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Skirrid Inn Abergavenny - July 8th 2017

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Jul 20 2017 08:25AM

The Skirrid Inn is one of those locations that keeps pulling you back, so much so that the team arrived a day early to have a team meeting and catch up on WASPS News – We also got to do a WASPS on tour trip to Barry Island the land of Gavin and Stacey to indulge in cockles on the promenade and Ice cream on the beach and photos with the local policemen before hitting the 2p machines in the arcade – Anyway back to the blog. We always start the investigation at the Skirrid with a 2 course meal where everyone will get the chance to meet their fellow investigators and in between courses we did our health and safety checks and team introductions. We did our investigation a bit differently this time as this is a working pub we decided on doing workshops while the bar was still serving to avoid noise pollution interfering with any results we may have gotten, so food consumed and a short comfort break we made our way upstairs and split into smaller groups one group in Room 2 and the other in Room 1.

Room 2 – This saw both groups looking at good old fashioned and somewhat Victorian techniques, using dowsing rods, Crystals, Mirror scrying and table tipping Ouija boards were explained but left for use later in the evening. The first group were introduced to the rods, each person connected and were getting movement. The team then displayed how table tipping would work and slowly guests introduced to the table to experience it. Although these were only bite size we did get some information, the first group picked up on a male spirit who liked to take what he wanted male, female or animal he didn’t care he responded to some people better than others, Jane and Join particular, Julie was getting angry and as spirit got closer the feeling of anger was building up. Julie feeling angry with everyone in the room no one could go too near her because of how she felt, then the feeling of being drunk, and struggling to walk or even stand up (Which was quite funny to watch) she felt short and fat, several people in the room felt sick and Scott had some personal questions answered and cobwebs on faces.

Room 1 – this saw both groups looking at the Techy equipment, what we use, how we use it and why we use what we do this was run by Greg and Tabs (Self-confessed tech geeks) they gave tasters of the equipment and again gained some good results – So group one were shown the Ovilus, the spirit box, the cameras used and recording equipment visual and audio and they then used some of this, the temperature in the room varied which was confirmed using thermometers there was a handy cam pointed towards the TV to create feedback and the image was seen to change with an extra image at the top of the screen, there was also a night vision camera and laser grid and motion detector placed in the bathroom to record an empty room however all this footage will be checked post investigation and any results will be shared via face book with our customers. There was also an infrasound to enhance connection to spirit. - What was fascinating with both rooms which are next door to each other Room One temperature was varied degrees and yet Room Two was a constant 34 degrees, equipment was calibrated so the readings were correct at the time, weird.

Before breaking down into two smaller groups we all went to the cemetery for the last hour of the pub being open to do a mass vigil, we all congregated outside the church doors and made a circle, Julie quickly connected with a male and was given the name Mark, she was getting that he helped people she got the images of a tunnel and him helping people and coins with the names Simon and James, Julie also picked up on water and a well and previous investigations have shown similar scenes. Kirsty then picked up on a male spirit who gave the name Edward who was dirty, short but muscly. Mining of some sorts from 1823 Surname Jones. He had a problem with chest area, he had lost his house and was destitute and downtrodden but so needed to say sorry to his wife and children, the mining was open caste mining not underground. This brought us to the end of the mass vigil and back to the pub for a quick comfort break before getting into the heart of investigating.

Group One – Team Julie, Sam, Nat, Karen and Bex with Charlotte, Tim, Anna, Scott and Jane who started upstairs utilising the whole of the upstairs, using the equipment they were shown previously. They decided to start in Room One. Four of our group went on the Ouija board; these were Bex, Charlotte Scott and Anna, they all wore blindfolds so they were unable to see what was happening and it wasn't long before the Planchet started moving. We were asking questions, but it was moving around, erratically and not making any sense, Julie felt the need to say ' if you don't want to use the board, then push the planchet onto the floor, to which the spirit promptly did, then the Ouija board was pushed off also, The spirit wanted to use the table - We couldn't believe what we were seeing, as this hadn't happened before. We had a spirit that just wanted to play games’; the feeling wasn’t a bad feeling, just playful. There were no messages to come forward, but the spirit enjoyed showing us that it could manipulate and play with the board and the table. What felt like just 20 minutes was actually just over an hour, we couldn't believe how quickly the time had gone, so we quickly moved into room two and the equipment used was the Ovilus. We got the words: Bible; reason; Manor; Boot; count the beats, 15 appear. Some others wanted more With the table tipping. The table started moving and twisted sideways and was moving on command, it moved towards Scott and when Scott and Tim swapped places it also moved towards Tim. We were very impressed with the movements, but no real information came through.

