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By W.A.S.P.S Team, May 13 2018 02:08PM

Gut Feelings and how not to listen to them –After deliberating over which car to do the journey in with myself I went against my gut instinct and took my husband’s pride and joy. The Sat Nav (which has since been renamed Sylvia the Psycho satnav) gave the instruction to leave the motorway. I did as I was told and made the exit to find myself on a dirt track single lane road, the kind that has grass growing down the middle, a mist was hovering and every fibre of my body was telling me this is wrong. This went on for about 2 miles until I reached a small hamlet and the satnav then instructed me to turn left, again did as I was told only to find there were two left turns and I made the wrong one. Quickly did a U Turn to take the correct left and my husband’s car started making the most horrendous noise ever, it sounded like the engine was about to fall from under the bonnet onto the road. It wasn’t driving right either but I plodded along until I found somewhere to park up and make the dreaded call home to explain why the car was broken. The dreaded phone call home to explain why the car was broken done and dusted, the decision was made to make my way to the location and deal with the issue the following day. After about an hour we went back to the car, put the key in the ignition and WOW, no squeaks, grunts or grating to be heard.

We make it the location to find the other team member have also been experiencing lots of activity at the house, they were scratched, bruised, punches to the face felt and being pushed on the stairs, loud footsteps overhead knocks and taps all of the above events made us really want the night to start and let me tell you we were not disappointed.

So our guests arrived and as we were a small group we decided not to structure the night but to see where spirits wanted us, the group did split some going upstairs and others staying down, and surprisingly some couples split going into different groups being drawn where they needed to be.

First vigil – We started downstairs with everyone together and the energy soon built, lots of shadows moving around and several people saw a tall figure in the hallway through the glass door, one guest had dowsing rods and she asked them to show her where the spirits were and the rods went rapidly towards the glass door and although movement was rapid it stopped immediately pointing at the door. Footsteps heard from upstairs and the room getting darker in patches as though spirit was moving around. Some found the room unbearably hot which we could assume it was the sheer body heat in the room however others felt bone chilling coldness to the point they physically shivered.

We stopped for a comfort break.

Second Vigil – Downstairs, Julie and Jo

We started off with table tipping in the living room and the table had some movement but nothing like we experienced previously at this location. After a while we tried some calling out and Julie felt spirit coming closer, her face changed to that of a man, those sat in front could also make out a flat cap and waist coat and burns to his face and arms, we established that this man was a blacksmith but wouldn’t confirm if the burns were due to his occupation. The date given was 1858.

Second Vigil – Upstairs with Kirsty Emily and Karen

Kirsty connected with a little girl aged 8 whose name was Emily, she was felt to be drawing on the wall and was waiting for her mum and dad looking through the window, she was afraid of the man who came through the wall. The group established that he was actually using the attic to come through the house next door and as this was being said the group heard footsteps in the attic space just above the door, looking up the attic door was right outside the small bedroom. The group also heard lots of scratches as well as loud audible noises coming from the attic.

Short Comfort break

Third Vigil - Upstairs with Julie and Jo with the same group using the spirit box K2’s and our senses we started calling out the spirit box had headphones and any words that were heard were shouted out. We were given the names Betty or Betsy, Baby girl and baby boy and Teddy, Again lots of shadows and feeling uncomfortable mainly around the bed where most people were sitting the feeling was very sexual and very unpleasant. Spirit decided to split the group further using the spirit box it told Jo to go into the small bedroom so she did, with Lorna taking a spirit box and dowsing rods. We soon had a barrage of names Pete, David, Aiden Michael and Derek who were all little boys aged between 5 and 12 they were also abused maybe by the hooded figure seen in the main bedroom and the date 1858 was also significant with both groups getting this date whilst in the house both upstairs and downstairs. The group all had the urge to sing not a lullaby or child’s song but Oh Happy days – this is a gospel song and we all felt like getting up and singing with clapping hands it was quite joyful. Spirit was coming close to Julie but a sense of DO NOT let him in or too close he has a hidden agenda and if you let him in there is no going back. Julie then started to change her whole body flattened and she looked very stiff almost doll like it really was eerie.

Third Vigil -Downstairs with Kirsty Emily and Karen

Trying table tipping the group had more success than the other group, the table movement was not very intelligent and was very non-committal in the responses it felt as though it was playing games until the table tilted onto one leg and the group were unable to get this back onto the four legs. It also responded in in time while the group were singing twinkle twinkle little star the table keeping the rhythm to the tune.

We ended the night with everyone back in the living room and we were not disappointed within moments one guest Kate complained her back was burning after lifting her top we could see a single scratch match down the centre of her back and nice thick red welt (Which disappeared completely by the following day) again lots of shadows seen and noises heard in other parts of the house but the energy was starting to lower and it was soon time to say goodnight to our lovely guests before the team settled for the night. With 2 team member originally taking the main bedroom after the experiences of the evening we all bunked down together in the living room. ANOTHER amazing investigation here and we can’t wait to return

Keep an eye out for our next blog from Margam Castle in the heart of Wales, Hope we see you there

By W.A.S.P.S Team, May 13 2018 02:07PM

Well the journey up was uneventful for all team members and we arrived in plenty of time to set up our equipment and have a catch up with each other.

Our guests arrived and were welcomed with hugs and a coffee before the introductions and health and safety were done. As we were only a small group we decided to stay together for the first session and to get the energy levels raised we invited Louise to join us as she has an infinity with the spirits at this location (Louise works in the shop)

First vigil - Team Julie, Kirsty, Natalie, Tabs, Bex and Jo with our guests all sat in the back room of the shop around the large circular table, we invited the spirits to join us and several people on the outside of the circle could see shadows which seemed to walk between people, wherever the shadow seemed to be those people could feel the presence in either hot or cold flashes with hair being touched and something blowing on necks. We got the energy raised and the table moved it also moved in the directions that we were asking. We are not sure what this location does to us but we do consider ourselves to be a very professional team however each time we enter the shop all talk seems to be of a sexual nature but only in the back room which shocks the team greatly.

We stopped for a quick comfort break after realising that we had been working with the table for just under an hour and half.

Second Vigil

Jo took a small group downstairs into the cellar with a Ouija board, spirit box and dowsing rods. Once we were in the cellar and settled the RemPod was activated, there was no one near the RemPod and it didn’t go off all the time we were moving around to get comfortable. We tried the Spirit box but this was quite quiet and tried some table tipping without much success so board it was. We soon got the energy raised and almost immediately connected with spirit, the name Robert was spelt out and apparently was connected to someone in the room. Jo had an idea she knew who it might be and started asking probing questions, which resulted in the spirit coming clean as a bit of a joker/trickster. We then connected with a lady who said she was a shopkeeper and helped the Dr with his victims. She explained that young girls would go to her with their problems and she would introduce them to the Dr who did what he needed to do to make their problem go away. The total number of “Victims” was given as 604. All the while the board was going we still had the spirit box going with our guest Mandy wearing headphones, Mandy would shout out any words or sentences that were coming through verbally and these were being spelt out on the board at the same time.

Second Vigil

Julie remained upstairs with our remaining guests sitting around the table they tried a board but nothing come through not from the lack of trying though it seemed as tho spirit just didn't want to use the board. Mixing things up Bex was placed in one chair and one of our guests in another and at one point Bex sounded quite drunk when speaking and Julie had images of a woman being bent over the table and held down while being molested and killed. The room kept going dark then light and few noises were heard in the back room where the toilet was. Again shadows witnessed walking around the room. A small person was also seen who kept coming and going and everyone commented on how bone chilling cold it had gotten.

We then had another short break for toilet / drinks etc before all coming together for a séance in the shop.

Third Vigil

We all made a circle around the display cabinet the runs down the middle of the shop and the energy was very different depending on where you were stood. For those close to the back it was very childlike, mischievous and giggly, however the other end of the shop people were annoyed and angry at those giggling, we tried an experiment for moving people around and some that were feeling angry suddenly laughed and giggled until they had tears running down their faces. Some that were giggling previously suddenly become annoyed, we love it when spirit play with emotions and love it even more when this validated by simply moving people around and getting the same emotions.

Some guests wanted to try scrying so Jo went into the back room with them and did some mirror scrying, the changes were subtle with one guest looking like a man with a ginger moustache and stubble, another looked like a lady who had a stroke with her face visibly drooping.

It was soon time to say goodnight as the time just seemed to run away from that night however all in all an well worth visit as lots were validated.

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Mar 11 2018 02:56PM

Well what can we say, the Skirrid Inn has always been a favourite for the WASPS as a location because of the activity and history plus the roaring log fire in the bar and the welcome we always get when we arrive. It was touch and go whether all the team and guests alike would make it as the whole of South Wales was under a red weather alert with the English team members having to also battle the elements to get there safely as well as our awesome guests, but we did it !! the team arrived Saturday afternoon to be met with thigh high snow that was untouched so after unloading the equipment from the cars having a drink to warm us up we did what any other respectable paranormal investigator would do…

We head to the car park for snow ball fights, snow angels and face planting completely destroying the pure white snow - amazing fun.

