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Annison Funeral Parlour 16th September 2017

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Dec 8 2017 08:17AM

Who doesn't love a funeral parlour and the stories it may hold, Annison Funeral Parlour is a Paranormal Investigators dream, full of history and images that just transport you back in time to an era long gone. You can almost hear the clippety clop of the horses hooves or the clanging of the blacksmith in his workshop - this location is a personal favorite for the WASPS as our results have always been great.

Group 1: Julie, Sam, Kazz, Bex, Sharon, Charlotte, Leanne, Ian

Group 2: Greg, Kirsty, Carl, Jo, Amy, Tabs, Sarah and Julia

Group 1 – 1st Vigil – The Stables

Julie picked up on a man almost immediately, and felt that whilst he was in the stables, he wasn’t really dressed as though he worked there; Julie felt that he was a slender guy and that he is mouthy like a Jack Russell, she also felt that this man was bullied badly when younger as he wasn’t popular and because of his looks, and felt that he never had much luck with ladies, his parents all though not well off, were not short of a bob or two. As he got older he became a bully and would not be down trodden again. Whilst the group were introducing themselves to spirit, the male spirit shouted at Julie to “get out!” This happened as Ian was introducing himself. Kazz felt that she could also see this man, and asked whether the man was angry because he was a red head. She could see him wearing a white top and a tweed waistcoat and he had a ginger moustache. Kazz said that she was feeling angry and that she was not bothered by the girls but felt that this male did not like Ian because he is male. Some were drawn into the stable in the corner so the group moved into there. Bex stood in the corner and felt that she had a young boy with her, who had dark hair and dark eyes. He had a scruffy and dirty appearance and had no shoes on. The boy was wearing a white dirty shirt, dark trousers and a flat cap. Bex felt that he was paying a debt off and that he needed to finish what he was doing. Julie was stood in the middle of the stable and could see someone standing between Kazz and Sharon. The spirit gave his name as Christian. The names Trevor and Tommy were also picked up on and it was felt that boys were forced to fight for money and status. Bex then picked up on a woman, who was wearing a hooded long cloak and has long hair and was somehow linked with the boy. The woman made Bex feel sad, and Sharon then said that she felt that the woman had worked in the building. Julie felt that the female had snuck in after dark and something to do with money. Julie also felt protective and really tall. She could see a child and money that were somehow linked, and this may well have been the same female that Bex had picked up on. Julie then felt her hair being touched and Sharon felt that the man she picked up on earlier in the vigil was still stood behind her, and started to feel cocky, like she wanted to stand up to the spirit that Julie was interacting with. During this time, Leanne noticed that there was something moving out in the corridor, and saw a white light moving across the corridors, which was not from the car headlights outside. Julie also saw a big light go across the ceiling that could not be debunked as being car headlights or lights from the nightclub nearby. This evidence is particularly interesting as the same light was seen more than once, by more than one person. The group did a human pendulum session however Sam stayed out in the corridor, and conducted a K2 experiment. She asked the spirit to show a sign for yes, and a sign for no, and this was quickly established. Whilst the pendulum session was in full flow, Leanne felt ill, and Sam was given a message to say that Ian was the one who should be in the centre of the circle, but she did not communicate this with the group. As the pendulum activity died down, the group joined Sam to work with the K2 meter. The responses they received validated what was picked up earlier in the vigil by Julie and Bex.

Group 2 - 1st Vigil - The Hayloft

As soon as the group had entered the hayloft, Kirsty and Carl both picked up on a male spirit. Carl said that he felt the spirit was welcoming and keen to get started and communicate with us, and Kirsty said that she felt uneasy on her feet, like she was on a boat or drunk. Many of the team and the guests felt cobwebs on their faces. Whilst the feeling at the end of the hayloft was quite welcoming and pleasant, it was a lot heavier towards the doorway to the next section. Kirsty felt that it was a possessive energy, and both team and guests could smell sulphur in that space. The group became divided, without them really being aware with it, leaving only Amy and Tabs behind in the end section of the hayloft. Kirsty felt as though we were being herded by spirit, and that they were moving us to where they wanted us to be. Once they regrouped, Carl picked up on a male energy in a top hat, who looked like he could have been an undertaker, and could see a woman further back behind the male (to his right), who was dressed in white. Around the same time, Tabs picked up on the names Clifford and Patience; Patience was one of the Annison family’s eight children, and she would have grown up here with her siblings. Having started a table tipping session to try and communicate with spirit, Kirsty picked up on the name Richard Garrett. She felt that he would have kept horses here, and that he would have left one horse here, and taken another to continue his journey once he had slept. Once spirit had confirmed their movements for yes and no, we began to ask questions. Through intelligent responses we managed to ascertain that we were speaking with Mr Garrett, and that he was linked to the building. He confirmed what Kirsty had picked up, saying that he kept horses here, but that they belonged to his master. Mr Garrett came through Hull on business, acting as a messenger, carrying secrets rather than money. Julia, one of our guests, felt that the spirit had been killed in the harbour area, and this received a strong yes response on the table. Spirit then confirmed that he had been killed for information. Greg felt that the name Dick Garrett was familiar, and then remembered the name linked to Aston Hall near where he grew up. Through further research, Amy found that Richard “Dick” Garrett would have been the head servant at Aston Hall, serving Sir Thomas Holte, who lived in Aston Hall until it became subject to attack by Parliamentary soldiers during the English Civil War. Sir Thomas Holte hosted Charles I in the house prior to the commencement of the Civil War, and he himself was also heavily involved in the Civil War, including the Siege of Hull. He would not have travelled alone, instead taking his servants with him, including the likes of Dick Garrett.

