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The Savoy Theatre, Monmouth


The Savoy Theatre as it sits today was built on the site of the original Bell inn around 1832, originally named The Assembly Rooms; it soon took license for entertainment.  Refurbished in the 1850’s the theatre then began a life of varying uses, from  a roller rink to cinema whilst still playing theatrical shows in between.  In more recent times it has even had a brief spell as a Bingo hall, the theatre is now reputedly the oldest working theatre site in Wales and houses 360 seats and s run by the charitable trust.

A building that has seen many uses drawing in many people from all walks of life, sat in the heart of Monmouth, built on the site of an 18th century inn, it is no wonder the reports of paranormal occurrences are endless!

What happens when the curtains fall and the lights go out??

The Theatre is said to house various spirits


Previous investigations have thrown up reports of mischievous children who cause havoc around the theatre.


Spectral actors are said to still tread the boards, are they still in character? Craving the attention of guests and visitors?


Former staff members are said to still walk the theatre aisles, ushering unsuspecting people along!

There are even reports and rumours of a serial killer said to haunt the theatre!!! Could this be a regular from the original 1700’s Inn the theatre was built on?


Join us in this Victorian style theatre where your sight and senses will be tested to its limits along with your nerves!  














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