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Most Investigations will usually begin around 9pm depending on the time of the year and the venue itself, initially everyone will get a chance to meet up and get to know each other a little over a tea or coffee and a chat. Following this we will bring everyone together for a briefing on health and safety, and an introduction to our team followed by an outline of the evening ahead. From time to time our hosts at the venue like to give an orientation tour of the venue which we find adds to the atmosphere of the evening.

Our evening then begins to gain momentum as we divide down into smaller groups each being guided by a number of our team. A walk round of the venue will then commence and our mediums will begin to work linking in with whatever spirits reside within. Where possible our researchers will attempt to corroborate any information gained by our mediums by taking notes and delivering a debrief at the end of the investigation. Throughout everything we do, your involvement is paramount and at any time we will encourage our guests to participate and let us know how they feel and provide any feedback they have to give.


By now the Investigation is warming up nicely, we will regroup in our central location where people will have a chance to grab some refreshment, this is sometimes provided by the venue at a charge and also we often provide a tuck shop, but not always, we will always inform you beforehand. Whilst you, our guests, take a well deserved break, members of the team will be introducing you to some of the equipment we will be handing out before our vigils begin. These will include IR night vision camcorders, voice recorders, EMF meters, dowsing rods etc.


After our break we will then begin our vigils/séances, again in our groups, this is where we ask our guests to become our investigators and endeavour to capture physical evidence using either the equipment we will provide or your own testimony from things experienced. Our mediums will again be present to keep energies high and provide reassurance and feedback but you will be our eyes and ears. There is of course no pressure involved with this part of the investigation, you can merely observe if you wish however we find that the best experience is achieved when participating fully. There will also be the opportunity to take part in some divination experiments where we will use Ouija boards and table tipping to gain some extra evidence. These sessions will always be done under mediums supervision & protection and people will be encouraged to get involved but this is not essential. All of this will be done as a rotation so no group will miss out.


Our evenings will conclude with a a get together in the base room where we will discuss our findings, chat with you about your experiences, listen to your concerns and bid you farewell with our closing prayer sending everybody home safely (without any unwanted hitchhikers) to their well deserved beds!


This is the typical format for one of our investigations and where possible the one we would like to follow, however venue dependent and certain other constraints and limitations might mean we have to alter things slightly. We are also keen to listen to your feedback and any ideas you may have.


We can't always guarantee immense amounts of activity even though we will try our best to encourage it, but we can guarantee you will enjoy the experience and hopefully return for other investigations. At any time during our investigations anyone feeling tired or unwell wishing to leave are free to do so but need to make a member of our team aware.


A full list of Terms and Conditions are provided here to maintain a safe and rewarding investigation for everyone involved


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