The group continued with table tipping, and picked up on a different energy, this time a policeman with the initials CP, who could not confirm whether it was male or female. Through further questions, it became clear that the spirit wanted to keep their sexuality a secret. Spirit then walked the table to the door on command, where it collapsed on itself, and then the energy shifted, so the group headed back to the base room to warm up ready for the next vigil.

Group 1 – 2nd Vigil – The Hayloft

As soon as the team entered the hayloft, Julie picked up on a female, who was in her early 20's. Simultaneously, the guests felt pains in their sides upon entering the room. Julie felt as though she had been held under water or thick mud as she felt like she had been suffocated. Julie also picked up that the girl had cuts on her arms, and had the feeling that before the girl was killed, she had had her throat slit and tongue cut out. Before she died Julie felt she had run through a wooded area, perhaps to escape her attackers. The girl appeared to be dressed in a maid’s outfit, as Julie could see her dressed in light blue and white all over. Her outfit had thin stripes, and had a corset type cut to it. Julie could also see a pocket watch, and thought that the girl had either taken it as a 'trophy', or perhaps it had been her father’s pocket watch. Sam also picked up on this female, and felt that this girl would have been pregnant; she was chased by 3 men but killed by 1. Sam got the feeling that they needed to shut her up because she was pregnant. When they did catch her, they killed her, left her there and ran off. The group then tried some table tipping, and found that the more energy that was on the table, the more it moved. Charlotte, Bex, Sharon and Leanne were on the table, asking the spirit to move the table, to which they received a direct response. The table was moving erratically, but always in response to questions, and at one point was raised to stand on two legs, with very little contact needed to hold it in place.

Group 2 - 2nd Vigil – The flat and stables

The group decided to try a picture board session in the lounge of the flat, and Jo and Julia used dowsing rods to work with spirit. The response on the picture board was phenomenal, with spirit actively seeking out the pictures it needed to communicate his message. The spirit was a Catholic man who had been killed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries during Tudor times. He worked in a church in North Yorkshire, and was held prisoner in Hull. The spirit also managed to give us his name, Simeon, and he also told us that he had been a cardinal. He was buried in a mass grave on consecrated ground, near York Minster. During Tudor times, the North Blockhouse (which would have stood where the funeral parlour is today, and formed an integral part of Hull’s defences) was used to imprison Catholics. It is said that they were persecuted and tortured here before being left for dead. As many as 16 prisoners were said to have been detained at any one time. The conditions were particularly poor, with contemporary accounts noting that the quarters "have been overflowed with water at high tide, so that they walked, the earth was so raw and moist that their shoes would cleave to the ground". This gave the team a link as to why Simeon might remain here to this day. The group moved to the stables. In the first set of stables, Jo used a DVR with headphones, and called out what she could hear. Whoever the spirit kept referring to females, but it was hard to make sense of the words Jo could hear (women, nervous, ladies, forced, stinking, old, who, b*llocks, kill, yes, jaundice, b*llocks). In the stables, the team could also hear tapping and knocks, and what sounded like a chain being rattled. Julia picked up on the name Bert, and said that she got the feeling that a horse had stood on his foot. In the second set of stables, the group decided to do a circle séance. The name Abigail was picked up almost immediately, and that she was looking for her daughter. Kirsty and Jo both began coughing and felt that the little girl had died of consumption when she was 7/8 years old. The mother had committed suicide by jumping from a bridge, and consequently drowning, as she thought that this would reunite her with her daughter. Instead, she is still looking for her.

Both groups had a fabulous time at Annison Funeral Parlour, with some great spirit interaction! We cannot wait to go back again in the future!

For now the team are busy planning for next years events which will see us staying in St Briavels Castle for a weekend of medieval banquets, entertainment and of course the obligatory investigation - WHY NOT JOIN US - IF YOU DARE

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