferences we all had. It was interesting to see as most people in the group preferred their own senses and the equipment was more to debunk than to prove.  We moved into room 2 and again we went through the different techniques and decided to get straight into some table tipping. We also did broke down into smaller groups with some people doing table tipping and others doing a board in room 3, which was also a hub for the wireless cameras placed in certain areas.  


First Vigil, Part 2 - The Graveyard


The guests were given a task of locating Mrs Price’s grave as she is prevalent at the inn. We gathered in the entrance porch of the church and sat taking in the atmosphere, spirit were soon making themselves known. Julie, who was outside the area, soon picked up on a little girl who 'shone brightly', and also that she was playful and high energy, while Andy also picked up on the same energy close to the church door. This evidence also confirms what Teresa picked up on ealier in the evening. Was this a little girl in her Sunday best enjoying her moment? Scott almost immediately pick up on a very angry male (again similar to Teresa) and Julie seemed to be the catalyst for this where Scott felt he couldn’t be near Julie and tried to walk away. Julie, however, worked with Scott to combat this. Some guests in the porch were feeling really dizzy and unwell. Mia who was near the church door, could no longer be seen, we could see her but not her features it was as if her face had just disappeared!  


Vigil 2 - Beddroms & upstairs Area


In Room 1 we made a circle holding hands and alternated people, so we had one person looking into the circle and one looking out, to see if we could capture the whole room.  Jo asked Andy to stand by the bathroom door to see what he picked up and strangely he picked up on a female in the bathroom. Room one is notorious for being male dominated so this is interesting, is there a shift in the Inn’s residents........?


Wanting everyone to get as much as possible from this event, we split down with some people going into Room 2 and some staying in Room 1 to do a vigil in the bathroom. Again, Andy picked up on a female with mental health issues and she was seen sat huddled up and rocking. Meanwhile in Room 2 we tried table tipping again and connected with a small boy, whilst a smaller group did some mirror scrying in the bathroom. Some face changes, and in particular Mia; Her face kind of disappeared at the church and while scrying it seemed like her one eye was skinned over as if it was never there no socket just skin......  


Vigil 3 - Main Bar


As the other group suggested, we tried the circle in the main bar and both Julie and Andy picked up on regular spirits of the Inn. This was great validation for WASPS as there is a spirit with a scruffy dog who sits by the bar and is a sullen man. Julie, not only described him and his dog, but also his mannerisms which were spot on. While Andy picked up on a female who stands near the gent’s loo. Jo asked Andy to dig a bit deeper and get the lady to show him what she did to English speaking people. It took a while, nonetheless, she finally made a point of showing Andy exactly what she did.


Jo took some of the guests outside into the beer garden with Jon and a board. As much as we tried, and no matter how much energy we put into this, we failed to get any responses, so switched to a spirit box again with no result; The again, it was that time of the investigation where energy levels were dropping, so we went back inside to try some sedate Zenner work between the group as a whole.


The group ran DVR’s through the night, and one DVR was left to run for duration of the event. We will listen tag debunk or validate as a group. We will then post any evidence on the webiste at a later date, along with any pictures that have been taken .  


Once again the Skirrid never ever fails - a firm favorite with the WASPS and guests alike.