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Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire


Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire was built on the site of the original settlement which dates back to 1071, totally destroyed in the rebellion against King Henry II it was rebuilt in 1270 by the first Earl of Lancaster.  One of its most famous guests held in the high tower was Mary Queen of Scots at the beginning of her incarceration. She was held at Tutbury on four separate occasions and it is at Tutbury that she became involved in the plot that led to her execution!


The Castle was visited by many English Kings over the years it became one of the great centres of power in Medieval England. It also witnessed its fair share of bloodshed and destruction having been besieged, destroyed and re-built several times! Its last destruction came courtesy of the act of parliament during the English Civil War which gives us the ruined parts of the Castle we see today.


So what of the Castles un-earthly spirits who are said to haunt the Castle ?

Maybe we will bump into the Keeper! An authorative figure dressed in armour who is sighted and heard telling guests to “GET THEE HENCE!”

Perhaps Mary Queen Of Scots will make her presence known, once reported  by forty soldiers who saw her stood at the top of the tower in a white gown and more recently by a Royal Marine as she moved rapidly across the grass towards him! She has been sighted frequently most recently between 10:15pm and 11pm at the great hall window dressed in black as cars leave the Castle!










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