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SKIRRID INN BLOG – 5th August 2017

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Aug 17 2017 06:27AM

Once again this weekend, we returned to the notorious but beautiful Skirrid Inn. Our evening began with a delicious 2 course meal, and shortly after, we split into our two teams, ready to start the evening. As the pub was still open to the public, we started our night with two different workshops in the rooms upstairs: one exploring technical equipment and one using traditional methods.

The groups were Group 1: Greg, Kirsty, Bex and Amy with Charlotte, Leanne, Ian, Jude, Stacey, Teresa, Louie, Chris and Maggie and Group 2: Jo, Sharon, Tabs, Nat and Karen with Gavin, Gavin, Kristian, Emily, Trisha, Simon and Keith.

Workshop 1 Tech Workshop - The group started with the technical workshop in Room 1. This saw us looking at the tech kit, the team use on our investigations - cameras, infrasound and hyper sound monitoring technology, and Kinect technology to map and many more that monitor any paranormal activity occurring throughout the night. Greg introduced each piece of kit, explaining how it worked, and before long we had activity in the room. During the workshop, Teresa and Louie could see a head poking round the bathroom door, and simultaneously, Kirsty and Bex could both see flashes on the laptop screen (this was connected to the Kinect in the bathroom) and the group could hear what sounded like footsteps coming from the bathroom. Louie volunteered to go into the bathroom alone, and it didn’t take long for spirit to join him! He spotted what looked like someone standing behind him when he looked in the mirror!

(Group 2 also had similar experiences with the Kinect technology, and could also see flashes on the laptop screen, and in the bathroom when Gavin and Gareth ventured into the bathroom on their lone vigils, Greg and Bex checked to make sure that there was no light reflecting from the equipment on any of the pictures and removed anything that may have been causing the flashes, but it made no difference).

When the group were in the main part of the bedroom, Bex and Kirsty picked up on a male energy who came across as negative and appeared to be angry as it was too loud with too many people in the room. Bex described this spirit as a “watcher”, and said that she felt he had been walking round the room, sizing everyone up. He was not happy with where people were sat in the room (especially when there was a male sat in the chair next to the door), and when the group moved about, it seemed to agitate him more. The spirit in the bathroom was different – it felt this spirit was female and that she often shrunk away from the male spirit in the bedroom. Bex didn’t feel that the spirits were related, but they were certainly aware of one another. Shortly after, Bex felt that the male spirit had followed Louie into the bathroom – this was confirmed when Louie said that he felt that someone tall was leaning over him, staring in his face, and was experiencing different sound and light phenomena. Teresa felt that this male energy had delusions of grandeur, and that he felt he was more important than he really was.

(Again group 2 also picked up on a dominant male energy, by the name of Pearson or Parkson in the main bedroom. He was not keen on Gavin being in the room and wanted him to leave. Tabs also picked up the feeling of being hanged, and felt that the male was wearing long robes or a cloak, which could be likened to what a hangman or a judge would traditionally wear. During the vigil, the group also heard a loud click coming from the entrance to the bedroom, and could see shadows moving about in this area).

Workshop 2 – Traditional Methods workshop - In Room 2, Jo ran a traditional methods workshop, where we practised traditional “Victorian” methods, such as table tipping, Ouija boards and dowsing rods. Group 1 started the workshop with a meditation/relaxation exercise, where they imagined they were walking through the inn. The vast majority of the group saw a female spirit, who wore a grey dress, with a white pinafore, possibly named Mary. Kirsty also picked up on a male spirit, called Ed, whose job it was to sweep out and shovel the stable. Ian also saw a male spirit called Edward, but he was well-dressed, so could not be the same spirit as the one Kirsty had picked up on.

Both groups got to have a go at table tipping too, and both groups had some movement. Group 1 were fortunate to have movement on the table very quickly - the table seemed to twist in response to questions, and the group established that they were speaking to a young male energy, called Sid. This was verified on the dowsing rods being used by Teresa and Louie, which were also moving in response to the questions asked on the table. Teresa felt that Sid was with his sister, and that the sister had said he was “a bit simple”. During the table tipping, Louie also said that his dowsing rods had been following Jo around the room.

Group 2 tried a variety of methods – table tipping, Ouija board and dowsing rods. Whilst they didn’t have much activity on the dowsing rods, they did have success with table tipping (although it seemed the spirit was more willing to communicate in English, as the table stopped moving as soon as Karen spoke Welsh!), and spirit seemed to like the sound of Gavin’s voice in particular. When using the Ouija board, those on the board felt that they were being pushed, rather than the planchette itself. Two spirits – Anna and Thomas – were also picked up on whilst the group were using the Ouija board.

