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Welcome to the W.A.S.P.S Paranormal Blog page!!


This page will dedicated to you!! it will show case evidence we have gathered over the last 7 years of Paranormal Investigating WASPS have conducted, along with the odd post about being an investigator and other paranormal related questions and information.


We will be publishing some of our events as full blogs, which will include pictures and any EVP's or video that we feel have captured anything we believe to be Paranormal.


We hope you enjoy this page as much as we enjoy writing it. If you do have any questions, or subjects you would like us to include, please feel free to contact via the 'Contact us page', or our Facebook page.


Happy Hunting!!

resize_Eggs-floated-and-dropped spiritus 1 Skirrid-Mountain-Inn DSC00258bcs The Skirrid Inn - March 2018 Spirit House - March 2018
30 East Drive - April 2018
Drakelow Tunnels - June 2017 DSC00258bcs Drakelow Tunnels - June 2019 Skirrid-Mountain-Inn The Skirrid Inn - June 2019