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By W.A.S.P.S Team, May 10 2017 03:48PM

So last weekend saw us return to this amazing location, We arrived and quickly set up the video camera's and equipment prior to our guests arriving we were excited as the feeling at the location was super charged with the feeling of unease. Lots of touches and growls while we waited for our guests to arrive. Once everyone was there we got the introductions and H&S (this is really important specially at this location) out of the way as EVERYONE was keen to get the investigation going.

Group One – Team members Julie, Tabs, Bex, Natalie and Karen with Michelle, Michelle, Vi, Marilyn, Charlotte, Dom and Tasha. Karen took some great photos during the evening. We started in the Barn area where before Julie could even start working as a medium, noises were being heard by guests, a green light was seen behind one of the guests. The sound of a cat purring was heard by many on several occasions. Julie did pick up on a spirit by the barn door that didn’t want to come into the room, and also 2 in the barn itself. Although they didn’t give Julie much to work with, it was evident they were there. The group was given cold blasts of air, the cobweb feeling on their faces and shadows behind Bex when she was standing. Lots of noises heard as if items were being moved around the room.. At one point we stopped working as it sounded as though a few from the other group were making their way down the stairs outside the barn, and coming down noisily however, when the other group were asked they confirmed they were all upstairs sat quietly in the Bishops room. We decided to move into the bar area.

In the bar everyone took a seat and lots of cold blasts were felt, and some vile smells would come in quickly and leave just as fast. It sounded like the group above were dragging furniture around, and at one point the noise was so bad, we thought the ceiling was coming down; Guests were clinging to each other and ducking however theother group were still. The noise was getting so bad we had to leave so went into the sitting room. Again we asked the other group where they were and what they were up to, they replied with they were sat on the beds in the bishop’s room doing a quiet vigil. All very strange, once in the living area, most people became tired and lethargic and one guest Meghan started crying but felt they were happy tears, it was then time to break.

Group Two – team members, Kirsty, Jo, Amy and Sharon Bex, Dan, Lucille, Lorna, Emily Kirsty,Kate and Steve, who started upstairs in the witches room and activity started almost immediately, lots of shadows moving around the group causes darkness in some areas and it became lighter only to go dark in another area. Kirsty picked up on a strong presence, who it seemed had never had a human form and relished in sexual activity so we asked any ladies in the group to try and lay on the bed, they quickly experienced being groped and stroked, and also with cold spots, Dan was sat on the end of the bed and felt he was being touched which made him jump, Kirsty stood at the bottom of the bed just behind Dan and everyone witnessed her growing taller and rounder with what seemed like a hooded robe Dan felt very uncomfortable as this image was looming over him. We moved to the Bishops room and did some shouting out, past visits have made one team member very sleepy in this room, We all took a seat some choosing to lay or sit on one of the three beds. Kirsty again quickly picked up on the activity in the room she felt there was a male there who liked people to look up to him, and in return he would let them do sexual favours, Steve felt his legs were being held down and Dan soon felt sleepy he couldn’t fight the urge and fell asleep, he remembers Kirsty on her knees in front of Team member, and then nothing not even a dream. We split into 2 smaller groups One group going into the attic and the other group taking the Den, In the attic we tried table tipping and the table began to rock gently we established we were communicating with a small boy called Tom, Tom was a cheeky chappie and was making Kirsty giggle, Tom wasn’t supposed to be in the attic but he snuck in to see what we were doing, the energy changed and we then had a female who identified herself as Sister Elizabeth however this had a twist as while Elizabeth was a sister in the church she was also the mother of 2 children, Tom and Mary, Tom was here with her however Mary wasn’t. The story of how these children came to be was a sad one of rape and murder. There was also a very nasty energy in the attic and the table was moving with such fervour we decided to stop then it was time to break.

During our break we all had birthday cake as it was the WASPS very own Kirsty’s birthday so we sang happy birthday and shared the delicious cake so from us all HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRSTY x x

Group One – Julie, Tabs, Bex, Karen and Natalie with MIchelle, Vi, Marilyn, Michelle, Dom, Tasha and Charlotte, we split the group into 2 smaller groups with some in the Den and the rest up into the Attic. We had some activity on the Ouija board in the den, but nothing making any sense, so after a short while we moved into the bishop’s room, The smaller group in the loft had nothing happening on the table tipping so, also joined us in the Bishops room. In there we had the coldness creep over us, It became very cold and people were made to feel very uneasy. Again, other than that nothing happened. We then swapped the groups over in the Den and Loft to see if they had anything different. Julies group were up in the loft and the table tipping was fantastic. They had the table rocking back and forth; tipping up on 2 legs, then up onto one leg holding itself there this was GREAT stuff. The group in the den had some light anomalies but little else. Energy was getting low and people were quite cold.

