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Spirit House Evesham - 31st March 2018


Well the journey up was uneventful for all team members and we arrived in plenty of time to set up our equipment and have a catch up with each other.


Our guests arrived and were welcomed with hugs and a coffee before the introductions and health and safety were done.  As we were only a small group we decided to stay together for the first session and to get the energy levels raised we invited Louise to join us as she has an infinity with the spirits at this location (Louise works in the shop)


First vigil - Team Julie, Kirsty, Natalie, Tabs, Bex and Jo with our guests all sat in the back room of the shop around the large circular table, we invited the spirits to join us and several people on the outside of the circle could see shadows which seemed to walk between people, wherever the shadow seemed to be those people could feel the presence in either hot or cold flashes with hair being touched and something blowing on necks.  We got the energy raised and the table moved it also moved in the directions that we were asking.  We are not sure what this location does to us but we do consider ourselves to be a very professional team however each time we enter the shop all talk seems to be of a sexual nature but only in the back room which shocks the team greatly.


We stopped for a quick comfort break after realising that we had been working with the table for just under an hour and half.


Second Vigil


Jo took a small group downstairs into the cellar with a Ouija board, spirit box and dowsing rods.  Once we were in the cellar and settled the RemPod was activated, there was no one near the RemPod and it didn’t go off all the time we were moving around to get comfortable.  We tried the Spirit box but this was quite quiet and tried some table tipping without much success so board it was.  We soon got the energy raised and almost immediately connected with spirit, the name Robert was spelt out and apparently was connected to someone in the room.  Jo had an idea she knew who it might be and started asking probing questions, which resulted in the spirit coming clean as a bit of a joker/trickster.  We then connected with a lady who said she was a shopkeeper and helped the Dr with his victims.  She explained that young girls would go to her with their problems and she would introduce them to the Dr who did what he needed to do to make their problem go away.   The total number of “Victims” was given as 604.  All the while the board was going we still had the spirit box going with our guest Mandy wearing headphones, Mandy would shout out any words or sentences that were coming through verbally and these were being spelt out on the board at the same time.



Second Vigil


Julie remained upstairs with our remaining guests sitting around the table they tried a board but nothing come through not from the lack of trying though it seemed as tho spirit just didn't want to use the board.  Mixing things up Bex was placed in one chair and one of our guests in another and at one point Bex sounded quite drunk when speaking and Julie had images of a woman being bent over the table and held down while being molested and killed.  The room kept going dark then light and few noises were heard in the back room where the toilet was.  Again shadows witnessed walking around the room.  A small person was also seen who kept coming and going and everyone commented on how bone chilling cold it had gotten.


We then had another short break for toilet / drinks etc before all coming together for a séance in the shop.  


Third Vigil


We all made a circle around the display cabinet the runs down the middle of the shop and the energy was very different depending on where you were stood.  For those close to the back it was very childlike, mischievous and giggly, however the other end of the shop people were annoyed and angry at those giggling, we tried an experiment for moving people around and some that were feeling angry suddenly laughed and giggled until they had tears running down their faces.  Some that were giggling previously suddenly become annoyed, we love it when spirit play with emotions and love it even more when this validated by simply moving people around and getting the same emotions.


Some guests wanted to try scrying so Jo went into the back room with them and did some mirror scrying, the changes were subtle with one guest looking like a man with a ginger moustache and stubble, another looked like a lady who had a stroke with her face visibly drooping.  


It was soon time to say goodnight as the time just seemed to run away from that night however all in all an well worth visit as lots were validated.