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Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire


Woodchester Mansion is not all as it seems from the exterior, this Grade 1 listed house in a Gothic Victorian style was never actually finished adding to the mystery of this wonderful building.

Built in the 1850's on the Woodchester Park Estate in Gloucestershire, the area itself has history dating back to Roman times and the nearby Woodchester Manor is written about in the Domesday Book.

So Is it haunted? Well....


It has been said that the Mansion itself is the centre of all the haunting happening in the local area. There is a Tall Man of the Chapel who has been seen many times and an elemental type spirit who is said to dwell within the house’s cellar. The Mansion is said to house some of the most terrifying ghosts in the United Kingdom!

Visitors have collapsed and have been attacked by the ghostly dwellers of the mansion. There is a floating head which has been seen by many visitors in a particular bathroom. There is also the report of an old woman who particularly likes to attack female guests.

It is said that the three previous buildings which stood on the site the mansion is now built on were all haunted, thus giving scope for the varying numbers of spirits said to haunt the venue.

The mansions chapel is said to have been the setting for satanic rituals, what dark entities have been left in the ether of this building?  People have reported hearing a woman singing in the scullery.

The ghost of a young girl has been seen several times playing and running up and down the stairs of the mansion’s first floor.


We have no choice but to visit and find out for ourselves!



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