Group Two – Kirsty, Jo, Amy and Sharon with Kirsty, Kate, Steve, Dan, Bex, Lucille, Emily and Lorna we started in the bar with a board and we soon had some activity, the board was clearly showing that it wanted 3 ladies on the board and the name Jonny was given, he wanted 3 ladies on the board with no one else there so the rest of the group moved into the living room with another board however they were unable to get the board going. Bex Lucille and Emily in the bar were given a message to go into the barn and Jonny would do something to the rest of the group, when asked what he was going to do he responded with I will scare them, we regrouped and moved into the Barn everyone taking seats the chills were felt closely followed with warm spots and Kirsty established we were there with a strong male presence, She gave the name Dave (This also corresponded with last week’s investigation and Kirsty didn’t attend the previous week) and then quickly realised that Emily, Bex and Lucille were not talking to Jonny on the board but was actually communicating with Dave, (Kirsty also picked up on Bee’s in connection to Dave’s occupation – Possibly mead making) Lots of touches and Dan actually jumping due to being poked. We also connected with a 2nd male spirit who was wearing a long leather apron and holding a knife, there was a strong smell of fish wafting through the group where it would come and go we are anxious to listen to the Digital voice recordings taken through the night to see if there is any audible evidence to back up our experience this saw the end of the evening.

All in all it was a fantastic investigation at a location that never fails to surprise us, it seems the place is filled with sexual energies that pray on investigators either being very forward or lulling them to sleep. We all came together to share our experiences between the groups and to say goodnight, lots of new friends made and as always it is lovely to see returning friends. Our next investigation is at the infamous Edinbugh Vaults andMary Kings Close, 2 nights 2 investigations why not join us – The WASPS team are super excited for these.

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Apr 29 2017 06:11PM

Just approaching the Ancient Ram is enough to give you Goosebumps the building almost gives the impression that it is slowly slipping down into the depths of hell. John the Inn owner of 50 years plus no longer lives at this amazing location however reminders of those 50 years plus are still visible and evident throughout his former home. The WASPS team did their usual Health and Safety walk around prior to guests arriving and due to the uniqueness of this building there were several areas that we ALL had to be mindful of. Our guests arrived and introductions were done and we were soon split into 2 smaller groups with group one taking the top floors and group two taking the complete ground floor.

Group one – Team members Greg, Jo, Nat and Bex with Tim, Claire, Mia, Nicky, Jo, and Graham

So the attic space was where we started and was active from the beginning with light anomalies the feeling of being drawn into the far corners and “something” hanging around the stairwell/entrance of the attic. Due to the flooring a lot of people were getting the feeling of being seasick (Could this have links to the Mayflower Ship paraphernalia?) as a group we introduced ourselves and invited the spirits to come and interact with us we weren’t disappointed, they seemed to take a shine to Nicky who was an investigating virgin and she was overcome with emotion from feeling quite giggly to very emotional in a short space of time. We split into the 2 separate areas of the attic and one group felt emotional the other group feeling very calm and a relaxed. We moved from the attic to the first floor.

Firstly in the witches room we tried the picture board that was set on the large table, we struggled to get this going however there were lots of sounds coming from outside the room, Graham agreed to sit in the den on a lone vigil and once he was settled comfortably we closed the door. The whole group heard the latch on the door of the den being rattled so Jo went to see if Graham was making his way back to find that he was still sat comfortably and had neither moved nor heard the latch rattle. We moved to the bishops room and tried some EVP work (results to be given at a later date once the recordings have been listened to and validated/debunked) we started shouting out and Bex saw a very large shadow stood behind Jo who was sat in a chair and Greg asked should we go back to the witches room and Jo clearly heard a loud whisper of “Witches room” Jo thought this was Graham who was stood by the side of the chair, however Graham hadn’t spoken. Back in the witches room Claire lay on the bed and felt temperature drops in certain areas mainly around her hands and midriff, the digital thermometer confirmed drastic changes in temperature in the areas Claire could feel. Everyone else suddenly became so so tired and sleepy with lots of yawning, and were struggling to focus. It seemed to effect everyone around the table and luckily it was soon time for a break.