Our guests arrived and we were soon seated for our food before the introductions, health and safety and brief outline of how the night was going to run. A quick comfort break before going upstairs to the first of the vigils, as the cemetery was inaccessible we did workshops with each group one doing Victorian style techniques how we do them and we were soon having a go, the other group were going through a tech workshop to go over the equipment we have, how they are used and what results we hope to achieve using each piece of equipment, after an hour we swapped so each group experienced both workshops.

After a very short hot drink break we split back down into 2 groups one group taking upstairs and the other downstairs, the experiences were very different.,

Group One – with Julie were down stairs first and sat in the Bar. Julie picked up on a woman who had a strong character dressed in a burgundy dress who was a previous landlady. The name was either Margaret or Martha. When a few guests stood outside the men’s toilets they felt that they were being pulled backwards into the toilet.

The group then moved into the snug and we had some movement on the picture board but no real communication and again this wasn't through lack of trying as always our guests and team put all their energy into the investigation.

Group Two - with Greg Went upstairs starting off in Bedroom two with table tipping, Greg picked up on a male soldier with a red uniform and buckles on his boots, we all introduced ourselves to spirit and started calling out, however we had minimal movement on the table but kept trying for a while but then decided to move onto the Ouija board using the glow in the dark one and again had minimal movement and not through the lack of trying those on the board were blindfolded but could feel the energy building up, One guest wanted to go somewhere quiet to try dowsing rods so Jo took her to the bathroom once she got going she was happy to be left to connect with spirit.

Greg took a group into room 3 where the energy was entirely different with people feeling rather threatened which is not how room three normally feels , as the group moved into room three they felt as though they were being followed by a male spirit almost judge / hangman type feel and he wanted them out of the room. Using the DVR the group started shouting out and played back but only had a hissing sound whenever Greg asked a question, when Greg asked if “he” was a murderer there was a sound so the group tried to recreate the sound and Judy suggested running fingers down the frosted glass – THAT was the sound that was heard. Derek could also see someone move between Greg and Sam and as he was verbalising what he could see both Greg and Sam shivered.

Break time for a much needed warm up drink and comfort break

Group one - with Julie upstairs starting in Room 1 where Julie Picked up on a Jonathan Cleaver. We used the glow in the dark board with blindfolds and there was some movement but nothing legible. Then a series of repetitive letters came up and so we closed the board down for safety.

The group then moved into Bedroom 2 where we tried table tipping. 2 of the group were sent into Room 3 where they experienced flashing lights. Those on the table introduced themselves and the table started moving and tipping to answer questions. Julie sensed a man who she had not met before and he was not happy that we were there,

Group two - with Greg downstairs starting with everyone in the bar in front of the fire and used the singing bowl to raise the energy levels, we started calling out and lots of noises were heard from the bar area, Judy and Hannah did a vigil in the men’s loo and the rest of the group heard them scream, however it wasn’t anything paranormal as they sat quietly the urinal decided to flush making them scream. We split down into smaller groups Jo and Tabs taking 4 guests into the restaurant with the spirit box and Greg and Karen making use of the picture board in the family room. In the restaurant we were quickly connecting and soon had the spirit box naming people in the room, calling out Sean, Steven and Judy we established that there was someone coming when we asked who we got a resounding ARCHIE, this is not a name that has come through for us before so this was interesting and we look forward to pursuing this in future investigations , the spirit seemed to like Judy and was commenting how he wanted sex, another member of the group entered the room and we asked do you know who has come in the immediately we had yes Sam, the person who entered the room was indeed Sam, we asked if they were ok with Sam joining us and the response was, Ask Greg so Jo and Greg swapped with Greg going into the restaurant and Jo joining the picture board. We were unable to get any movement on the picture board but our guests gave it everything they had so it wasn’t for the lack of trying.

It was then time to call it a night we all gathered in the bar to swap experiences and close down for the night, before our guests left to travel home to their warm beds. The Skirrid even when quiet never fails to amaze the WASPS as it always has something to offer it really is a favourite of ours and we can’t wait to return.

Our next investigation is at the Spirit House in Evesham at the end of March which we are excited about.

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Dec 8 2017 08:17AM

Who doesn't love a funeral parlour and the stories it may hold, Annison Funeral Parlour is a Paranormal Investigators dream, full of history and images that just transport you back in time to an era long gone. You can almost hear the clippety clop of the horses hooves or the clanging of the blacksmith in his workshop - this location is a personal favorite for the WASPS as our results have always been great.

Group 1: Julie, Sam, Kazz, Bex, Sharon, Charlotte, Leanne, Ian

Group 2: Greg, Kirsty, Carl, Jo, Amy, Tabs, Sarah and Julia

Group 1 – 1st Vigil – The Stables

Julie picked up on a man almost immediately, and felt that whilst he was in the stables, he wasn’t really dressed as though he worked there; Julie felt that he was a slender guy and that he is mouthy like a Jack Russell, she also felt that this man was bullied badly when younger as he wasn’t popular and because of his looks, and felt that he never had much luck with ladies, his parents all though not well off, were not short of a bob or two. As he got older he became a bully and would not be down trodden again. Whilst the group were introducing themselves to spirit, the male spirit shouted at Julie to “get out!” This happened as Ian was introducing himself. Kazz felt that she could also see this man, and asked whether the man was angry because he was a red head. She could see him wearing a white top and a tweed waistcoat and he had a ginger moustache. Kazz said that she was feeling angry and that she was not bothered by the girls but felt that this male did not like Ian because he is male. Some were drawn into the stable in the corner so the group moved into there. Bex stood in the corner and felt that she had a young boy with her, who had dark hair and dark eyes. He had a scruffy and dirty appearance and had no shoes on. The boy was wearing a white dirty shirt, dark trousers and a flat cap. Bex felt that he was paying a debt off and that he needed to finish what he was doing. Julie was stood in the middle of the stable and could see someone standing between Kazz and Sharon. The spirit gave his name as Christian. The names Trevor and Tommy were also picked up on and it was felt that boys were forced to fight for money and status. Bex then picked up on a woman, who was wearing a hooded long cloak and has long hair and was somehow linked with the boy. The woman made Bex feel sad, and Sharon then said that she felt that the woman had worked in the building. Julie felt that the female had snuck in after dark and something to do with money. Julie also felt protective and really tall. She could see a child and money that were somehow linked, and this may well have been the same female that Bex had picked up on. Julie then felt her hair being touched and Sharon felt that the man she picked up on earlier in the vigil was still stood behind her, and started to feel cocky, like she wanted to stand up to the spirit that Julie was interacting with. During this time, Leanne noticed that there was something moving out in the corridor, and saw a white light moving across the corridors, which was not from the car headlights outside. Julie also saw a big light go across the ceiling that could not be debunked as being car headlights or lights from the nightclub nearby. This evidence is particularly interesting as the same light was seen more than once, by more than one person. The group did a human pendulum session however Sam stayed out in the corridor, and conducted a K2 experiment. She asked the spirit to show a sign for yes, and a sign for no, and this was quickly established. Whilst the pendulum session was in full flow, Leanne felt ill, and Sam was given a message to say that Ian was the one who should be in the centre of the circle, but she did not communicate this with the group. As the pendulum activity died down, the group joined Sam to work with the K2 meter. The responses they received validated what was picked up earlier in the vigil by Julie and Bex.

Group 2 - 1st Vigil - The Hayloft

As soon as the group had entered the hayloft, Kirsty and Carl both picked up on a male spirit. Carl said that he felt the spirit was welcoming and keen to get started and communicate with us, and Kirsty said that she felt uneasy on her feet, like she was on a boat or drunk. Many of the team and the guests felt cobwebs on their faces. Whilst the feeling at the end of the hayloft was quite welcoming and pleasant, it was a lot heavier towards the doorway to the next section. Kirsty felt that it was a possessive energy, and both team and guests could smell sulphur in that space. The group became divided, without them really being aware with it, leaving only Amy and Tabs behind in the end section of the hayloft. Kirsty felt as though we were being herded by spirit, and that they were moving us to where they wanted us to be. Once they regrouped, Carl picked up on a male energy in a top hat, who looked like he could have been an undertaker, and could see a woman further back behind the male (to his right), who was dressed in white. Around the same time, Tabs picked up on the names Clifford and Patience; Patience was one of the Annison family’s eight children, and she would have grown up here with her siblings. Having started a table tipping session to try and communicate with spirit, Kirsty picked up on the name Richard Garrett. She felt that he would have kept horses here, and that he would have left one horse here, and taken another to continue his journey once he had slept. Once spirit had confirmed their movements for yes and no, we began to ask questions. Through intelligent responses we managed to ascertain that we were speaking with Mr Garrett, and that he was linked to the building. He confirmed what Kirsty had picked up, saying that he kept horses here, but that they belonged to his master. Mr Garrett came through Hull on business, acting as a messenger, carrying secrets rather than money. Julia, one of our guests, felt that the spirit had been killed in the harbour area, and this received a strong yes response on the table. Spirit then confirmed that he had been killed for information. Greg felt that the name Dick Garrett was familiar, and then remembered the name linked to Aston Hall near where he grew up. Through further research, Amy found that Richard “Dick” Garrett would have been the head servant at Aston Hall, serving Sir Thomas Holte, who lived in Aston Hall until it became subject to attack by Parliamentary soldiers during the English Civil War. Sir Thomas Holte hosted Charles I in the house prior to the commencement of the Civil War, and he himself was also heavily involved in the Civil War, including the Siege of Hull. He would not have travelled alone, instead taking his servants with him, including the likes of Dick Garrett.