Group Two – Team Greg, Kirsty Jo and Tabs with Ian, Lianne, Natasha, Derhim, Jane, Natasha Wendy Nita and Chelsea who started off in the bar and they all took a seat, we started off using the spirit box however there wasn’t much coming though so after shifting around positions and people moving into different areas the group decided to use the picture board that was set up in the family room on a large round table. It took a while for the energy to build but we soon connected with a female spirit, she was hanged for killing a man of the church, this man was responsible for indecently touching her and making her do things she didn’t want to do. Using the pictures she was able to show us she was sad, and using the knife, cross and hangman pictures she kept repeating her story, she was with another female who was responsible for telling the authorities what she did, however this “other” female felt remorse after hearing why this lady did what she did and why she did it, Greg felt the presence of someone in the corner seat where the temperature dropped dramatically, he felt this person was a watcher but couldn’t pin point what he watches, There were lots of shadows seen walking around in the bar area and when guests and team went to check there was no one there - All too soon it was time to swap and go upstairs.

Group One -We went into the family room to start. Lots of people immediately felt hot and had developed a headache, this is common at the Skirrid so the group divided into 2 smaller groups half in the bar and half in the family room,

Julie picked up on a Victorian woman called Margaret or Maggie who had passed with consumption however the numbers 34 & 43 were important. She wore nice clothes but didn’t wash, she was wearing a blue dress and white apron. Quiet and timid, but would bite if pushed. Curly hair set, dark with grey strands. Another spirit who liked to put on a show and liked the attention, a comparison likened to a Lady of the night possibly a madam who would take control of the situation. She carried herself well and spoke nicely and a long skirt, fitted Victorian clothes, who was not ashamed of what she did, she also had a little boy called Jacob.

Natalie & Julie heard a male voice call Julie. When checked with the male guests, it was definately not one of them.. Back in the Bar there were feelings of this is my space, go. Scot felt unwell and after chatting with Julie he left. He felt that he couldn’t continue with the investigation and went home.. Once Scott left, Jane felt that they should not be separated and so they re-joined as a large group in the Bar. Here Julie connected with a Richard with a date 1848 in uniform, however there was also the feeling of scallywag street urchin, steeling, fighting, felt depressed and not worthy. Fought and had bloody knuckles. Stealing food, his death was that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A stabbing pain was felt and the image of sleeping rough, horses and farm work, Edwards may have been a Surname. Bex felt unnerved and a little scared. Back in the snug with the Ouija board there were lots of messages coming through but they contradicted each other and the feeling that the board was playing games. A male who worked as a judge who would send people to the gallows, however, he wouldn’t tell us who they were, the board spelt out repetitive letters so the board was closed down.

Group Two - We started off in the Bedroom two and got the table going it took a while for the energy to raise but once it did the table began moving in a controlled manner, Greg picked up on a male spirit early 20’s and during our shouting out during table tipping we had the DVR (Digital Voice Recorder) recording, Greg heard someone calling a name and asked who said that no one in the room was talking at the time, so we rewound the DVR and played back, there was a male voice calling for Chelsea, there was a Chelsea on the table, Chelsea asked is this Justin and the table moved to the yes position – The message that came through was personal to Chelsea and her mum and was very emotional. We continued with the table tipping and another personal message came through for Tash again this was emotional so much so it made Jo cry (Jo doesn’t cry) Greg and Kirsty were sat near the open window and heard a female calling Greg from outside and thought it was Julie he got up to have a look (This was at the same time that Julie heard a male voice call Julie but downstairs) we will listen back to the DVR and see if this was captured on there and will post the results on Facebook. We moved into Bedroom one and did some shouting out but weren’t getting much response so decided to get volunteers to split up and go into different areas, Tash, Derhim and Jane went into Bedroom three, Ian into the bathroom and Wendy into the condemned man’s cell on the landing. Tash, Derhim and Jane came back very quickly saying it was too cold in the bedroom, Wendy managed to stay in the cell however Ian who was in the bathroom on his own felt a presence and heard “something” he couldn’t explain almost like someone breathing into his ear and needed to come out, somewhat startled but glad he got an experience he couldn’t explain.

All too soon it was time to regroup and recap where it was noticed that one of the benches with a high curved back had moved away from the wall with no explanation, Greg attempted to de bunk as the cobwebs at the back between the bench and the wall were intact, however when we moved the bench manually the cobwebs remained intact so we were unable to validate or de-bunk this phenomena also the events of the night held lots of similarities and re occurring results and it was time to say goodnight (Or rather Good morning) to our guests before the team could finally get into bed themselves.

One of the WASPS favourite locations which even when quiet brings results no matter how small or big, the results which can be quantified with equipment and research and also information that is consistent with sometimes different versions they all seem to link in. Our next investigation will see us return to the Skirrid in August so what this space for the next blog let’s see who or what will join us for the night.

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