Group 2 – Team members, Julie, Sam and Tabs with Rob, Charlotte, Stacey, Jude, Keith, Andre and Marta, We started our group in the barn where we settled the guests comfortably and the medium started to connect with spirit in there. Julie picked up on two male energies to start with. A young boy aged between 9-10 and an older boy 23 years old. The little boy was shy and didn't come too close choosing to remain by the door. But the older boy was flitting about the barn and had a nasty energy about him. His energy was felt by guests getting up close to them and in their face. One of the guests had brought a ultra-low frequency detector and this would beep and spike when energy was close by. He managed to get many readings which the medium confirmed was this unpleasant boy. He would get in your face which he did to a couple of the girls. We did some calling out and footsteps were heard outside the barn area, loud enough for us to check that someone hadnt appeared from the other group. We had a few knocks bangs and what sounded like little Stones hitting the floor. . After a fairly long period of spikes on the meter, Julie and tabs both saw a shadow of a man walk from near where we were standing, towards the door. Then the spikes went quiet. We then went into the bar area and decided to do an EVP session calling out and recording. Then playing it back where we collected a number of voices answering questions. Excellent. Then into the living room area we all became sleepy in there not sure if it was the warmth from the heater or if energy did this to us. But all of us felt it. It was then time to break.

Group One – Started in the barn and we all settled around the small table using the chairs and seating we could. We soon picked up on a small boy in the doorway but also a larger darker spirit that refused to allow the small boy to interact with us, there were shadows all around and lots of noises coming from just outside the barn most of these were on command, Bex picked up that the larger darker spirit was circling the group and trying to face off with everyone to scare them and the darkness was witnessed by everyone in the group around each individual. We got the spirit box out and very quickly got responses firstly from a small boy who we believe said his name was Tom and he was 5 years old, then a deeper darker voice responded when asked what is your name the response was Dave, Greg laughed at this and said out loud that a good mid century name so Jo asked them to confirm their name and a clear unimpressed and stern voice came back with DAVID, we asked a few more questions and clarified that the spirit had firstly come with someone and was actually stood behind them, one by one we asked are you stood behind me around the group and once we got to Nicky the response was clear, YES, we asked a few more questions but were not convinced this spirit was being truthful. We were joined by 3 of the group from upstairs due to them not feeling comfortable on the upper floors and moved into the bar area to try and connect with the little boy who couldn’t come into the barn. We tried the board but failed to get this going everyone was feeling the cold and energy levels were dropping. We had some noises going on and the group enjoyed using the ovilus to communicate.

Group Two - Then onto the second part of the evening where we went upstairs. We started in the witches room where we started with the ovilus and it said "Sam" and then "lay" so Sam obliged and felt a spirit on top of her and she also felt the spirit was aroused as if she had encountered sex and that he was big and hurt her a bit leaving her feel bruised but not disappointed everyone felt as though they were intruding, we then moved into the den where we decided to do Ouija board. Started off with random letters and not making any sense. The spelt out a demons name 3 times so we had to close the board down. We moved out of there into the Bishops room. We didn't have long in here as people were feeling uneasy and very unsettled. We decided to move up to the loft space. We thought we'd try some table tipping where a few of the guests joined in. After some coaxing the table gently tipped towards one of the guests Stacey. It felt slow and controlled. Then it was carefully lowered. After a few minutes it tipped again. More so this time but with just as much Control. No other communication. And it was time to end our vigils for the evening.

We regrouped and shared experiences of each of the vigils and it was soon time to pack away the equipment , as always it is lovely to share these experiences not only with returning guests but also to new guests your energy and input are what makes our investigations so interesting. Hope we see you all at another soon.

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Apr 4 2017 05:34PM

So the clocks have gone forward which means that daylight is lasting longer so it seemed a bit strange for us to journey to a location in daylight. As we got to the quaint town of Evesham, we drove through the town centre to reach the Spirit House proudly displaying the pentagram at the front of the shop. When you enter you are greeted with all things spiritual from crystals to Ouija boards and tarot cards right down to costumes an absolute delight to browse through. The team arrived and got everything ready for our guests and introductions and Health and Safety were done and we were soon ready to split into two teams and investigate different areas, one group upstairs in the séance room with the other group in the cellar.

