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Peterborough Museum – 10th June 2017

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Jun 15 2017 08:44PM

No long commute for the WASPS (Except for Jo) or this gem of a location fairly close to home the museum stands proud in Peterborough City centre with its imposing columns at the front and Vaults to the side. When you enter you can only imagine how this must have looked when it was a home with large rooms and a grand staircase to take you to the upper levels, each room is dedicated to ages gone by with artefacts and paintings that made you look on in awe. The team got the equipment ready and the WASPS nest presentable for our guests and once they arrived they were treated to a double H&S chat, one from the WASPS and another from the museum staff before embarking on a history and haunting tour of the building.

Once this was done it was time to start so we split down into 2 smaller groups and with 3 different sessions to look forward to we were all eager to start

Group One – Team members, Julie, Sam, Sharon, Emily with our guests Katie, Daniel, Andrew, Nicki,. Darren, Jo, Stacey Jude, Paul, Magdalene.

Group one started the evening on the first and second floor, choosing their first room, with floor to ceiling mirrors, they sat for a little while whilst Julie connected with spirit and a young girl, who was excited and a little scared to be in the room, she kept trying to encourage Julie to follow her down the walkway, as there was a tall man in there that she was a little afraid of, she wasn’t meant to be in the room but had come in to see who we were.. One of the guests asked if she was a daughter of the scullery maid, but we couldn’t get a definitive answer on that, the little girl didn’t give us any real evidence, so after a while they decided to try some scrying. Some of the guest’s didn’t know what scrying was so Julie started it off, her face changed as you could see a moustache and beard starting to appear, above the eyebrows began to bulge, and one of her eyes looked slightly swollen. Julie didn’t do this for long as the team were eager to get the guests involved. Stacey had a go, and one side of her face looked like it had dropped as if to have a stroke, her mouth became slightly open just on that corner also her eyebrows looked more masculine, and again, it looked like there was bruising on one side of her face. Then Nicki had a go her face started to become male, but it didn’t come through very strong before it quickly changed to that of an old woman her face became smaller and deep wrinkles could be seen, and her ears looked slightly pointed. Very different from her natural look.

We then moved off into the operating room. We stood in a circle and wanted to try human pendulum, so we introduced ourselves and asked spirit to choose one of us. At first Nicki felt pushed into the circle, then we asked spirit to show us again, and this time, spirit started to work its way round to different members of the circle, People being gently pushed into the circle, Daniel was pushed outwards however no one was actually chosen so the group decided to stop this technique, however, we were not left disappointed we had many ailments felt by different people. Katie was made to have very bad back pains, when advised to step out of the circle away from the energy, the pain immediately left her, and when she came back in, the pain returned and sickness passed in waves over many in the group. Jude felt sharp stabbing pain in the kidney area; Andrew had horrible pain in his leg, below his knee. We advised him to ask for that to be taken away, and it went, then asked for it to come back which it did - Great evidence, Paul felt the room was familiar to him, although he had never visited before, we got him to lay on the operating table, where he felt quite at home, he was drawn to the tiled wall, which couldn’t be explained but felt a need to touch it. Then it was time for a break.

