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The Spirit House, Spiritus, Evesham


Spiritus is home to a new age/crystal shop and spiritual centre and is also known as the Spirit House!  

The building itself is a Tudor house built in the riverside town of Evesham.

It is rumoured that during the battle of Evesham 100's of men were beheaded just a few feet from the front door.

Many of the houses in Evesham were built using stone from the magnificent Abbey and Spiritus is no exception.

A surgeon is said to have once lived in the building carrying out gruesome operations behind closed doors.

The building itself is home to several ghosts, spirits and poltergeists. Monks have been reported being seen probably following the stones from the Abbey, the surgeon has made himself known and a strange creature with red eyes has been seen in the cellar

Previous ghost hunters have encountered red eyes glowing in the dark! Voices are often captured and many light and mist anomalies are sighted regularly.

Items have been known to fly off the kitchen side and down in the cellar objects regularly slide along the floor probably the handy work of the resident poltergeist 'Colin'

Colin isn't the only spirit that resides here - A headless Knight, a Tudor lady, the faceless monk and the very scary scream face

So-called because he appears as a very tall, dark figure in black robes, with a white, scream-like face!


The Spirit House is simply a must for anyone wishing to experience an encounter!








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