The group continued with table tipping, and picked up on a different energy, this time a policeman with the initials CP, who could not confirm whether it was male or female. Through further questions, it became clear that the spirit wanted to keep their sexuality a secret. Spirit then walked the table to the door on command, where it collapsed on itself, and then the energy shifted, so the group headed back to the base room to warm up ready for the next vigil.

Group 1 – 2nd Vigil – The Hayloft

As soon as the team entered the hayloft, Julie picked up on a female, who was in her early 20's. Simultaneously, the guests felt pains in their sides upon entering the room. Julie felt as though she had been held under water or thick mud as she felt like she had been suffocated. Julie also picked up that the girl had cuts on her arms, and had the feeling that before the girl was killed, she had had her throat slit and tongue cut out. Before she died Julie felt she had run through a wooded area, perhaps to escape her attackers. The girl appeared to be dressed in a maid’s outfit, as Julie could see her dressed in light blue and white all over. Her outfit had thin stripes, and had a corset type cut to it. Julie could also see a pocket watch, and thought that the girl had either taken it as a 'trophy', or perhaps it had been her father’s pocket watch. Sam also picked up on this female, and felt that this girl would have been pregnant; she was chased by 3 men but killed by 1. Sam got the feeling that they needed to shut her up because she was pregnant. When they did catch her, they killed her, left her there and ran off. The group then tried some table tipping, and found that the more energy that was on the table, the more it moved. Charlotte, Bex, Sharon and Leanne were on the table, asking the spirit to move the table, to which they received a direct response. The table was moving erratically, but always in response to questions, and at one point was raised to stand on two legs, with very little contact needed to hold it in place.

Group 2 - 2nd Vigil – The flat and stables

The group decided to try a picture board session in the lounge of the flat, and Jo and Julia used dowsing rods to work with spirit. The response on the picture board was phenomenal, with spirit actively seeking out the pictures it needed to communicate his message. The spirit was a Catholic man who had been killed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries during Tudor times. He worked in a church in North Yorkshire, and was held prisoner in Hull. The spirit also managed to give us his name, Simeon, and he also told us that he had been a cardinal. He was buried in a mass grave on consecrated ground, near York Minster. During Tudor times, the North Blockhouse (which would have stood where the funeral parlour is today, and formed an integral part of Hull’s defences) was used to imprison Catholics. It is said that they were persecuted and tortured here before being left for dead. As many as 16 prisoners were said to have been detained at any one time. The conditions were particularly poor, with contemporary accounts noting that the quarters "have been overflowed with water at high tide, so that they walked, the earth was so raw and moist that their shoes would cleave to the ground". This gave the team a link as to why Simeon might remain here to this day. The group moved to the stables. In the first set of stables, Jo used a DVR with headphones, and called out what she could hear. Whoever the spirit kept referring to females, but it was hard to make sense of the words Jo could hear (women, nervous, ladies, forced, stinking, old, who, b*llocks, kill, yes, jaundice, b*llocks). In the stables, the team could also hear tapping and knocks, and what sounded like a chain being rattled. Julia picked up on the name Bert, and said that she got the feeling that a horse had stood on his foot. In the second set of stables, the group decided to do a circle séance. The name Abigail was picked up almost immediately, and that she was looking for her daughter. Kirsty and Jo both began coughing and felt that the little girl had died of consumption when she was 7/8 years old. The mother had committed suicide by jumping from a bridge, and consequently drowning, as she thought that this would reunite her with her daughter. Instead, she is still looking for her.

Both groups had a fabulous time at Annison Funeral Parlour, with some great spirit interaction! We cannot wait to go back again in the future!

For now the team are busy planning for next years events which will see us staying in St Briavels Castle for a weekend of medieval banquets, entertainment and of course the obligatory investigation - WHY NOT JOIN US - IF YOU DARE

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Aug 17 2017 06:27AM

Once again this weekend, we returned to the notorious but beautiful Skirrid Inn. Our evening began with a delicious 2 course meal, and shortly after, we split into our two teams, ready to start the evening. As the pub was still open to the public, we started our night with two different workshops in the rooms upstairs: one exploring technical equipment and one using traditional methods.

The groups were Group 1: Greg, Kirsty, Bex and Amy with Charlotte, Leanne, Ian, Jude, Stacey, Teresa, Louie, Chris and Maggie and Group 2: Jo, Sharon, Tabs, Nat and Karen with Gavin, Gavin, Kristian, Emily, Trisha, Simon and Keith.

Workshop 1 Tech Workshop - The group started with the technical workshop in Room 1. This saw us looking at the tech kit, the team use on our investigations - cameras, infrasound and hyper sound monitoring technology, and Kinect technology to map and many more that monitor any paranormal activity occurring throughout the night. Greg introduced each piece of kit, explaining how it worked, and before long we had activity in the room. During the workshop, Teresa and Louie could see a head poking round the bathroom door, and simultaneously, Kirsty and Bex could both see flashes on the laptop screen (this was connected to the Kinect in the bathroom) and the group could hear what sounded like footsteps coming from the bathroom. Louie volunteered to go into the bathroom alone, and it didn’t take long for spirit to join him! He spotted what looked like someone standing behind him when he looked in the mirror!

(Group 2 also had similar experiences with the Kinect technology, and could also see flashes on the laptop screen, and in the bathroom when Gavin and Gareth ventured into the bathroom on their lone vigils, Greg and Bex checked to make sure that there was no light reflecting from the equipment on any of the pictures and removed anything that may have been causing the flashes, but it made no difference).

When the group were in the main part of the bedroom, Bex and Kirsty picked up on a male energy who came across as negative and appeared to be angry as it was too loud with too many people in the room. Bex described this spirit as a “watcher”, and said that she felt he had been walking round the room, sizing everyone up. He was not happy with where people were sat in the room (especially when there was a male sat in the chair next to the door), and when the group moved about, it seemed to agitate him more. The spirit in the bathroom was different – it felt this spirit was female and that she often shrunk away from the male spirit in the bedroom. Bex didn’t feel that the spirits were related, but they were certainly aware of one another. Shortly after, Bex felt that the male spirit had followed Louie into the bathroom – this was confirmed when Louie said that he felt that someone tall was leaning over him, staring in his face, and was experiencing different sound and light phenomena. Teresa felt that this male energy had delusions of grandeur, and that he felt he was more important than he really was.

(Again group 2 also picked up on a dominant male energy, by the name of Pearson or Parkson in the main bedroom. He was not keen on Gavin being in the room and wanted him to leave. Tabs also picked up the feeling of being hanged, and felt that the male was wearing long robes or a cloak, which could be likened to what a hangman or a judge would traditionally wear. During the vigil, the group also heard a loud click coming from the entrance to the bedroom, and could see shadows moving about in this area).

Workshop 2 – Traditional Methods workshop - In Room 2, Jo ran a traditional methods workshop, where we practised traditional “Victorian” methods, such as table tipping, Ouija boards and dowsing rods. Group 1 started the workshop with a meditation/relaxation exercise, where they imagined they were walking through the inn. The vast majority of the group saw a female spirit, who wore a grey dress, with a white pinafore, possibly named Mary. Kirsty also picked up on a male spirit, called Ed, whose job it was to sweep out and shovel the stable. Ian also saw a male spirit called Edward, but he was well-dressed, so could not be the same spirit as the one Kirsty had picked up on.

Both groups got to have a go at table tipping too, and both groups had some movement. Group 1 were fortunate to have movement on the table very quickly - the table seemed to twist in response to questions, and the group established that they were speaking to a young male energy, called Sid. This was verified on the dowsing rods being used by Teresa and Louie, which were also moving in response to the questions asked on the table. Teresa felt that Sid was with his sister, and that the sister had said he was “a bit simple”. During the table tipping, Louie also said that his dowsing rods had been following Jo around the room.

