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Edinburgh Weekend Visit 2017 – WASPS on tour PART TWO

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Jun 11 2017 01:29PM

On arrival at the Real Mary Kings Close the team were able to access the base room early and to get the equipment ready. Some team members were outside waiting for our customers to arrive and to meet and greet and others were inside, one guest Holly had her hair pulled and this was before the investigation had even started. Once everyone was checked in, we were once again given an official tour of Mary Kings Close. The tour and guide was really interesting and each area was explained, it was during this tour that Julie was almost pushed down some stairs . Once the close was closed to the public we were able to start our investigation, We were limited to what we were able to do and the limitations were set by the location, so no Ouija boards, No table tipping and no human pendulum were allowed so we split into two teams to begin our investigation,

Team one – Julie, Sam, Tabs and Emily with our guests, they started in Annie’s room, the REM POD was placed in an area that was out of bounds to people and Julie quickly connected with a male spirit who was young in his early 20’s and a bit scrawny seemed to stay in the background as if sussing the group out. The energy soon changed with people feeling hot, Julie also connected with a matronly lady who was caring but very matter of fact and strict, they then picked up on a man who wasn’t very pleasant, a large man with a heavy beard and very smelly breath, possibly a debt collector or loan shark. It seemed he came and went as he pleased and everyone was afraid of him, he like to show up to keep people on their toes, Annie was also afraid of him and would hide whenever she heard his footsteps. The REM POD was reacting intermittently footsteps were heard out in the corridor and was loud enough to make the member of staff with the group move away from the steps that she was sat on, there was also issues with equipment camera’s turning off, batteries draining DVR’s saying battery empty when they were showing either full or half full (ALL batteries were new at the beginning of the night).

In the projector room (A room with talking paintings) the group connected with a lady who had a lovely friendly personality in fact the room oozed happy friendly emotions it is thought that this lady was very naïve in the ways of the world and was used by others like a prostitute and yet she was totally unaware of this, Julie was shown the loss of a baby and it was a broken heart that brought her to her demise.

At the Chesney House, the group were rewarded with knocks and bangs and Julie picked up woodwork which was relevant, everyone felt tired in here and a felt the cordoned off basement room held something dark and sinister. Tabs and Holly went out into the close and clearly heard hooves at the end of the close and a door knocking. They then moved onto the Plaque room, here there were children and not all children in the close were poorly as the group felt they were playing and running around, it was here that at one point Julie’s face drooped and was swollen, the group felt it was almost stroke like or possibly a tooth extraction.

Team two – Greg, Kirsty, Bex Jo and Natalie who started in the Chesney house there were a few cold spots felt and there was some tapping to be heard, as it was getting warm due to the small space they decided to split into 2 smaller groups with one group outside in the close and the other remaining in the Chesney house, Jo and Bex took Morgan and Jackie to the top of the close and Bex quickly connected with a lady who seemed very shy it was almost as if she was popping in and out very quickly curious to what we were doing but not wanting to come too close. The other group left in the Chesney house felt they were connecting with a male who they believe was Mr Chesney, this spirit was a woodworker who was angry and confused as to why he had to leave his home, Kirsty also picked up that he was a woodworker however he made pieces for himself and these were done for love as we were not able to anything physical at this location we were limited to how the investigation was run as it was mainly mediumship and calling out with a lot of voice recording (Results will be published to facebook once they have been listened to) the group moved onto Annie’s area, here is was where we had a lot of action, the REM POD was placed near the dolls and was reacting to requests, not only did it climb the scale it seemed to pre-empt what Bex was going to say first she asked the lights to stay on yellow, then move to blue and just as she began to ask it to go to red the red light it up with all the others, when the group asked if the dolls were in the wrong place there was a definite knock in the bedroom as well as the REM POD lighting up. We then moved on to the plaque room were we tried the singing bowl to raise the energy. Once there some of our guests felt quite poorly complaining of headaches and Jo felt quite flu like, we were rewarded with shadows behind people and knocks too as time was drawing to a close we decided to try another room this was called the Ghost room, everyone took a seat either side of the room and Greg soon picked up on a male spirit and the name Alexander, there is a was model of a man called Alexander Cant so we worked with this, we established that he was indeed murdered by his mother in law we spent some time here connecting with him, the other group then joined us for a last vigil. The strangeness to this is that Alexander Cant was killed in the next close over however it seems his spirit is around maybe he had business in Mary Kings Close, maybe he preferred to spend time there rather than with his murdering mother in law.

We all grouped together in the “Ghost room” named this as the location tell school children ghost stories in here, Gregs group were already working with the male spirit Alexander when the other group joined us and we started shouting out, we were rewarded with some shouts and shadows passing under door frames as tho someone was walking past stooping in the doorway and then continuing we also heard strange whistles and couldn’t determine where this was coming from. All in all although we were limited to what we could do the team agreed it is an amazing location with soo much to offer and we all look forward to coming back, we all returned to the WASPS nest and reflected on the night and were delighted with the similarity in some areas it was soon time to say good night to our lovely guests and pack up.

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