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Skirrid Inn - Abergavenny 3rd March 2018


Well what can we say, the Skirrid Inn has always been a favourite for the WASPS as a location because of the activity and history plus the roaring log fire in the bar and the welcome we always get when we arrive.  It was touch and go whether all the team and guests alike would make it as the whole of South Wales was under a red weather alert with the English team members having to also battle the elements to get there safely as well as our awesome guests, but we did it !!  the team arrived Saturday afternoon to be met with thigh high snow that was untouched so after unloading the equipment from the cars having a drink to warm us up we did what any other respectable paranormal investigator would do…


We head to the car park for snow ball fights, snow angels and face planting completely destroying the pure white snow - amazing fun.


Our guests arrived and we were soon seated for our food before the introductions, health and safety and brief outline of how the night was going to run.  A quick comfort break before going upstairs to the first of the vigils, as the cemetery was inaccessible we did workshops with each group one doing Victorian style techniques how we do them and we were soon having a go, the other group were going through a tech workshop to go over the equipment we have, how they are used and what results we hope to achieve using each piece of equipment,  after an hour we swapped so each group experienced both workshops.


After a very short hot drink break we split back down into 2 groups one group taking upstairs and the other downstairs, the experiences were very different.




Group One


With Julie were down stairs first and sat in the Bar. Julie picked up on a woman who had a strong character dressed in a burgundy dress who was a previous landlady. The name was either Margaret or Martha. When a few guests stood outside the men’s toilets they felt that they were being pulled backwards into the toilet.


The group then moved into the snug and we had some movement on the picture board but no real communication and again this wasn't through lack of trying as always our guests and team put all their energy into the investigation.  



Group Two


With Greg Went upstairs starting off in Bedroom two with table tipping, Greg picked up on a male soldier with a red uniform and buckles on his boots, we all introduced ourselves to spirit and started calling out, however we had minimal movement on the table but kept trying for a while but then decided to move onto the Ouija board using the glow in the dark one and again had minimal movement and not through the lack of trying those on the board were blindfolded but could feel the energy building up, One guest wanted to go somewhere quiet to try dowsing rods so Jo took her to the bathroom once she got going she was happy to be left to connect with spirit.


Greg took a group into room 3 where the energy was entirely different with people feeling rather threatened which is not how room three normally feels , as the group moved into room three they felt as though they were being followed by a male spirit almost judge / hangman type feel and he wanted them out of the room. Using the DVR the group started shouting out and played back but only had a hissing sound whenever Greg asked a question, when Greg asked if “he” was a murderer there was a sound so the group tried to recreate the sound and Judy suggested running fingers down the frosted glass – THAT was the sound that was heard.  Derek could also see someone move between Greg and Sam and as he was verbalising what he could see both Greg and Sam shivered.


Break time for a much needed warm up drink and comfort break



Group One


With Julie upstairs starting in Room 1 where Julie Picked up on a Jonathan Cleaver. We used the glow in the dark board with blindfolds and there was some movement but nothing legible. Then a series of repetitive letters came up and so we closed the board down for safety.


The group then moved into Bedroom 2 where we tried table tipping. 2 of the group were sent into Room 3 where they experienced flashing lights. Those on the table introduced themselves and the table started moving and tipping to answer questions. Julie sensed a man who she had not met before and he was not happy that we were there.



Group Two


With Greg downstairs starting with everyone in the bar in front of the fire and used the singing bowl to raise the energy levels, we started calling out and lots of noises were heard from the bar area, Judy and Hannah did a vigil in the men’s loo and the rest of the group heard them scream, however it wasn’t anything paranormal as they sat quietly the urinal decided to flush making them scream.  We split down into smaller groups Jo and Tabs taking 4 guests into the restaurant with the spirit box and Greg and Karen making use of the picture board in the family room.   In the restaurant we were quickly connecting and soon had the spirit box naming people in the room, calling out Sean, Steven and Judy we established that there was someone coming when we asked who we got a resounding ARCHIE, this is not a name that has come through for us before so this was interesting and we look forward to pursuing this in future investigations , the spirit seemed to like Judy and was commenting how he wanted sex, another member of the group entered the room and we asked do you know who has come in the immediately we had yes Sam, the person who entered the room was indeed Sam, we asked if they were ok with Sam joining us and the response was, Ask Greg so Jo and Greg swapped with Greg going into the restaurant and Jo joining the picture board.  We were unable to get any movement on the picture board but our guests gave it everything they had so it wasn’t for the lack of trying.


It was then time to call it a night we all gathered in the bar to swap experiences and close down for the night, before our guests left to travel home to their warm beds.  The Skirrid even when quiet never fails to amaze the WASPS as it always has something to offer it really is a favourite of ours and we can’t wait to return.