Group 2 tried a variety of methods – table tipping, Ouija board and dowsing rods. Whilst they didn’t have much activity on the dowsing rods, they did have success with table tipping (although it seemed the spirit was more willing to communicate in English, as the table stopped moving as soon as Karen spoke Welsh!), and spirit seemed to like the sound of Gavin’s voice in particular. When using the Ouija board, those on the board felt that they were being pushed, rather than the planchette itself. Two spirits – Anna and Thomas – were also picked up on whilst the group were using the Ouija board.

After the two workshops, we took a comfort break, and fuelled up with hot drinks ready for the night ahead.


Group 1 – Upstairs – Bedrooms 1 & 2

The group started their vigil in Room 2 and did some more table tipping, as it had been so successful the first time. The feedback on the table was erratic and they could not place at first who they were communicating with. Greg thought that it may have been a spirit we have encountered on previous investigations, but we could not get any straight answers, so this was difficult to determine, although a few personal details were confirmed for Greg and Teresa. The spirit the group were communicating with seemed to be manipulative, and felt that he could be whoever you wanted him to be. Not having much luck on the table this time, the group decided to move into Room 1, with Louie staying behind to do a lone vigil in the bathroom, as he had heard noises coming from there whilst sat outside the door moving to room 1 the group started with a séance. Both team and guests felt sick, dizzy and that their faces were being touched – all common signs of spirit being present in the room. Greg felt that there were three spirits with them – the male and female encountered earlier in the evening during the workshops, along with who he felt to be Father Henry Vaughn. A K2 meter had also been placed in the centre of the circle, and it repeatedly flashed to orange whilst Greg was calling out, and occasionally all the way up to red.

During the séance, Ian went into the bathroom to do a lone vigil and could hear footsteps in the bathroom as if someone was pacing back and forth. He was then joined by Louie, and they could both see a black mass, like a big black shadow, that seemed to be looking at each of them individually, almost as though it were sneering in their faces. However both made a swift exit soon after they heard a single loud bang on the bath tub!

Group 2 – Downstairs (Bar, Restaurant and Family Room)

The group began their vigil in the restaurant. They started with some calling out, and could see that the room was getting darker in opposite corners, as if spirit were drawing closer. They were also able to hear noises coming from the bar area, and so decided to go out and investigate. Some of the group went into the family room to use the picture board, as we have had a lot of success with this before, and we were not disappointed this time either! Tabs had picked up on a male spirit called Jacob, who communicated via the board that he had killed his daughter, but Tabs felt that he was not telling the truth. Tabs identified that he was a man with a stutter, and that the local children used to sing a rhyme or song to him to the tune of “Daisy, Daisy…”. Every time that Tabs sang this, the board went erratic and moved very fast. The spirit also said that he had poisoned the girl.


Group 1 - Downstairs (Bar, Restaurant and Family room)

Bex picked up on a negative energy in the bar area as soon as the vigil began, and felt that he may have followed the group downstairs. There were also a lot of visual phenomena – guests reported seeing someone in the snug peeping round the corner, and a shadowy figure was seen walking between the bar and the restaurant. Greg felt someone tap him on the head and Louie had his torch knocked out of his hand whilst he was leaning on the bar. We then split into two smaller groups, one group remaining in the bar, and the other going into the family room to use the picture board. There was little response on the picture board but Greg became very lethargic and had to move into the bar. Meanwhile, the group in the bar picked up on a very strong smell of urine and a distinct smell of pipe tobacco. They also had a knock on one of the tables, which was very loud and clear. Once we had regrouped in the bar area, we heard either a female spirit or a child say “Hello”.

GROUP 2 – Upstairs (Bedrooms 1, 2 and 3)

Starting in Room 2, the group split up, with some going on the Ouija board, and others going into the bathroom to try mirror scrying. Although there was no identifiable movement on the Ouija board, Jo

and two of the guests (Keith and Emily) had success with their scrying, with Emily becoming old and haggard in her reflection, and Keith looking like a chimney sweep (he had dark smudges on his face that were not caused by the shadows created by the torch), and also looked as though he had had a stroke as his face had drooped on one side, and the his facial lines had disappeared. Two of the group in the bathroom were also using dowsing rods, and connected to someone known to both them and the pub, called Kat. The group also spent some time in Room 3, using the Spirit box, through which they were given two names – Doris and Dave – but did not receive any further information. Towards the end of this vigil, groups 1 & 2 combined and we went into Room 2 to conduct another table tipping experiment. The table would not respond in the way we had asked (forwards and backwards), but instead we identified a turn to the left for yes, and to the right for no. The spirit on the board took a dislike to both Jo and Sharon, and would not answer any questions they put forward. Greg then realised who the spirit was (Keys who we had encountered on previous investigations), and the spirit confirmed that he liked to messing around with us, and that he had stopped other spirits from communicating with us.

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Jul 20 2017 08:25AM

The Skirrid Inn is one of those locations that keeps pulling you back, so much so that the team arrived a day early to have a team meeting and catch up on WASPS News – We also got to do a WASPS on tour trip to Barry Island the land of Gavin and Stacey to indulge in cockles on the promenade and Ice cream on the beach and photos with the local policemen before hitting the 2p machines in the arcade – Anyway back to the blog. We always start the investigation at the Skirrid with a 2 course meal where everyone will get the chance to meet their fellow investigators and in between courses we did our health and safety checks and team introductions. We did our investigation a bit differently this time as this is a working pub we decided on doing workshops while the bar was still serving to avoid noise pollution interfering with any results we may have gotten, so food consumed and a short comfort break we made our way upstairs and split into smaller groups one group in Room 2 and the other in Room 1.

Room 2 – This saw both groups looking at good old fashioned and somewhat Victorian techniques, using dowsing rods, Crystals, Mirror scrying and table tipping Ouija boards were explained but left for use later in the evening. The first group were introduced to the rods, each person connected and were getting movement. The team then displayed how table tipping would work and slowly guests introduced to the table to experience it. Although these were only bite size we did get some information, the first group picked up on a male spirit who liked to take what he wanted male, female or animal he didn’t care he responded to some people better than others, Jane and Join particular, Julie was getting angry and as spirit got closer the feeling of anger was building up. Julie feeling angry with everyone in the room no one could go too near her because of how she felt, then the feeling of being drunk, and struggling to walk or even stand up (Which was quite funny to watch) she felt short and fat, several people in the room felt sick and Scott had some personal questions answered and cobwebs on faces.

Room 1 – this saw both groups looking at the Techy equipment, what we use, how we use it and why we use what we do this was run by Greg and Tabs (Self-confessed tech geeks) they gave tasters of the equipment and again gained some good results – So group one were shown the Ovilus, the spirit box, the cameras used and recording equipment visual and audio and they then used some of this, the temperature in the room varied which was confirmed using thermometers there was a handy cam pointed towards the TV to create feedback and the image was seen to change with an extra image at the top of the screen, there was also a night vision camera and laser grid and motion detector placed in the bathroom to record an empty room however all this footage will be checked post investigation and any results will be shared via face book with our customers. There was also an infrasound to enhance connection to spirit. - What was fascinating with both rooms which are next door to each other Room One temperature was varied degrees and yet Room Two was a constant 34 degrees, equipment was calibrated so the readings were correct at the time, weird.

Before breaking down into two smaller groups we all went to the cemetery for the last hour of the pub being open to do a mass vigil, we all congregated outside the church doors and made a circle, Julie quickly connected with a male and was given the name Mark, she was getting that he helped people she got the images of a tunnel and him helping people and coins with the names Simon and James, Julie also picked up on water and a well and previous investigations have shown similar scenes. Kirsty then picked up on a male spirit who gave the name Edward who was dirty, short but muscly. Mining of some sorts from 1823 Surname Jones. He had a problem with chest area, he had lost his house and was destitute and downtrodden but so needed to say sorry to his wife and children, the mining was open caste mining not underground. This brought us to the end of the mass vigil and back to the pub for a quick comfort break before getting into the heart of investigating.

Group One – Team Julie, Sam, Nat, Karen and Bex with Charlotte, Tim, Anna, Scott and Jane who started upstairs utilising the whole of the upstairs, using the equipment they were shown previously. They decided to start in Room One. Four of our group went on the Ouija board; these were Bex, Charlotte Scott and Anna, they all wore blindfolds so they were unable to see what was happening and it wasn't long before the Planchet started moving. We were asking questions, but it was moving around, erratically and not making any sense, Julie felt the need to say ' if you don't want to use the board, then push the planchet onto the floor, to which the spirit promptly did, then the Ouija board was pushed off also, The spirit wanted to use the table - We couldn't believe what we were seeing, as this hadn't happened before. We had a spirit that just wanted to play games’; the feeling wasn’t a bad feeling, just playful. There were no messages to come forward, but the spirit enjoyed showing us that it could manipulate and play with the board and the table. What felt like just 20 minutes was actually just over an hour, we couldn't believe how quickly the time had gone, so we quickly moved into room two and the equipment used was the Ovilus. We got the words: Bible; reason; Manor; Boot; count the beats, 15 appear. Some others wanted more With the table tipping. The table started moving and twisted sideways and was moving on command, it moved towards Scott and when Scott and Tim swapped places it also moved towards Tim. We were very impressed with the movements, but no real information came through.

