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The Skirrid Mountain Inn, Monmouthshire


The Skirrid Mountain Inn is a public house in the small village of Llanfihangel Crucorney, just a few miles north of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales.  Perhaps the oldest pub in Wales, listed in chronicles from 1100 the Inn boasts more then 900 years of History.

The first floor of the inn was reputedly used as a Courtroom where capital punishment was imposed for certain offences, including sheep stealing.

Local legend has it that as many as 180 convicted felons were hanged, some possibly from an oak beam over the well of the staircase outside of the Courtroom where markings, possibly from rope marks, still exist on the staircase wood. It also claims to be the home of several ghosts or spirits as well as the scene of numerous supernatural occurrences or paranormal activities. 'The hanging Judge' is said to still walk the upper floors off the Inn, in life he showed no mercy sending people to their deaths for ridiculous reasons.

Perhaps this is who brings an oppressive feeling to unsuspecting guests. Or might it be the Hangman, the evil presence often felt and seen at the Mountain Inn. The apparition of a sheep rustler hanged for his crimes is often seen in various places around the Inn, do the injustices of the death sentence handed to him still keep this man lurking in the shadows? Not all of the Skirrids ghostly inhabitants are malevolent however, other spirits often encountered include a local clergyman Father Henry Vaghnn and Fanny Price who is believed to have worked at the Inn during the 18th Century.

Other occurrences in the house include the powerful scent of perfume often smelt by guests, glasses flying with no explanation, the rustling of a lady’s dress is reported when nobody is there sounds of soldiers in the courtyard and sightings of the White Lady are also reported frequently.

Visitors have reported that they felt as if they were being strangled. Others have said that they felt sick and dizzy whilst in the property.


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