After the two workshops, we took a comfort break, and fuelled up with hot drinks ready for the night ahead.


Group 1 – Upstairs – Bedrooms 1 & 2

The group started their vigil in Room 2 and did some more table tipping, as it had been so successful the first time. The feedback on the table was erratic and they could not place at first who they were communicating with. Greg thought that it may have been a spirit we have encountered on previous investigations, but we could not get any straight answers, so this was difficult to determine, although a few personal details were confirmed for Greg and Teresa. The spirit the group were communicating with seemed to be manipulative, and felt that he could be whoever you wanted him to be. Not having much luck on the table this time, the group decided to move into Room 1, with Louie staying behind to do a lone vigil in the bathroom, as he had heard noises coming from there whilst sat outside the door moving to room 1 the group started with a séance. Both team and guests felt sick, dizzy and that their faces were being touched – all common signs of spirit being present in the room. Greg felt that there were three spirits with them – the male and female encountered earlier in the evening during the workshops, along with who he felt to be Father Henry Vaughn. A K2 meter had also been placed in the centre of the circle, and it repeatedly flashed to orange whilst Greg was calling out, and occasionally all the way up to red.

During the séance, Ian went into the bathroom to do a lone vigil and could hear footsteps in the bathroom as if someone was pacing back and forth. He was then joined by Louie, and they could both see a black mass, like a big black shadow, that seemed to be looking at each of them individually, almost as though it were sneering in their faces. However both made a swift exit soon after they heard a single loud bang on the bath tub!

Group 2 – Downstairs (Bar, Restaurant and Family Room)

The group began their vigil in the restaurant. They started with some calling out, and could see that the room was getting darker in opposite corners, as if spirit were drawing closer. They were also able to hear noises coming from the bar area, and so decided to go out and investigate. Some of the group went into the family room to use the picture board, as we have had a lot of success with this before, and we were not disappointed this time either! Tabs had picked up on a male spirit called Jacob, who communicated via the board that he had killed his daughter, but Tabs felt that he was not telling the truth. Tabs identified that he was a man with a stutter, and that the local children used to sing a rhyme or song to him to the tune of “Daisy, Daisy…”. Every time that Tabs sang this, the board went erratic and moved very fast. The spirit also said that he had poisoned the girl.


Group 1 - Downstairs (Bar, Restaurant and Family room)

Bex picked up on a negative energy in the bar area as soon as the vigil began, and felt that he may have followed the group downstairs. There were also a lot of visual phenomena – guests reported seeing someone in the snug peeping round the corner, and a shadowy figure was seen walking between the bar and the restaurant. Greg felt someone tap him on the head and Louie had his torch knocked out of his hand whilst he was leaning on the bar. We then split into two smaller groups, one group remaining in the bar, and the other going into the family room to use the picture board. There was little response on the picture board but Greg became very lethargic and had to move into the bar. Meanwhile, the group in the bar picked up on a very strong smell of urine and a distinct smell of pipe tobacco. They also had a knock on one of the tables, which was very loud and clear. Once we had regrouped in the bar area, we heard either a female spirit or a child say “Hello”.

GROUP 2 – Upstairs (Bedrooms 1, 2 and 3)

Starting in Room 2, the group split up, with some going on the Ouija board, and others going into the bathroom to try mirror scrying. Although there was no identifiable movement on the Ouija board, Jo

and two of the guests (Keith and Emily) had success with their scrying, with Emily becoming old and haggard in her reflection, and Keith looking like a chimney sweep (he had dark smudges on his face that were not caused by the shadows created by the torch), and also looked as though he had had a stroke as his face had drooped on one side, and the his facial lines had disappeared. Two of the group in the bathroom were also using dowsing rods, and connected to someone known to both them and the pub, called Kat. The group also spent some time in Room 3, using the Spirit box, through which they were given two names – Doris and Dave – but did not receive any further information. Towards the end of this vigil, groups 1 & 2 combined and we went into Room 2 to conduct another table tipping experiment. The table would not respond in the way we had asked (forwards and backwards), but instead we identified a turn to the left for yes, and to the right for no. The spirit on the board took a dislike to both Jo and Sharon, and would not answer any questions they put forward. Greg then realised who the spirit was (Keys who we had encountered on previous investigations), and the spirit confirmed that he liked to messing around with us, and that he had stopped other spirits from communicating with us.

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