Group Two – Team Greg, Kirsty Jo and Tabs with Ian, Lianne, Natasha, Derhim, Jane, Natasha Wendy Nita and Chelsea who started off in the bar and they all took a seat, we started off using the spirit box however there wasn’t much coming though so after shifting around positions and people moving into different areas the group decided to use the picture board that was set up in the family room on a large round table. It took a while for the energy to build but we soon connected with a female spirit, she was hanged for killing a man of the church, this man was responsible for indecently touching her and making her do things she didn’t want to do. Using the pictures she was able to show us she was sad, and using the knife, cross and hangman pictures she kept repeating her story, she was with another female who was responsible for telling the authorities what she did, however this “other” female felt remorse after hearing why this lady did what she did and why she did it, Greg felt the presence of someone in the corner seat where the temperature dropped dramatically, he felt this person was a watcher but couldn’t pin point what he watches, There were lots of shadows seen walking around in the bar area and when guests and team went to check there was no one there - All too soon it was time to swap and go upstairs.

Group One -We went into the family room to start. Lots of people immediately felt hot and had developed a headache, this is common at the Skirrid so the group divided into 2 smaller groups half in the bar and half in the family room,

Julie picked up on a Victorian woman called Margaret or Maggie who had passed with consumption however the numbers 34 & 43 were important. She wore nice clothes but didn’t wash, she was wearing a blue dress and white apron. Quiet and timid, but would bite if pushed. Curly hair set, dark with grey strands. Another spirit who liked to put on a show and liked the attention, a comparison likened to a Lady of the night possibly a madam who would take control of the situation. She carried herself well and spoke nicely and a long skirt, fitted Victorian clothes, who was not ashamed of what she did, she also had a little boy called Jacob.

Natalie & Julie heard a male voice call Julie. When checked with the male guests, it was definately not one of them.. Back in the Bar there were feelings of this is my space, go. Scot felt unwell and after chatting with Julie he left. He felt that he couldn’t continue with the investigation and went home.. Once Scott left, Jane felt that they should not be separated and so they re-joined as a large group in the Bar. Here Julie connected with a Richard with a date 1848 in uniform, however there was also the feeling of scallywag street urchin, steeling, fighting, felt depressed and not worthy. Fought and had bloody knuckles. Stealing food, his death was that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A stabbing pain was felt and the image of sleeping rough, horses and farm work, Edwards may have been a Surname. Bex felt unnerved and a little scared. Back in the snug with the Ouija board there were lots of messages coming through but they contradicted each other and the feeling that the board was playing games. A male who worked as a judge who would send people to the gallows, however, he wouldn’t tell us who they were, the board spelt out repetitive letters so the board was closed down.

Group Two - We started off in the Bedroom two and got the table going it took a while for the energy to raise but once it did the table began moving in a controlled manner, Greg picked up on a male spirit early 20’s and during our shouting out during table tipping we had the DVR (Digital Voice Recorder) recording, Greg heard someone calling a name and asked who said that no one in the room was talking at the time, so we rewound the DVR and played back, there was a male voice calling for Chelsea, there was a Chelsea on the table, Chelsea asked is this Justin and the table moved to the yes position – The message that came through was personal to Chelsea and her mum and was very emotional. We continued with the table tipping and another personal message came through for Tash again this was emotional so much so it made Jo cry (Jo doesn’t cry) Greg and Kirsty were sat near the open window and heard a female calling Greg from outside and thought it was Julie he got up to have a look (This was at the same time that Julie heard a male voice call Julie but downstairs) we will listen back to the DVR and see if this was captured on there and will post the results on Facebook. We moved into Bedroom one and did some shouting out but weren’t getting much response so decided to get volunteers to split up and go into different areas, Tash, Derhim and Jane went into Bedroom three, Ian into the bathroom and Wendy into the condemned man’s cell on the landing. Tash, Derhim and Jane came back very quickly saying it was too cold in the bedroom, Wendy managed to stay in the cell however Ian who was in the bathroom on his own felt a presence and heard “something” he couldn’t explain almost like someone breathing into his ear and needed to come out, somewhat startled but glad he got an experience he couldn’t explain.

All too soon it was time to regroup and recap where it was noticed that one of the benches with a high curved back had moved away from the wall with no explanation, Greg attempted to de bunk as the cobwebs at the back between the bench and the wall were intact, however when we moved the bench manually the cobwebs remained intact so we were unable to validate or de-bunk this phenomena also the events of the night held lots of similarities and re occurring results and it was time to say goodnight (Or rather Good morning) to our guests before the team could finally get into bed themselves.

One of the WASPS favourite locations which even when quiet brings results no matter how small or big, the results which can be quantified with equipment and research and also information that is consistent with sometimes different versions they all seem to link in. Our next investigation will see us return to the Skirrid in August so what this space for the next blog let’s see who or what will join us for the night.

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Jul 18 2017 09:02AM

We arrived early and got into the wasps nest anyone that has been to Drakelow tunnels will know there is no electricity and once inside the darkness can be overwhelming, so we needed to light the way, not only to the WASPS nest but also to the little boys and little girl’s rooms. We found the candles and began the task of lighting the nest up and the route to the bathroom. We didn't have much setting up to do which was lucky as it wasn't too long before our guests started to arrive, however, right from the start when we first got there Julie went into the bathroom and could hear what sounded like something being dragged and footsteps. Straight after that Kirsty called Julie from the nest area 'Julie…. did you call me?" No was Julie’s response and with that both Kirsty and Julie could clearly hear a whistling such a shame the equipment wasn’t on record – Although we had a small guest list this was perfect because as regular investigators know, when you get the right energy in a group it makes the investigation perfect, so the usual the H&S talk and team introductions were completed and we were then able to start to investigate.

Group One – Team was Julie, Kazz and Bex with Andy, Lisa, Tash and Sarah

Julie took her group off to one side of the tunnels, coming out of the WASPS nest and taking a left travelling through the tunnels for roughly 5 mins before deciding to stop at a large main tunnel. We spread ourselves out and switched off torches. It was here Julie felt the need to stand in the middle of the tunnel. It was blacker than black. But they felt they were not alone. Bex also had the feeling to stand in the middle but opposite Julie. Julie connected with a man who had come close to her which made her feel real anger towards Bex and wanted to fight her. Bex began to grow. She took on a man who was very tall with stocky build. We noticed Julie and Bex had gotten closer to each other, so we turned the torch on and moved back however it wasn't long before Julie was back in front of Bex with the feeling of wanting to fight her. Julie felt this particular area would have been a communal area and a place where differences could be sorted without being caught. We heard many noises which sounded like footsteps in the tunnels just off the main one where we were standing. Also, both Julie and Bex felt they had a group of men 'in their corner' this feeling went on for a while. One single torch was turned on and Bex looked very large indeed. Julie kept control so that the spirit didn't come through too much.. After a while they decided to move on from here. Then The group moved down into another tunnel that had big metal equipment lined along the side of the tunnel. We stopped there. Kazz felt sharp pain in her back/chest area, Kazz decided to write down what she was feeling/picking up on at this time and one of the guests tried the dowsing rods but didn't get very much happening so Julie demonstrated how they worked and they started moving for her well and in a very controlled way so it wasn't long before she had established a yes and no and a male spirit starting communicating with her. He was telling her that he had been homosexual when he was alive. Which he had to keep secret as it wasn't accepted in his day. It was found out and he had been beaten by two men away from the tunnels. These men thought they had killed him so brought him to the tunnels and threw his lifeless body into a pile of rubble. As more bricks fell he was crushed to death. He was sad and lonely and the emotion was picked up on by one of the guest who was made to cry. It was very sad. This was the information that Kazz had written down earlier on, so to have that validated during the investigation was a great result. All to soon it was time for us to break, were the group made their way outside into the warmth of the day.

Group Two Team - Greg, Kirsty, Carl and Tabs with guests Stacey and Jude.

We started walking toward the kitchen area, Both Greg and Kirsty are familiar with the tunnels and didn’t want to provide any information and were eager for their group to connect and gather the information for themselves, so in the tunnel outside the kitchen Carl connected with a female, and he described her as having long scraggly hair, we heard knocks and whistles coming from inside the kitchen so we decided to go in, where we also picked up on a man who did not want anyone in there and the whole group felt uneasy - we came across a table and although Greg isn't one for table tipping he suggested a session. And wow what an amazing session it was however the group had to get quite pushy and demanding to get this to happen whereby a few of the group suddenly felt quite angry, with mean thoughts popping into their heads, taunts. When voiced, it was then the table started to move, being dragged across the floor and tipping onto two legs and on a few occasions it ended up fully tipped over. We moved on from here however we were constantly drawn back to the area by knocks very loud footsteps and whistles, while goading spirit during table tipping, did we waken the spirits who wanted to continue with their display with the table. All of a sudden it was time to join group one outside for some warmth and a comfort break.

