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The Bull i' th' Thorn, Buxton, Derbyshire



The Bull I’ th’ Thorn sits as a solitary Inn alongside an old Roman road between Buxton and Ashbourne and in the 18th and 19th Century served as a coaching Inn on the main route between Manchester and Derby.  Since 1472, the Bull I' Th' Thorn has provided a welcome to weary travellers and the local community and will have provided haven and shelter for many different souls with many different stories  over the years. Some of the original stonework can still be seen at the original end of the pub which dates back even further to Roman and Saxon time.

With such a warm and welcoming atmosphere aided by a cosy log fire and hearty meals served at the Inn it might be hard to imagine anything untoward occurring within its walls, but there is!


Visitors to the inn have experienced mirrors falling off the wall, felt strange disembodied hands running through their hair, experienced glasses being smashed and items being moved around. Shadows have been seen followed by whispered voices and the strange smell of pipe tobacco, childrens laughter has also been heard and all this occurs in un-occupied rooms!


We feel a visit is a must to spend a night at The Bull I’ th’ Thorn investigating this vast list of occurrences and sightings!








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