Team - Jo, Kirsty, Kazz, Nat and Bex with Jane, Jane Simon and Julie started in the back room with the board however the spirits were not going to play, so while the planchet was being moved nothing eligible was coming through. Kirsty was picking up on several spirits one a strong male spirit who liked to mutilate lady bodies was making it difficult for others to come through, he refused to interact with the team but happily communicated through Kirsty and Bex however would give them titbits of information then stop which was really frustrating for the group although when they asked if he would affect someone in the room they later found out that the group downstairs were feeling the pain he inflicted to the women he butchered in the name of medicine – We then connected with a lady who was very sad who wouldn’t or couldn’t tell us anything other than she was lied to, she believed she would become lady of the manor only to find that she would lead the life a pauper and for the want of a better description was very downtrodden and unhappy. (This also links in with what the team were getting downstairs in the cellar.

Team - Julie, Sam, Tabs, Carl and Karen with Teresa, Louis, Charlotte, Natalie and Georgia, they started off in the cellar area where we settled quietly and Julie could sense a spirit was present. There was a male energy in the cellar with us, The rem pod started going off as we asked the spirit to go towards the coloured lights, this happened a few times, then the Rempod went dead. Flat batteries, although they were new..One of our guests Louis was aware of something in the corner of the room. With many of the group feeling a cold breeze go across either in front or behind, also feeling as though they were being circled and looked at, as though someone or something was checking them out. They were made to feel a tad uneasy by this spirit. Julie saw the shadow of a woman on the stairs, so we invited her to come into the cellar and join us, but she seemed scared and wouldn’t enter. It seemed she was afraid of the male. They called out and asked questions during this time, Sam, had the headphones on with the franks box, listening to the white noise and a couple of times, when we asked a question, she would answer with what she was hearing through the headphones. Which was fabulous as the response was fitting with the questions being asked. This happened a couple of times and eventually Sam took the headphones off. The group also heard lots of taps in response to some of the questions.so they tried some over shadowing where the male energy used me to show himself, which the guests could see a change, whiskers a thick neck and pointed nose are just some of the features that came through. They tried some table tipping but nothing came forward. Some of the group experienced abdominal pain which was later linked to the group upstairs asking what we think was the same male spirit to affect someone.

Time for a cuppa and a swap of areas for the groups

Team Jo, Kirsty, Kazz, Nat and Bex with Jane, Jane Julie and Simon in the cellar, they tried the spirit box and got nothing at all, so attempted table tipping, Kirsty was picking up on a lot of residual energy but nothing that would or could communicate so we got the board going, they eventually connected with a Male who was able to spell his name Michael and he responded well and told them he came with someone in the group, He also spelt out Jake however no one in the group could make the connection, we later found out that the shop owner is called Michael and Louise would check to see if this made sense to him. They gave mirror scrying a go and had some amazing results with that, Simon very quickly changed into an old man with what looked like a swollen eye, his eyes while looking at him seemed fine however in the mirror one was definitely very swollen, he looked sad and that emotion was also felt by Simon as his eyes welled up he admitted he felt like he needed to cry, his face and features then turned very quickly into something that wasn’t pleasant with eyes that were bulbous and white with mottled skin witnessed by Jo and Jane who both jumped at the same time they also let slip a few choice words that we won’t repeat on here .

Team Julie, Sam, Tabs, Carl, and Karen with Teresa, Louis, Charlotte, Natalie and Georgia, then had the back room, where there is a very large round table. They could feel the energy in there straight away, and decided to use the ouija board. they had blindfolds for the people taking part, and asked a guest to draw a picture with the torch, as it was the glow in the dark board. Once the pattern was drawn, spirit moved the planchet and followed this pattern, it then moved the planchet very fast round the table and off the board, it moved fast enough for them all to struggle to keep fingers on it. The spirit that was manipulating the planchet he took a liking to one of the team, thrusting it towards her whenever they asked a question. They didn’t really get much information from him apart from dates that the staff could confirm, this spirit died on the date, and the age of the man. We really enjoyed the movement on the board. Which again the first group in this room had the same problems with this spirit not communicating but filtering in little bits of information just to keep us interested.

Everyone together

We did a final vigil in the shop all together and had everyone join hands in as much of a circle as possible. Julie picked up on an Emily and Jack who seemed to like skipping around the outside so we decided to work with this and get them to push people the majority of the group started to feel like they were being pushed either backwards or forwards in groups of two’s or three’s, making guests and team giggly and this the lifted the energy to a lovely level what a great way to end the night.