Group One

After the break Julie’s group went down the tunnels to the kitchen. Here we discovered the spirit of a man. He wasn't a pleasant man; the calling out from Julie’s group was slightly pushy hoping to get a reaction. A figure was seen standing in the corner. We tried table tipping. It vibrated a little but we didn't really get much on it. So we moved to the other end of the kitchen. Julie became a little abusive towards the spirit. Not her usual behaviour. We tried the table tipping again but to no avail. However, there were footsteps and knocking heard many times around the kitchen. The group were also made aware of being watched from the tunnels just off the kitchen, drawn to the darkness, but when we ventured into the blackness, whatever had beckoned, became silent. This made the group feel apprehensive.. Time was ticking and before we knew it, it was break time again.

Group Two

This session saw us in the WASPS nest an area that is often left out by investigators and activity soon kicked in, there was a message from a male spirit who told us that he had killed himself there and we were given random letters and numbers one of which was A5. We left this room to explore the tunnels and called out to spirit to lead us to them. We ended up taking a turn that led us to a part of the tunnels we had not explored previously. Along the way were lettered and numbered markers, and one of these was A5, so while we didn’t encounter any spirit there we all had the distinct feeling we were being watched so we headed back towards the nest and the morgue. Here Tabs connected with a female spirit who we established was a nurse who experienced a crush, she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t fix herself because she was a nurse this baffled her. We felt this lady didn’t, and possibly still doesn’t realise she has passed. From the morgue we walked the tunnels until we found the nuclear bunker and we attempted a vigil there but the area was quiet. It was soon time to join the other group for a break and a warm up in the sun.

Group one

Our final part of the Daytime Darkness at Drakelow Tunnels was in the mortuary. We all gathered in the small room just off the main room. We had chairs so sat round in a circle. Bex and one of the guests then went out, round to the toilet block just the other side of the wall. With the Ovilus the rest of us stayed where we were. We decided to call out but in a whisper, a technique we like to try to see if the answers would come through the ovilus and true to form we had some good results. Some questions were intelligently answered we asked for a name and Thomas was given. We asked what this job was and we got 'soldier 7 command’ we also connected with a woman when asked how she had passed, the reply on the Ovilus was 'waste deep' and 'woods' we had the sadness in there again. One of our guests we made to cry quite uncontrollably at one point and Lisa also ended up in tears. This was the impact this area had on our group. We were given a rancid smell at one point that 3 people could smell. Time was ticking past way too fast. We decided to go to one more area. The wasps nest. The canteen, we tried doing a picture Ouija board but whilst we were sat there. We heard footsteps the distinct sound of heavy boots in the kitchen. A shadow was witnessed near the entrance to the room. The noise in the kitchen was that of a spirit man we believe to have been hiding from the shadow at the door. We never got to find out why as the time had run past and it was time for us to pack up and leave. Was a shame to have to end it there but it leaves us wanting more and we can't wait to return to see if we can unveil what the spirit in the kitchen was trying to hide for.

Group Two

After the second break and by popular demand, we once again ventured the tunnels and found ourselves drawn to the kitchen area and again had a great success with the table. Back at the kitchen we contacted the 'angry man' who again obliged us in some extremely impressive table tipping. With everyone's fingers touching the table ever so lightly, the table sliding underneath their tips. We decided to use two finger tips each and the table continued to move in the same manner. We asked spirit to answer questions, if the answer was yes move the table, if the answer was no the table to remain still. We continued like this for 30 minutes, obtaining information about a man that had hung himself due to his ill treatment of others. He had been gay at a time it was illegal. The mood changed and the uneasy feeling lifted. The table tipping session for this group was phenomenal and enjoyed by everyone in the group. It seemed that time just slipped away and as group one, it was time to leave.

Back to the base room where equipment was collected, guests bid farewell and a farewell to the spirits, until next time Drakelow tunnels and our guests it was a total pleasure so until the next time.

Our next investigation is at the Skirrid Inn – a favorite for a lot of team members another location that keeps pulling you back, it offers a few more secrets each time you visit revealing a little bit more every time. Watch out for the blog !

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Jun 15 2017 08:44PM

No long commute for the WASPS (Except for Jo) or this gem of a location fairly close to home the museum stands proud in Peterborough City centre with its imposing columns at the front and Vaults to the side. When you enter you can only imagine how this must have looked when it was a home with large rooms and a grand staircase to take you to the upper levels, each room is dedicated to ages gone by with artefacts and paintings that made you look on in awe. The team got the equipment ready and the WASPS nest presentable for our guests and once they arrived they were treated to a double H&S chat, one from the WASPS and another from the museum staff before embarking on a history and haunting tour of the building.

Once this was done it was time to start so we split down into 2 smaller groups and with 3 different sessions to look forward to we were all eager to start

Group One – Team members, Julie, Sam, Sharon, Emily with our guests Katie, Daniel, Andrew, Nicki,. Darren, Jo, Stacey Jude, Paul, Magdalene.

Group one started the evening on the first and second floor, choosing their first room, with floor to ceiling mirrors, they sat for a little while whilst Julie connected with spirit and a young girl, who was excited and a little scared to be in the room, she kept trying to encourage Julie to follow her down the walkway, as there was a tall man in there that she was a little afraid of, she wasn’t meant to be in the room but had come in to see who we were.. One of the guests asked if she was a daughter of the scullery maid, but we couldn’t get a definitive answer on that, the little girl didn’t give us any real evidence, so after a while they decided to try some scrying. Some of the guest’s didn’t know what scrying was so Julie started it off, her face changed as you could see a moustache and beard starting to appear, above the eyebrows began to bulge, and one of her eyes looked slightly swollen. Julie didn’t do this for long as the team were eager to get the guests involved. Stacey had a go, and one side of her face looked like it had dropped as if to have a stroke, her mouth became slightly open just on that corner also her eyebrows looked more masculine, and again, it looked like there was bruising on one side of her face. Then Nicki had a go her face started to become male, but it didn’t come through very strong before it quickly changed to that of an old woman her face became smaller and deep wrinkles could be seen, and her ears looked slightly pointed. Very different from her natural look.

We then moved off into the operating room. We stood in a circle and wanted to try human pendulum, so we introduced ourselves and asked spirit to choose one of us. At first Nicki felt pushed into the circle, then we asked spirit to show us again, and this time, spirit started to work its way round to different members of the circle, People being gently pushed into the circle, Daniel was pushed outwards however no one was actually chosen so the group decided to stop this technique, however, we were not left disappointed we had many ailments felt by different people. Katie was made to have very bad back pains, when advised to step out of the circle away from the energy, the pain immediately left her, and when she came back in, the pain returned and sickness passed in waves over many in the group. Jude felt sharp stabbing pain in the kidney area; Andrew had horrible pain in his leg, below his knee. We advised him to ask for that to be taken away, and it went, then asked for it to come back which it did - Great evidence, Paul felt the room was familiar to him, although he had never visited before, we got him to lay on the operating table, where he felt quite at home, he was drawn to the tiled wall, which couldn’t be explained but felt a need to touch it. Then it was time for a break.

Group two, team Greg, Jo, Kirsty, Amy and Rob with guests, Lisa, Andy Lucy, Daniel, Sarah, Liz, Sadie and Ashley group two started off in the bowels of the beast also known as the Vaults with individual rooms to the right hand side all along a singular corridor we started the vigil explaining what equipment we brought down with us, how to use it and why we brought what we did. We began calling out and Kirsty was aware of a male spirit in the corridor and described him as short, and stocky and was given the year 1815. Our guest Lisa was feeling a draught at the back of her neck, Jo was feeling the heat so in hopes of feeling the cooling draft they swapped places but it didn’t work, the draught decided to follow Lisa and was now being felt by Lisa and Kirsty much to Jo’s disappointment. We continued to shout out for a bit and Andy felt the presence of a male child and became emotional. We then split into 2 smaller groups to try the boards that were placed in the Vault prior to our guests arriving, Jo taking some in the mortuary and Greg with the others at the beginning of the vaults, in the mortuary the board was vibrating and movement very slow it seems for both boards, Kirsty was connecting with another male spirit who gave his name as John, he worked in the building bringing bodies down to the mortuary and wasn’t very well educated Kirsty was given the name Hopkins or Hopkirk and likes to touch people to let them know he is there also signs of being a chain smoker were evident, the group with Jo started calling out again Ashley was sat by the door and jumped when he came face to face with a boxer dog wanting to know where the dog came from, in low light it was clear that there was no dog in the room with us, there was a shadow under the door and what looked like torch light and someone walking towards the partially open door when the group investigated there was no one there, the other group were still at the far end of the corridor and no one had been in the corridor, the other group were also using the board and were treated to a very loud and angry bang, it was at this point we joined forces and everyone gathered in the morgue before agreeing to spilt up and everyone take a spot in the vaults in either pairs or individually we had shadows, quiet knocks the sound of keys jingling (Later debunked as a bracelet) all in all we had some good results in this area which took us to our first short break.