Group two, team Greg, Jo, Kirsty, Amy and Rob with guests, Lisa, Andy Lucy, Daniel, Sarah, Liz, Sadie and Ashley group two started off in the bowels of the beast also known as the Vaults with individual rooms to the right hand side all along a singular corridor we started the vigil explaining what equipment we brought down with us, how to use it and why we brought what we did. We began calling out and Kirsty was aware of a male spirit in the corridor and described him as short, and stocky and was given the year 1815. Our guest Lisa was feeling a draught at the back of her neck, Jo was feeling the heat so in hopes of feeling the cooling draft they swapped places but it didn’t work, the draught decided to follow Lisa and was now being felt by Lisa and Kirsty much to Jo’s disappointment. We continued to shout out for a bit and Andy felt the presence of a male child and became emotional. We then split into 2 smaller groups to try the boards that were placed in the Vault prior to our guests arriving, Jo taking some in the mortuary and Greg with the others at the beginning of the vaults, in the mortuary the board was vibrating and movement very slow it seems for both boards, Kirsty was connecting with another male spirit who gave his name as John, he worked in the building bringing bodies down to the mortuary and wasn’t very well educated Kirsty was given the name Hopkins or Hopkirk and likes to touch people to let them know he is there also signs of being a chain smoker were evident, the group with Jo started calling out again Ashley was sat by the door and jumped when he came face to face with a boxer dog wanting to know where the dog came from, in low light it was clear that there was no dog in the room with us, there was a shadow under the door and what looked like torch light and someone walking towards the partially open door when the group investigated there was no one there, the other group were still at the far end of the corridor and no one had been in the corridor, the other group were also using the board and were treated to a very loud and angry bang, it was at this point we joined forces and everyone gathered in the morgue before agreeing to spilt up and everyone take a spot in the vaults in either pairs or individually we had shadows, quiet knocks the sound of keys jingling (Later debunked as a bracelet) all in all we had some good results in this area which took us to our first short break.

after the break

Group One - Moved into the conference room here there is a very large full length table, where all the guests sat round. Julie quickly became aware of an energy in the corner of the room so the REMPOD was placed in the area, and Emily stood fairly close to it, the radio beeped a couple of times, and everyone heard a whistle as Julie moved to pick the radio up, before she could reach it Greg from the other group called through asking if we had radioed through to say 'hello' which was very bizarre as the group thought they had radioed us with a whistle, we couldn’t explain this. The group then went on to do Ouija board, whilst Andrew and Daniel got the Dowsing rods out. Daniel didn’t have much luck but Andrew connected and they started working for him almost straight away, Identifying his yes and no the rod movement was fluid and controlled, so we have the board and rods working together, the planchet left the board and was moving up and down the long table, proving difficult for the guys who were on the planchet, at one point as it was moving, other guests had to take over this was great movement, the group were unable to make any sense with the planchet the rods continued to answer questions for about an hour, and when the session ended Andrews arms were hurting but for his first time he did really well. The group then moved off into the cafe area and this area gave the group a whole bag of emotions the middle of the room felt calm and relaxed the far door as you approached it, you became uneasy and really didn’t want to be in the area at all. Julie asked the guests to move into different areas of the room to see how people were feeling, the first corner, Paul sat there, he became aggravated and felt cross, the emotion was so much that he had to come out of the energy and even out of the room for a few minutes whilst he was out of the room, Katie, Jude and Emily were put there. When Julie and Paul came back into the room, the girls were in fits of laughter and were unable to stop again; we had to get them out of the area for them to compose themselves. Stacey went and sat there next, and within a few seconds she started to feel angry very strong emotions and feelings of different sorts just there Paul then went back and became angry again, so we removed him from there completely in another corner of the room Jo began to feel confused and headaches so we switched again and placed Dan there, who also suffered with headaches so this room was very strong with different emotions, causing some of the guests to have new experiences, something they hadn’t experienced before. Then it was time for a short break.