It was all too soon to close down and finish up, I for one can’t wait to go back to see what the Spirit House has to offer because I believe we have only just touched the tip of the iceberg with this little gem

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Apr 4 2017 05:42AM

A community hall used by the local villagers as a cinema, theatre and library as you enter you can feel the community spirit and love this building holds. With its original features olde worlde seats and theatrical curtains we entered with our team and guests to peel those layers back to see what secrets this beautiful building would reveal.

Our team members in each group were group one - Julie, Sam, Amy, Tabs and Bex and Group two - Jo, Kirsty, Natalie and Karen

Vigil One

Group 1- In the main hall of the theatre. Choosing to do the first part of the vigil on the stage, before they started, Julie went upstairs to turn off the lights. She heard someone following her up the stairs (but all of our group were sat on the stage!), this tied in with an experience Amy and a guest (Kath) had prior to the evening starting.

During the vigil which was on the stage, the group could hear taps and knocks off stage and at the back of the stage, and the group seemed to get more responses when Karen had introduced herself in Welsh. Julie then connected with a “young man” called Toby, who she described as brown-haired and slim, and looked as though he was wearing a naval costume, and he was very proud of how he was dressed. He made Julie feel very sombre, and she was told that he “wanted to be there, but never made it”. Bex had a tight feeling in her chest during this part of the vigil too, indicating that he was affecting more than one person in the group.

The group then split, with the majority remaining on the stage, and four of us went up to the projection room, taking the REM pod with us. Although the REM pod was activated a few times in response to questions, the best part was when all four of us heard what sounded like the rest of the group coming upstairs to join us. We heard footsteps on the stairs, and talking and laughing, but when we looked through the window, we saw the whole group still sat on the stage!

The table became active fairly quickly. There were 5 of us on at this time. The table tipped up onto two legs towards the guests. Moved very controlled. We decided that one at a time we would take our hands off the table. Eventually all of us had removed our hands but the table stayed on two legs. Something I had never seen before.– this makes for phenomenal evidence.

Group 2 -The WASPS nest we used the boards to connect with spirit and using the glow in the dark board we tried various techniques and one was to blind fold the users on the board and light the board with various spots of light and get the spirit to move the planchet to those spots we also tried wavy lines and this worked for a while however those on the board said they felt disconnected firstly because of the blind fold but mainly however it seemed that we connected to two different spirits both male, one liked a drink but was a sour drunk and was not impressed with everyone’s behaviour, however the other spirit was a joker and he affected those on the board making them firstly giggle, then came the belly laughs and another guest was affected by the sour drunk and demanded everyone to behave. This is totally out of character for all involved. Kirsty picked up on these spirits and also the fact that there was a Margie in the kitchen area of the theatre.

There were lots of shadows seen moving in the corridor outside the WASPS nest however the other group were working in the main hall so we were unable to go out and try anything in there just in case we disrupted them working

Vigil 2:

Group 1 in The Library - When we were setting up for the vigil, one of the guests (David) heard someone say “ssshhhh” in his ear, and we could hear a lot of banging and clunking coming from the kitchen area.

We handed out the dowsing rods, and one of the guests (Sian) picked up on a young boy aged 6, who was responding to question via the rods. Bex picked up on the name George, and this was also verified on the rods with a clear yes. George seemed to like Bex, as she could feel him playing with her hair, and she felt that George would not have had a lot of attention. We asked George if he knew who had banged on the wall and scared Tracy who worked there, and he told us that it was a female, who could be a grown up or a teenager, and we established that her name began with an “S” or an S sound.

Julie then picked up on “S”, who we later found out was called Sheryl/Cheryl. Sheryl (thought to be 17 years old) seemed to be agitated, and she had a deformity to her face, around her jaw. Sheryl had been the victim of a car accident, which she was not directly involved in (a car had swerved to avoid a bike, and come across the pavement, hitting Sheryl). Julie felt that she did not die instantly, but that she was worked on for a while in the hospital and later died. She was seen to be wearing a white blouse and bright green trousers, and wanted to be saved. Julie picked up that Sheryl was connected to a male who is still alive who Sheryl wants to desperately be reunited with, but she can’t as she is stuck. Her son (Ben?) was three when she passed, and Julie picked up that Sheryl was pregnant when she was hit by the car (this was confirmed on the rods), and Sam had unconsciously put her hand on the image of the baby on the table when we were talking to Sheryl about her pregnancy. Sheryl later came through on the picture board too, to verify that her baby had been male.