after the break

Group One - Moved into the conference room here there is a very large full length table, where all the guests sat round. Julie quickly became aware of an energy in the corner of the room so the REMPOD was placed in the area, and Emily stood fairly close to it, the radio beeped a couple of times, and everyone heard a whistle as Julie moved to pick the radio up, before she could reach it Greg from the other group called through asking if we had radioed through to say 'hello' which was very bizarre as the group thought they had radioed us with a whistle, we couldn’t explain this. The group then went on to do Ouija board, whilst Andrew and Daniel got the Dowsing rods out. Daniel didn’t have much luck but Andrew connected and they started working for him almost straight away, Identifying his yes and no the rod movement was fluid and controlled, so we have the board and rods working together, the planchet left the board and was moving up and down the long table, proving difficult for the guys who were on the planchet, at one point as it was moving, other guests had to take over this was great movement, the group were unable to make any sense with the planchet the rods continued to answer questions for about an hour, and when the session ended Andrews arms were hurting but for his first time he did really well. The group then moved off into the cafe area and this area gave the group a whole bag of emotions the middle of the room felt calm and relaxed the far door as you approached it, you became uneasy and really didn’t want to be in the area at all. Julie asked the guests to move into different areas of the room to see how people were feeling, the first corner, Paul sat there, he became aggravated and felt cross, the emotion was so much that he had to come out of the energy and even out of the room for a few minutes whilst he was out of the room, Katie, Jude and Emily were put there. When Julie and Paul came back into the room, the girls were in fits of laughter and were unable to stop again; we had to get them out of the area for them to compose themselves. Stacey went and sat there next, and within a few seconds she started to feel angry very strong emotions and feelings of different sorts just there Paul then went back and became angry again, so we removed him from there completely in another corner of the room Jo began to feel confused and headaches so we switched again and placed Dan there, who also suffered with headaches so this room was very strong with different emotions, causing some of the guests to have new experiences, something they hadn’t experienced before. Then it was time for a short break.

Group 2 – For the 2nd vigil of the night - group two took to the top floor and headed to the back corridor – on the grand staircase Kirsty was picking up on a strong male energy who gave the name Tom and Hunter although at that time Kirsty didn’t know if it was his job or his surname, this information was retained by the group as we needed to move on from the staircase as Group one were on the ground floor once in the back corridor as a group they sat on the floor and were using the spirit box and this very quickly kicked in when shouting out we were rewarded with a “hello” so we continued with questions and we were given a few names, Tom, Cecil, Daniel, Evan and Isabelle and what sounded like Bristol, However some people in the group heard Brisbane, France, shot and wounded. Amy our researcher was able to clarify from documented evidence that there was a Tom Hunter (Anzac soldier) who was from Brisbane and was sent to war but while in France he was shot and brought to the UK where his wounds possibly festered and proved to be fatal. Jo took 3 of the ladies in the group out into the back stairwell where they spread out one at the top 2 in the middle and one at the bottom, Sarah at the top of the stairwell took on the appearance of someone who was pregnant, while Jo at the bottom of the stairwell was swaying, Jo switched with Liz who also felt the swaying motion, and Sadie in the middle of the stairwell felt quite sick in the pit of her stomach a feeling of overwhelming dread Sarah did hear men having a conversation behind one of the closed doors which we couldn’t validate or debunk. We joined as one full group to finish the 2nd part of our vigil in the operating room and both Kirsty and Andy felt the room was busy but with children they felt that the room was previously a playroom, and we were sharing the room with 3 – 4 children, they didn’t have a governess or nurse maid and were able to play freely but they were not allowed in the main part of the house. The energy changed and there was a male patient with tummy pain and the Ovilus actually gave the word tummy. Greg and Andy had pain in their chest and were struggling to breathe and Lucy felt nauseous whilst stood at the foot of the bed.

Team one last vigil - Finally it was time to descend down to the vaults, the group were getting tired and energy was started to lower so the group split down into 4 small groups, each group taking a different vault, while not too much seemed to happen for the majority of them, Julie had taken Paul and Katie into the Morgue they all sat separately, on different sides of the room Paul felt very cold, and for some reason a bit scared Julie was feeling very warm and calm, enough to say she could be left alone and sleep without a worry so, Julie swapped places with Paul and she began to feel the anxiety and the scared feeling Paul had experienced, and was aware of a cloaked man, standing in the corner Paul then warmed up and confirmed that scared feeling had left him.. Katie started off ok, but then was made to feel sick, in her stomach and her throat, it became severe enough to eventually have to leave the vaults and step outside for fresh air. When she came back inside, the rest of the group had joined together in the morgue. We decided to use the glow in the dark Ouija board, The planchet started to move, looking for the letters on the board, but wasn’t actually spelling out anything Sam was on the board and felt the energy was almost childlike this happened for about 15 minutes, then it just stopped, as we still had some time the group did some calling out after this, and heard a few small taps, which we can’t confirm was spirit then, before we knew it, the clock struck 3am, and it was time to stop.

Group two Last vigil – In the Board room, we agreed on a good old fashioned table séance around the very grand table in the board room, we placed the REM POD in the middle of the table however we didn’t get reaction with this, Greg and Kirsty were both aware of a strong male presence in the room this male was described as very austere and authorative and was not happy that however he was waiting for was late, they also hadn’t done the job as well as he had expected, this male energy was trying to gain access to firstly Greg and then Andy who was visibly shaking, Greg also had to fight against this energy so while we had no evidence from the equipment we had many sensory validations during this session. Greg could feel the energy dropping and was still eager to get back out onto the staircase so again the group spilt into2 smaller groups with some taking dowsing rods and crystals into the café area on the ground floor and the others remaining with Greg on the staircase.

Jo and her group with the rods and crystals this was a mixed bag of treats some guests Lucy in particular easily managed to connect with the rods and was able to identify by using yes no questions that she was talking to a lady who had 2 children, Dan was connecting to a male however this took some time for him, Lisa and Sarah were not able to connect with the rods however Sarah got her crystal to move slowly and was able to establish a yes and a no, The group that stayed with Greg on the staircase – again picked up on Thomas and Thomas is able to move freely although usually resides on the first floor and staircase and is often seen in uniform. Kirsty picked up that he is only seen on a remembrance of something or on an anniversary but was unable to clarify any further.


It was soon time to pack up and leave but the whole event gave us food for thought, fascinating information some of which was validated and a good night was had by all,so until our next investigation 24th June217 at Drakelow Tunnels for our daytime investigation we hope you join us there but if you can't the blog will follow, it isn't quite the same we know so a huge thank you to the team and our wonderful guests.

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Jun 11 2017 01:29PM

On arrival at the Real Mary Kings Close the team were able to access the base room early and to get the equipment ready. Some team members were outside waiting for our customers to arrive and to meet and greet and others were inside, one guest Holly had her hair pulled and this was before the investigation had even started. Once everyone was checked in, we were once again given an official tour of Mary Kings Close. The tour and guide was really interesting and each area was explained, it was during this tour that Julie was almost pushed down some stairs . Once the close was closed to the public we were able to start our investigation, We were limited to what we were able to do and the limitations were set by the location, so no Ouija boards, No table tipping and no human pendulum were allowed so we split into two teams to begin our investigation,

Team one – Julie, Sam, Tabs and Emily with our guests, they started in Annie’s room, the REM POD was placed in an area that was out of bounds to people and Julie quickly connected with a male spirit who was young in his early 20’s and a bit scrawny seemed to stay in the background as if sussing the group out. The energy soon changed with people feeling hot, Julie also connected with a matronly lady who was caring but very matter of fact and strict, they then picked up on a man who wasn’t very pleasant, a large man with a heavy beard and very smelly breath, possibly a debt collector or loan shark. It seemed he came and went as he pleased and everyone was afraid of him, he like to show up to keep people on their toes, Annie was also afraid of him and would hide whenever she heard his footsteps. The REM POD was reacting intermittently footsteps were heard out in the corridor and was loud enough to make the member of staff with the group move away from the steps that she was sat on, there was also issues with equipment camera’s turning off, batteries draining DVR’s saying battery empty when they were showing either full or half full (ALL batteries were new at the beginning of the night).

In the projector room (A room with talking paintings) the group connected with a lady who had a lovely friendly personality in fact the room oozed happy friendly emotions it is thought that this lady was very naïve in the ways of the world and was used by others like a prostitute and yet she was totally unaware of this, Julie was shown the loss of a baby and it was a broken heart that brought her to her demise.