Group 2 – For the 2nd vigil of the night - group two took to the top floor and headed to the back corridor – on the grand staircase Kirsty was picking up on a strong male energy who gave the name Tom and Hunter although at that time Kirsty didn’t know if it was his job or his surname, this information was retained by the group as we needed to move on from the staircase as Group one were on the ground floor once in the back corridor as a group they sat on the floor and were using the spirit box and this very quickly kicked in when shouting out we were rewarded with a “hello” so we continued with questions and we were given a few names, Tom, Cecil, Daniel, Evan and Isabelle and what sounded like Bristol, However some people in the group heard Brisbane, France, shot and wounded. Amy our researcher was able to clarify from documented evidence that there was a Tom Hunter (Anzac soldier) who was from Brisbane and was sent to war but while in France he was shot and brought to the UK where his wounds possibly festered and proved to be fatal. Jo took 3 of the ladies in the group out into the back stairwell where they spread out one at the top 2 in the middle and one at the bottom, Sarah at the top of the stairwell took on the appearance of someone who was pregnant, while Jo at the bottom of the stairwell was swaying, Jo switched with Liz who also felt the swaying motion, and Sadie in the middle of the stairwell felt quite sick in the pit of her stomach a feeling of overwhelming dread Sarah did hear men having a conversation behind one of the closed doors which we couldn’t validate or debunk. We joined as one full group to finish the 2nd part of our vigil in the operating room and both Kirsty and Andy felt the room was busy but with children they felt that the room was previously a playroom, and we were sharing the room with 3 – 4 children, they didn’t have a governess or nurse maid and were able to play freely but they were not allowed in the main part of the house. The energy changed and there was a male patient with tummy pain and the Ovilus actually gave the word tummy. Greg and Andy had pain in their chest and were struggling to breathe and Lucy felt nauseous whilst stood at the foot of the bed.

Team one last vigil - Finally it was time to descend down to the vaults, the group were getting tired and energy was started to lower so the group split down into 4 small groups, each group taking a different vault, while not too much seemed to happen for the majority of them, Julie had taken Paul and Katie into the Morgue they all sat separately, on different sides of the room Paul felt very cold, and for some reason a bit scared Julie was feeling very warm and calm, enough to say she could be left alone and sleep without a worry so, Julie swapped places with Paul and she began to feel the anxiety and the scared feeling Paul had experienced, and was aware of a cloaked man, standing in the corner Paul then warmed up and confirmed that scared feeling had left him.. Katie started off ok, but then was made to feel sick, in her stomach and her throat, it became severe enough to eventually have to leave the vaults and step outside for fresh air. When she came back inside, the rest of the group had joined together in the morgue. We decided to use the glow in the dark Ouija board, The planchet started to move, looking for the letters on the board, but wasn’t actually spelling out anything Sam was on the board and felt the energy was almost childlike this happened for about 15 minutes, then it just stopped, as we still had some time the group did some calling out after this, and heard a few small taps, which we can’t confirm was spirit then, before we knew it, the clock struck 3am, and it was time to stop.

Group two Last vigil – In the Board room, we agreed on a good old fashioned table séance around the very grand table in the board room, we placed the REM POD in the middle of the table however we didn’t get reaction with this, Greg and Kirsty were both aware of a strong male presence in the room this male was described as very austere and authorative and was not happy that however he was waiting for was late, they also hadn’t done the job as well as he had expected, this male energy was trying to gain access to firstly Greg and then Andy who was visibly shaking, Greg also had to fight against this energy so while we had no evidence from the equipment we had many sensory validations during this session. Greg could feel the energy dropping and was still eager to get back out onto the staircase so again the group spilt into2 smaller groups with some taking dowsing rods and crystals into the café area on the ground floor and the others remaining with Greg on the staircase.

Jo and her group with the rods and crystals this was a mixed bag of treats some guests Lucy in particular easily managed to connect with the rods and was able to identify by using yes no questions that she was talking to a lady who had 2 children, Dan was connecting to a male however this took some time for him, Lisa and Sarah were not able to connect with the rods however Sarah got her crystal to move slowly and was able to establish a yes and a no, The group that stayed with Greg on the staircase – again picked up on Thomas and Thomas is able to move freely although usually resides on the first floor and staircase and is often seen in uniform. Kirsty picked up that he is only seen on a remembrance of something or on an anniversary but was unable to clarify any further.


It was soon time to pack up and leave but the whole event gave us food for thought, fascinating information some of which was validated and a good night was had by all,so until our next investigation 24th June217 at Drakelow Tunnels for our daytime investigation we hope you join us there but if you can't the blog will follow, it isn't quite the same we know so a huge thank you to the team and our wonderful guests.

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