As the energy changed in the room, David (guest) felt that he had been punched in the side, as he had a pain in his right side, just below his ribs. Tabs swapped places with David, and said that she felt on edge. Julie said she felt aggressive towards Tabs now that she was in that seat, and both Tabs and Julie felt that they wanted to hit each other. It seemed that both spirits had got in trouble for fighting (Julie had been shown handcuffs and a jury). RESEARCH: Bare-knuckle fighting, or “mountain fighting” was rife in this area of Wales during the 1900s.

We then had a very active picture board session, where we had several spirits come through. Sheryl came through briefly, and then a male spirit came forward, who may have been the driver of the car that killed Sheryl.

Group 2 - The Main hall. Here group two all gathered on the stage, one guest was overcome with the urge to manage the stage as she felt it was hers (Again out of character) one by one she removed people from the stage until she felt it was right, a phot was taken of this guest and while she had short hair her face completely changed to a male face with round glasses. Some of the group entered the projector room and there were definite taps and bangs coming from the corner and the presence of a man was felt, the presence felt busy and he was described as small with elfin pointy features and a handkerchief in his pocket which was constantly being used to mop his brow, this room was his and the fact that we were there baffled him.

A few guests went up onto the balcony seats and they heard a seat flip back into place and although the seats were heavy we managed to reconstruct this and de bunk (Which was a shame) the vibrations on the balcony were strong enough to flick a seat back into the upright position. Group Two had no action with the rempod and the table tipping on the stage didn’t reveal much although the table felt like it was vibrating and moving slightly it didn’t quite tip.


Group 1 - WASPS nest, During this vigil, we had a lot of personal experiences, including some incredible answers from two of the teams’ dad via the Ouija board.

During table tipping, Julie picked up on the name Jimmy/James Wilkins, and many people in the group felt sick/queasy during this time. Sam and Julie also had bad pains in their legs. RESEARCH: The name Wilkins is linked to the building and it is thought that Eddie Wilkins was one of the men who helped to build the hall. No link to a James Wilkins found to-date.

Group 2 - The Library, We spilt into two groups using the picture board in one group and the Ovilus in the next group, the picture board gave some interesting information, a priest came through on the picture board from the year 895 who dabbled in witchcraft and potions. He died from drinking a potion. He was buried underneath where the cinema is now. A young man called Graham came through. His sister Delyth came through who worked as a milk maid on her father's farm. She was killed by her father because she had a relationship with her brother and was pregnant. They brought shame on the family so her dad strangled her.

The Ovilus kept repeating the same words over and over which in itself is unusal it Kept repeating, Jim, Paul, Compound, Underneath, Finding and Uncle, this made sense to one person in the group and they were waiting for just one more word for it to be validated, this word didn’t come. We tried the rods and had some hits with those too and the rods answers actually tied in with the Ovilus words as questions were being asked. Boo bear didn’t draw the children in and all trigger objects remained where they were positioned.

Overall there were a lot of discussions and similarities with findings in both groups and we would love the opportunity to investigate here again.

By W.A.S.P.S Team, Feb 14 2017 05:04PM

Set in the Welsh mountainside you will find this gem, with Gold mines dating back 2,000 years to the Roman as well as Victorian times, We set up the WASPS nest in readiness for our guests arrival and gathered with hot drinks for the H&S chat and introductions, it was lovely meet new friends on this event. We split into 2 groups and the findings for both groups were clearly similar in some areas which you will see further into the blog.

Group one – Team Julie, Sam and Karen

They started with a treacherous steep climb up the side of the goldmine in the dark eerie night. The rain and gushing water was all you could hear, with several stops as there are 82 steps to navigate and they finally arrived at the top. Julie immediately picked up on several spirits which included a father and son duo, the boy being afraid of his father and not allowed to communicate with us as he had work to do and guests witnessing conversations, Julie then picked up on an animal, describing a fox and a grey dog like animal which was validated by the team at the mines and our researcher Sam, with a story of hounds chasing a fox into the mines and none of them being seen again..The folklore is of a beast within the mines that ate them. Then Sam asking spirits to come forward and being rewarded with an eerie whisper in her ear of what sounded like ‘No, you come here’ So she questioned the guide if we would be able to hear the other group, she thought not, and we later found out that group two were not in the long tunnel beneath us at that time anyway, but in the outbuildings in the courtyard. The hairs on the back of Sam’s neck were alert at this point.

