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Edinburgh Weekend Visit 2017 – WASPS on tour PART ONE

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Jun 11 2017 01:28PM

So with each WASP team member leaving their respective parts of the UK, we all began our journey to Scotland. Being bank holiday weekend and the Edinburgh marathon weekend we encountered some traffic however everyone made good time. We all congregated at the local Weatherspoon’s for food and refreshments after our long journies before heading towards our home for the weekend which was 3 apartments just outside the city centre. With everyone unpacked and settled it was nice to have some downtime and catch up with each other before the weekends activities began.

Saturday daytime saw us having a bit of a reccie to see where the best place to park later that night and again for the following night before taking in the sights of beautiful Edinburgh. We made a visit to the infamous Greyfriars cemetery which is just full of amazing monuments, tombs and headstones all impeccably kept which got us questioning the skull and crossbones on almost all the graves… Food for thought. So back to Weatherspoon’s to line our bellies and onto the apartments to have a little nanna nap for some and some downtime for those who don’t need to sleep and to prepare for our first night in the Edinburgh vaults.

Navigating the narrow side streets we got to the vaults and unloaded the equipment, with the car drivers then finding a parking space. The equipment was secure in the vaults so we all congregated on the Edinburgh mile to await our guests and our tour guide who would walk us back to the vaults telling her stories of woe and hardship along the way, these stories certainly set the scene for us once we got back to the vaults, so here we go .

Team One – Julie, Bex, Sam, Emily and Jo with our guests, Kirsty, Richie, Jennifer, Gary, Kyle and Lissie we started our investigation with Julie connecting with spirit we tried human pendulum and our pendulum was quickly identified (Richie) we started working with the spirit and this was male who saw something in Richie that he liked saw someone her recognised, Richie started to feel uncomfortable asked if we could stop putting his sceptic head on he didn’t feel 100% with the results and thought maybe he was doing this himself (We love sceptics as that is why we are there to either validate or debunk and find that proof) we moved onto the vault with the stone circle and we tried some mediumship this was difficult due to the nightclub’s music pumping into the vaults however this didn’t stop the spirits coming through Julie quickly connected and the group all felt the presence of someone in the vault we had EMF action with the K2 2 meters placed close to each other however only one was going off and on request too, we saw the firt 2 lights light up then when requested it went to orange and at one point it flickered onto red but not for long. Julie tried some overshadowing and quickly connected with a lady who we established her name was Charlotte she was sad she had lost her children a boy and a girl as they were used and abused in the dark vaults by the most vicious of men to steal and be used sexually as was the norm for children in these conditions. She tried soo hard to save them by using yes no questions we understand that she started life as a maid with a very well to do family and fell pregnant by the man of the house not once but twice, she was then discarded like trash to live the rest of her life homeless and jobless so her only chance of survival was to take shelter in the vaults, once her story was told we quickly encountered another lady who was very demure in appearance and quite haughty and Julies face completely changed to that lady (Who was she and why would she be in the vaults) unfortunately she didn’t stay very long for us to understand as a man stepped in, this is where it became either quite eerie or quite funny depending on your own interpretation this male spirit took a dislike to most of the group and only wanted to talk to Ritchie or Bex, Sam tried to question him and spirit made Julie turn her back on Sam, this went on for some time, this spirit made Richie feel a bit uncomfortable (We felt this was the same spirit we connected with while doing human pendulum) but stepping up he tried to question and probe to find out this man’s story of why he was there, what did he do – what was really interesting was his (Julie’s) hands the index fingers and thumbs joined together to make a triangle which was used to firstly point at Richie then dropped in the front so the triangle was pointing down, as with Greyfriars earlier in the day something we need to investigate further what was the significance. We moved into the base room for our final vigil and tried some board work and dowsing rods we got a little action using the dowsing rods however everyone’s energy was beginning to wane it was coming towards the end of the night so as a last push we joined both groups in the corridor for a mass vigil to combine energies, more of this at the end of the blog.

Team Two – Greg, Kirsty, Natalie and Tabs with Charlotte, Holly, Paula, Stacey, Connor and Tim, In the vault between the banshee vault and stone circle vault Tabs quickly picked up on a little boy in the middle of the circle who appeared gruby and was crying silently Tabs stepped into the circle to show the others where he was and two people with EMF meters held them by Tabs hand and the lights quickly lit up Tabs spoke out to ask for the lights to go further up the scale and they did the little boy kept this going for a minute or so then lit up the lights on request and then just went. In the banshee vault a few people could hear a woman’s voice Tabs asked for this 3 times and was rewarded although the responses were not legible they then heard a woman humming so Tabs went out into the corridor where it stopped.

While the official tour was taking place in the vaults Kirsty and Emily heard very loud whispers coming from behind the tour guide in the Banshee room, on entering the vaults Kirsty immediately picked up on people huddling together for warmth and protection and that those in the corners were the very poorly ones. While in the WASPS nest Kirsty picked up on body snatchers, these people would come in and take the dead, they had raised suspicion in the local cemetery’s as these were being policed and that they would also lay in wait for drunkards and cosh them and cart them off to a medical person, the fresher the person/body the better the price. Kirsty did have 3 names which were Burke, Hare and William however she laughed these names off she didn’t know which one was William. This brings takes us to the last vigil of night.

As energy was dipping as it does towards the end of an investigation we re grouped to combine energies, everyone took a space in the corridor outside the vaults and we started to call out. Tabs and Holly were stood at the far end and close to a motion sensor they moved around to ensure that they would not interfere with the sensor and accidently set it off once they were happy with their position they remained still. They spot they chose is where the infamous Boots is meant to stand and watch, Kyle started shouting out and started to goad to get a reaction and walked up the corridor, he stopped by Holly and Tabs (A good 15ft from the motion sensor) before Kyle reached Tabs and Holly they both heard 2 very audible footsteps and the creak of leather and with no one near the motion sensor the light came on. Lots of bangs and feeling of being touched and everyone who attended will take something away with them for this amazing location however this brought an end to the night it was soon time to close down and say goodnight to our lovely guests and get some rest for our 2nd night in Mary Kings Close……. Part 2 (Mary KingsClose) to follow.

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