At the Chesney House, the group were rewarded with knocks and bangs and Julie picked up woodwork which was relevant, everyone felt tired in here and a felt the cordoned off basement room held something dark and sinister. Tabs and Holly went out into the close and clearly heard hooves at the end of the close and a door knocking. They then moved onto the Plaque room, here there were children and not all children in the close were poorly as the group felt they were playing and running around, it was here that at one point Julie’s face drooped and was swollen, the group felt it was almost stroke like or possibly a tooth extraction.

Team two – Greg, Kirsty, Bex Jo and Natalie who started in the Chesney house there were a few cold spots felt and there was some tapping to be heard, as it was getting warm due to the small space they decided to split into 2 smaller groups with one group outside in the close and the other remaining in the Chesney house, Jo and Bex took Morgan and Jackie to the top of the close and Bex quickly connected with a lady who seemed very shy it was almost as if she was popping in and out very quickly curious to what we were doing but not wanting to come too close. The other group left in the Chesney house felt they were connecting with a male who they believe was Mr Chesney, this spirit was a woodworker who was angry and confused as to why he had to leave his home, Kirsty also picked up that he was a woodworker however he made pieces for himself and these were done for love as we were not able to anything physical at this location we were limited to how the investigation was run as it was mainly mediumship and calling out with a lot of voice recording (Results will be published to facebook once they have been listened to) the group moved onto Annie’s area, here is was where we had a lot of action, the REM POD was placed near the dolls and was reacting to requests, not only did it climb the scale it seemed to pre-empt what Bex was going to say first she asked the lights to stay on yellow, then move to blue and just as she began to ask it to go to red the red light it up with all the others, when the group asked if the dolls were in the wrong place there was a definite knock in the bedroom as well as the REM POD lighting up. We then moved on to the plaque room were we tried the singing bowl to raise the energy. Once there some of our guests felt quite poorly complaining of headaches and Jo felt quite flu like, we were rewarded with shadows behind people and knocks too as time was drawing to a close we decided to try another room this was called the Ghost room, everyone took a seat either side of the room and Greg soon picked up on a male spirit and the name Alexander, there is a was model of a man called Alexander Cant so we worked with this, we established that he was indeed murdered by his mother in law we spent some time here connecting with him, the other group then joined us for a last vigil. The strangeness to this is that Alexander Cant was killed in the next close over however it seems his spirit is around maybe he had business in Mary Kings Close, maybe he preferred to spend time there rather than with his murdering mother in law.

We all grouped together in the “Ghost room” named this as the location tell school children ghost stories in here, Gregs group were already working with the male spirit Alexander when the other group joined us and we started shouting out, we were rewarded with some shouts and shadows passing under door frames as tho someone was walking past stooping in the doorway and then continuing we also heard strange whistles and couldn’t determine where this was coming from. All in all although we were limited to what we could do the team agreed it is an amazing location with soo much to offer and we all look forward to coming back, we all returned to the WASPS nest and reflected on the night and were delighted with the similarity in some areas it was soon time to say good night to our lovely guests and pack up.

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Jun 11 2017 01:28PM

So with each WASP team member leaving their respective parts of the UK, we all began our journey to Scotland. Being bank holiday weekend and the Edinburgh marathon weekend we encountered some traffic however everyone made good time. We all congregated at the local Weatherspoon’s for food and refreshments after our long journies before heading towards our home for the weekend which was 3 apartments just outside the city centre. With everyone unpacked and settled it was nice to have some downtime and catch up with each other before the weekends activities began.

Saturday daytime saw us having a bit of a reccie to see where the best place to park later that night and again for the following night before taking in the sights of beautiful Edinburgh. We made a visit to the infamous Greyfriars cemetery which is just full of amazing monuments, tombs and headstones all impeccably kept which got us questioning the skull and crossbones on almost all the graves… Food for thought. So back to Weatherspoon’s to line our bellies and onto the apartments to have a little nanna nap for some and some downtime for those who don’t need to sleep and to prepare for our first night in the Edinburgh vaults.

Navigating the narrow side streets we got to the vaults and unloaded the equipment, with the car drivers then finding a parking space. The equipment was secure in the vaults so we all congregated on the Edinburgh mile to await our guests and our tour guide who would walk us back to the vaults telling her stories of woe and hardship along the way, these stories certainly set the scene for us once we got back to the vaults, so here we go .

Team One – Julie, Bex, Sam, Emily and Jo with our guests, Kirsty, Richie, Jennifer, Gary, Kyle and Lissie we started our investigation with Julie connecting with spirit we tried human pendulum and our pendulum was quickly identified (Richie) we started working with the spirit and this was male who saw something in Richie that he liked saw someone her recognised, Richie started to feel uncomfortable asked if we could stop putting his sceptic head on he didn’t feel 100% with the results and thought maybe he was doing this himself (We love sceptics as that is why we are there to either validate or debunk and find that proof) we moved onto the vault with the stone circle and we tried some mediumship this was difficult due to the nightclub’s music pumping into the vaults however this didn’t stop the spirits coming through Julie quickly connected and the group all felt the presence of someone in the vault we had EMF action with the K2 2 meters placed close to each other however only one was going off and on request too, we saw the firt 2 lights light up then when requested it went to orange and at one point it flickered onto red but not for long. Julie tried some overshadowing and quickly connected with a lady who we established her name was Charlotte she was sad she had lost her children a boy and a girl as they were used and abused in the dark vaults by the most vicious of men to steal and be used sexually as was the norm for children in these conditions. She tried soo hard to save them by using yes no questions we understand that she started life as a maid with a very well to do family and fell pregnant by the man of the house not once but twice, she was then discarded like trash to live the rest of her life homeless and jobless so her only chance of survival was to take shelter in the vaults, once her story was told we quickly encountered another lady who was very demure in appearance and quite haughty and Julies face completely changed to that lady (Who was she and why would she be in the vaults) unfortunately she didn’t stay very long for us to understand as a man stepped in, this is where it became either quite eerie or quite funny depending on your own interpretation this male spirit took a dislike to most of the group and only wanted to talk to Ritchie or Bex, Sam tried to question him and spirit made Julie turn her back on Sam, this went on for some time, this spirit made Richie feel a bit uncomfortable (We felt this was the same spirit we connected with while doing human pendulum) but stepping up he tried to question and probe to find out this man’s story of why he was there, what did he do – what was really interesting was his (Julie’s) hands the index fingers and thumbs joined together to make a triangle which was used to firstly point at Richie then dropped in the front so the triangle was pointing down, as with Greyfriars earlier in the day something we need to investigate further what was the significance. We moved into the base room for our final vigil and tried some board work and dowsing rods we got a little action using the dowsing rods however everyone’s energy was beginning to wane it was coming towards the end of the night so as a last push we joined both groups in the corridor for a mass vigil to combine energies, more of this at the end of the blog.

Team Two – Greg, Kirsty, Natalie and Tabs with Charlotte, Holly, Paula, Stacey, Connor and Tim, In the vault between the banshee vault and stone circle vault Tabs quickly picked up on a little boy in the middle of the circle who appeared gruby and was crying silently Tabs stepped into the circle to show the others where he was and two people with EMF meters held them by Tabs hand and the lights quickly lit up Tabs spoke out to ask for the lights to go further up the scale and they did the little boy kept this going for a minute or so then lit up the lights on request and then just went. In the banshee vault a few people could hear a woman’s voice Tabs asked for this 3 times and was rewarded although the responses were not legible they then heard a woman humming so Tabs went out into the corridor where it stopped.

While the official tour was taking place in the vaults Kirsty and Emily heard very loud whispers coming from behind the tour guide in the Banshee room, on entering the vaults Kirsty immediately picked up on people huddling together for warmth and protection and that those in the corners were the very poorly ones. While in the WASPS nest Kirsty picked up on body snatchers, these people would come in and take the dead, they had raised suspicion in the local cemetery’s as these were being policed and that they would also lay in wait for drunkards and cosh them and cart them off to a medical person, the fresher the person/body the better the price. Kirsty did have 3 names which were Burke, Hare and William however she laughed these names off she didn’t know which one was William. This brings takes us to the last vigil of night.

As energy was dipping as it does towards the end of an investigation we re grouped to combine energies, everyone took a space in the corridor outside the vaults and we started to call out. Tabs and Holly were stood at the far end and close to a motion sensor they moved around to ensure that they would not interfere with the sensor and accidently set it off once they were happy with their position they remained still. They spot they chose is where the infamous Boots is meant to stand and watch, Kyle started shouting out and started to goad to get a reaction and walked up the corridor, he stopped by Holly and Tabs (A good 15ft from the motion sensor) before Kyle reached Tabs and Holly they both heard 2 very audible footsteps and the creak of leather and with no one near the motion sensor the light came on. Lots of bangs and feeling of being touched and everyone who attended will take something away with them for this amazing location however this brought an end to the night it was soon time to close down and say goodnight to our lovely guests and get some rest for our 2nd night in Mary Kings Close……. Part 2 (Mary KingsClose) to follow.