Here it got interesting Julie and a guest Mandy both linked into the same spirit as did Greg and Kirsty from group two later in the evening of a fight and that a man ‘fell or was pushed' down the Shaft where he broke his back, it did not kill him instantly but he was crippled up enough to not call for help or move himself far. Julie could taste the blood. He was set upon by 3 men, who believed he had grossly mistreated a woman. Julie said that he was the wrong man, he was innocent of that crime but indeed was no saint, he was a letch, a thief a scoundrel and scallywag for a better want of a description, nobody liked him, his co-workers all shunned him and were not friendly towards him, but it was a planned attack, maybe not to go as far as murder, but the 3 men who were not saints themselves, but didn’t care when he ‘fell’ and ended up falling to his death, the men just moved on and carried on working and did not care to hide his body, it was like they felt nothing towards what they had done, almost revelled in it and it was not discussed anymore by them and nobody missed him for anyone to question his disappearance. (The body was never found only a rumoured size 9 single boot was found mysteriously!)

Julie got Possibly Garth and 1867?

Mandy also picked up on the man and confirmed that the death was a mistake it was never meant to be taken that far. That he, the victim was a dishonourable man a thief who was in a fight with 3 other men, which resulted in his death. All 4 men were not very nice people in general and indeed the perpetrators were not remorseful. She could not get the fall or broken back, but that he was bloodied up. No names or dates were given.

Neither Greg nor Kirsty in group two got names here but the findings were all very similar which got everyone excited 2 different vigils at two different times same results. In group two In the Victorian Mine lots of people we getting affected and some people were pushed. Natalie felt very anxious and like she needed to leave and then she was physically sick and had to leave.

As a welsh speaker Karen started to converse in welsh and this was met with animosity although welsh was the language it seems that the spirit was still an outsider taking the jobs way from the locals, feelings were heightened at this point, there was also the spirit of a girl holding a baby also felt by a guest . Lots of feelings of uneasiness and being watched only added to the excitement and one guest Michelle feeling the need to face the wall like a naughty child.

Group Two – Team Greg, Kirsty, Natalie and Jo

This group were investigating the outbuildings and courtyard In the first building Kirsty picked up on a man from 1818. Kirsty was able to describe him and felt he was a caretaker and likes sweeping up. He used to work in the mine but he can't anymore because someone pushed a cart into his right leg and crushed it. 2 guests had been using dowsing rods and was also communicating with 'Thomas' and found out that he died aged 40 he had 10 kids but only 7 survived. He comes to visit the building and he was a ladies man. Thomas only responded to women and so when the men left he was more responsive.

We also communicated with a 10 year old boy called Dewi, who got burnt by the liquid. He is a friendly spirit. He and Thomas are on different levels Dwight tied to the land. Thomas tied to the building. We asked for a noise and we had a bang on the table. Neither would communicate by the picture or Ouija board. The men on the other hand in the second building Greg sensed a Roman man who was pacing outside the door. He was before the building and agree could sense blood. Everyone could feel cold blasts of air on their legs. One of the locker doors opened when just the men were in the building and shook them up and our guest Tim needed to step outside.

Short break was needed for everyone to have a warm cuppa to get rid of the chill

Group one

Courtyard and outbuildings – trying boards, tables and rods the cold had filtered in and energy levels were dropping and while there was a feeling of mischievousness the group were unable to connect to intelligent spirits maybe the same block of a language barrier as group two were an added factor although Sam felt the need to push buttons on machinery much to the bosses disapproving look.

Group two – Mines and long tunnel

As covered in group one's description the spirit of the man was picked up on and Natalie feeling unwell, We also had several guests feeling their legs being touched hair being pulled and hands being held by something unknown, we separated into smaller groups of 3’s and 4’s and spread out Jo and 2 guests Stacey and Amy made a circle and we were soon being pushed on command back and forth we asked the spirits to try and get us on our backsides and knees buckled it was intense. The other smaller groups also had a lot of residual energy.

Because of the good start to our evening and when comparing things with what the other group had got, we felt that our night at the goldmines was a great adventure at a beautiful place steeped in many layers of history over 2000 years. I think the goldmines have a lot more that is there to uncover and some possible intellectual intelligence to be communicated with. Bring on the next time we are there

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